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Went and saw the movie finally and man I'm glad I didn't go to the midnight screening on Wednesday. That would have been such a waste of money and sleeping time

spoilers spoilers )

So the good bits:
-Thranduil fighting
-Thranduil in armor
-Thranduil sassing Gandalf
-Bilbo and Thorin scenes
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and it was fun! I definitely didn't get bored while watching it and I enjoyed the story. But then I left the cinema and I was like... Um... Idk, it just seems like all the X-men movies have the same story. Some government body/company/politician etc wants to turn humans against mutants and then there is almost a war and then somehow they fix it, so nothing actually changes.

But anyway, it was pretty shippy, which I liked (I know Erik's actor is a scumbag, (and maybe the director too) but I'm allowed to like the character in the movie, bc I would have if the actor was different!) so now I'll wait for the fic. :D I kind of got bored of the fic after the first one, it got a bit repetitive, but hopefully this will give writers new ideas.

Otherwise I'm in a Star Wars place. :D I downloaded the animated Clone Wars show and I've been playing SWtOR again and I really want to watch the original trilogy again. I should finish re-reading the EU (extended universe) books that I have too.

Oh and it's been really hot here this week, it's super weird and I don't like it! It's not even June yet, this is not how spring should work!
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So a girl I know from university texted me today and asked me if I wanted to go see Noah with her and then go eat. I said yes, because sometimes it's nice to see people irl...

The movie was so so weird, like I'm pretty sure if you're actually a Christian or Jewish this would anger you or at least feel really disrespectful. It was almost like an anime version of the bible, the way that Christianity is sometimes played with in anime. There were even mecha like angels in it. O_o (I mean they were stone giants or something but still)

I hadn't even seen the trailer for the movie, so I had no idea Emma Watson was in this. :D She is very pretty.

The plot made no sense, like where did those Cain people come from? Who did they breed with? Same for Noah's family... Also it ended with a similar story as Twilight where a teenager knows they're going to marry a baby (when it grows up) also it's their cousin. >_> Weeeell at least he has two chicks to choose from, right? :DD (ew ew ew ew) Also the bad guys spend a lot of time making weapons etc, when it would have been much more sensible to start building boats... >_>

And let's not even touch the part where everyone was white, or how it tried to combine creationism and evolution, or how patriarchal it was. Dudes, if you disagreed with Noah so much, you could have just killed him while he was asleep (he won't be killing any babies then). Also that boy who went to the dark side because he couldn't get laid. D: Ew And it had a weirdly strong environmental message and was all pro vegetarianism, which I don't think are a big draw for the sort of people who see movies like these.

And really who was this movie for? Like I said, I'd think it would feel really insulting to actual religious people and then nonreligious people or people of other religions wouldn't go see a movie like this, would they?

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I feel very alone in one part of fandom. I can't stand Veronica/Logan as a ship. I think she can do a million times better and their on/off relationship was my least favourite part of Veronica Mars. So now people are super excited about the show again because of the movie and posting things, which is great! I just hate having to see Logan/Veronica stuff. They're like my 'nope pairing'. So I don't even know if I want to see the freaking movie, because looking from the trailer it's all about Logan ruining Veronica's career and personal life, by making her put it all in jeopardy as she tries to help him. Nononononononono-NO!

Why do people like this pairing? It makes no sense to me at all. Urgh. >_>


Feb. 6th, 2014 12:22 am
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This trailer makes this movie look really interesting

And you know why? Because it makes sense and isn't just a series of explosions and random stuff happening. I wish more trailers were like this.

I also added the book to my wishlist, I think I will give it a go.

The Wild won a game, yay! :D But they still don't know if Mikko will be able to go when the Olympics start. Not so much yay...
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Was pretty good. It really didn't stand on its own at all. Especially the ending was really annoying and I think the whole movie theatre where I went felt the same way. But the good bits outweighed the bad and the 3D didn't ruin it for me, so I was happy.

The elves were the best bits for me. I'm always happy to look at those pretty faces. :D Also yay for Legolas. (I was never his biggest fan when the LotR movies came out, but I guess nostalgia got to me here)

Smaug was super awesome. The voice acting was pretty much perfect. You've got to love how Cumberbatch sounds.
(also it gives me hope that if they ever make a Temeraire movie it could be great. They really made the dragon seem like a real character, so they could definitely do that for Temeraire as well)

Thor II

Oct. 31st, 2013 02:23 am
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Went to see it today in 2D and it was pretty awesome. I think it's my favourite Marvel movie and I'd even say I liked it more than the Avengers. (I know it's not saying much, but the plot made more sense to me, so I was able to enjoy it more. I might change my mind after I see it again once it comes out on DVD, but that's how I feel right now)

spoilers )

Also, people seem to have liked my story \0/ It makes me so happy. I got amazing comments too, like I never know what to answer to them, but it was so nice. Especially because commenting isn't really a thing on AO3, like it used to be on LJ.
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I have decided that the ship has sailed on me seeing the 1D movie in the cinema... I just can't do it by myself. >_>

I watched the three Mighty Ducks movies yesterday and they were pretty great.  I did not know they were set in Minnesota, that is a funny coincedence, also the random hockey players were hilarious, I can't believe they got Gretzky in one!

In the first two the coach had a way too big of a role for my tastes, after all weren't these kids movies? So why would kids care about some middle aged mans mid-life crisis? Also the main kid character is Peter from Fringe and I will never get over this fact. :D Now I wish there was a fic where Peter gets de-aged to that sulky 14 year old he was in D3. I would laugh forever. :D

I super want a fic where Charlie and Adam Banks meet when they are adults and Adam plays in the NHL and then they fall in love. This is what I want right now.

(I was really sad that they kept making Banks's part smaller and smaller, so he was barely in the third one. *pout* Also the poor actor hasn't done well for himself afterwards. I couldn't even find a photo of what he looks like as a grown up. I also thought the girl goalie looked familiar but I'm not sure. And are girls even allowed to play in the same team with guys at that level? I have no idea...)

Waaah~ why hasn't the hockey season started yet? I'm so frustrated reading about preseason games when I can't watch them. *whines*

Now I'm agonizing with my Yuletide nominations, because I already nominated Goon and I'm not sure if I want to use another slot to Nom the Mighty Ducks movies too...

Hockey fic is now 37,600 words long and because I now know my posting date I've been avoiding writing it, as I have a lot of time all of a sudden... I really should just get this thing done already. At least I made some progress with my emotionally stunted hockey player pov character. Should be all smooth sailing from here on out, right? *nervous laughter* 
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and saw Rush. It was really interesting movie about two Formula 1 drivers from the 70's. (I ended up shipping them pretty hard by the end, I'm glad someone already nominated it for Yuletide, now I'll just have to hope someone will write fic.)

Here's the trailer
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I'm weirdly nervous about seeing Star Trek... Also super annoyed that I got spoiled about the thing. Seriously Americans, could you have held your outrage a few more days. It's so true what someone said on tumblr. Americans will complain about spoilers so so loudly if for once they don't get to see something first, but as soon as it's out over there... well you can say goodbye to trying to remain spoiler free. *grumpy*

Speaking of tumblr, I made a screencap post that has 120 notes now. :D Hee~ It's ridiculous how happy that makes me. Well, at least I'm easily amused.

The Supernatural finale was a total letdown for me. I don't know why everyone seemed to like it so much. I really hope next season is the last one. Please let me go show!!! I mean I feel obligated to watch it to the end now... How could I leave it after slogging through eight freaking seasons. >_>

Oh and I got like four hours of sleep last night (because my sleep cycle is fucked up because of the playoffs) and I had to get up at seven, so I could go to an exam at eight. I think I passed it? Maybe? At least I wrote stuff... I really hope I passed, it's five credits and if I didn't pass I'll have to do it again next semester. So anyway, I haven't slept enough (tried to take a nap when I got back from campus but I can't sleep during the day! How does that work?) and now the freaking movie starts at 23.30. If I fall asleep at the cinema, I'll be pissed. Not to mention it's 3D so I have to put on my contacts and who wants to deal with that when my eyes are already tired.

Wow this turned into a whiny post...

Then randomly: I've noticed that I have a really hard time commenting on people's posts if they are about their personal lives. Especially if I don't actually know them. It just seems so awkward. And it's like five times worse if they are going through a tough time. If you know me, you know I'm really bad at emotional support even in person, not to mention trying to do it over the internet. >_<

Ooh, I made a post and didn't talk about hockey!!! Well except now I have to mention that Finland is going to the medal games. :D Just have to beat Sweden somehow and they might be fighting for the gold!!! This is super hilarious because before the tournament started everyone was saying the team was garbage (I think there were originally zero NHL players for example) But you never know, Kontiola might go on a tear and lead the whole tournament in scoring... 
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Went to see Iron Man 3 today (by myself... that's always kind of sad) and it was great! Best Iron Man movie so far, and I might even have liked it more than I liked the Avengers. =O

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There is so much hockey coming up!!!! I had to make myself an actual schedule. :D
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I'm still not sure if this is all too good to be true, but right now things are great. The Wild have a four game win streak going, whee~
Also I found out that Mikko Koivu is going to be a dad. That came out of the blue as I didn't even know he had a girlfriend. Guy sure likes to keep his private life private.

Oh and the Ducks beat the Blackhawks! I was ready to give up on the game during the third period, but I should have known better. The Ducks don't just give up. :D Also Selänne got his 670th goal. Six hundred and seventy! It boggles the mind.

Have I mentioned yet how the NHL websites are hilariously bad and they love puns. A lot... :D


wild stuff )

And look I have some non hockey things to post as well, it's a miracle!

a few photos )
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The NHL lockout finally ended... Now the question is, do I want to pay some company to see the matches? (I would need to buy some kind of recorder as well, I mean the games must air at super inconvenient times, at like 4am or something.)

I don't get why I procrastinate so much, I even avoid doing things that are fun, like writing fic. This is a really fucking serious problem, because don't even get me started on how I haven't even started working on my thesis. *fuck*

I have two fics due for challenges and neither one is even close to being finished. >_>

But anyway, here is My Shelter fic that I wrote for Yuletide. If you haven't seen the movie I'd definitely recommend it. It's awesome and it's kind of like the best kidfic in movie form.
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So I went shopping and I was only supposed to try and find something for my mom and Ayaka... I did buy Ayaka her present but I still got nothing for mom. Instead I got myself the first season for Vampire Diaries (Don't ask me why... I hope it's not terrible.) But at least I resisted the urge to buy all the Harry Potter movies in blu-ray, even though they were cheap (divided by eight movies the price of one would have been 5€)

I was going to go see the Hobbit today but man it costs 13€ in 3D... D= I need to check what the normal version costs and think about it some more.

Anyway talking about movies got me sidetracked, because I also got myself a new scarf! It has the colours of the hockey team in my city and I really wanted it, even though it was expensive. It was extra awesome because it has the same colours as the Hufflepuff house and who can resist that?!

photo of me )

I almost got their new calendar for next year because it was hilariously terrible and so culturally insensitive!!! I don't know who is supposed to want it, do heterosexual guys want these kind of photos on their wall? (if it's for women though, thanks whoever makes fan stuff of thinking about us too... Hockey is not just for guys after all) Even if you don't care about hockey you should see these... xD

seriously just click )

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I've been playing a lot of Star Wars the old republic this week and it's a lot of fun. \0/ The game is really pretty and it reminds me of WoW in good ways, while being better. I mean it has actual plot and stuff and I'm already a big fan of Star Wars, so the universe is super interesting to me.

(also randomly before I ramble more about the game. There is going to be a new X-Men movie where the old trilogy Xavier and Magneto meet the First Class versions of themselves. I can't wait! [I kind of wish it would go like a fanfic where the old versions teach the young versions the value of friendship and love so that they create a new timeline where Magneto won't become the bad guy and Charles and Eric live happily ever after...] But either way I think it will be awesome to watch.)

screencaps )


Aug. 6th, 2012 02:10 pm
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Saw it yesterday, so here are some thoughts I had about it:

minor spoilers behind this )
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Last Saturday we were at my cousins wedding and I was just looking through the photos and remembered that I wanted to write about this one detail here. In American movies and tv shows they always make a big deal about the engagement ring on the woman and I was wondering if they guy gets a ring then? Because don't couples exchange rings at the wedding?

But here both of the people get engagement rings and they are mostly plain ones with no diamond or anything. Then the wedding ring is only for the bride and has/can have a diamond. I wonder if that's because of something in our culture or if it has something to do with the Lutheran Church? (it also made me think about what same sex couples do? Who gets the ring when they get 'married' or if they just use the engagement rings or what?)

Oh and the priest managed to piss me off by talking about how marriage is between a man and a woman and God and Grrrrr! She kept repeating it and I think she was making some kind of a personal point with this.

After all our parliament is finally talking about gay marriage and hopefully that will be sorted by next year.


I'm kind of disappointed that there isn't any fic about Ed Sheeran and Rupert Grint on AO3. What's up with that?

My mom asked me if I want to go watch the new Spider Man movie with her. =D So we're going tomorrow.
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While I was visiting [livejournal.com profile] arilyn9 for the weekend I found this movie called Blue Crush in the sales bin and thought I should get it... because of reasons. (like maybe it would be fun to try writing a surfer au?) I mostly got it because it had all kinds of extras about actual surfing and surfer culture etc, but the movie ended up being pretty good! \0/ I was worried there for a moment about the romance ruining everything but in the end the main character pulled herself together so yay! Also the guy she liked wasn't an asshole so yay for that as well. ^_^

Here's a trailer

In this very hypothetical story Liam and Louis would be pro-surfers (idk if that is even the right term >_>) and Harry would mostly just hang out at the beach, looking hot in his swimming trunks, flirting mercilessly with anything that moves and only gets on a board when the waves are mellow (he grew up with Liam and Louis so now they are kind of inseparable).  And then for some handwavy reason Liams management or someone would think it would be a good idea for him to become the surfing instructor on a movie set. Liam doesn't really want to do it because it's interfering with his training but Louis thinks it's an awesome idea and weasels himself into the deal too and actually manages to get them both small roles in the movie (mostly they just surf in the background but Louis actually has two lines)

So they all pack their stuff and fly to L.A. (In my mind they spend most of the year in Australia, while not competing) and start prepping for the movie. idk how long it actually takes to teach someone the basics of surfing so let's just say they have two weeks. On the first day they meet the cast (it's been kept secret from them... because of reason? fears of leaks or something) and it's Zayn and Niall and maybe some girls (it's an ensemble cast or something) And maybe Liam owns all of Zayn's movies and maybe has a little crush on him, but of course Liam is going to act professionally, no matter how much Louis laughs...

And Zayn and Niall are good friends because they have been on some other movie together already (and there have been some rumours about them because Zayn is gay and out of the closet, but Niall doesn't care about what people say and anyway, he's this close to dating Demi Lovato)

Niall is a pretty good student but Zayn is hopeless, too timid and scared of drowning and getting water in his nose and eyes and his balance is for shit, so Liam offers to give him some extra tutoring outside of the all cast lessons (because Zayn also gets embarrasssed about making a fool of himself while other people are watching him) so they end up spending a lot of time together and maybe Liam's crush is getting worse and he doesn't really know how to react to the times when Zayn is a bit touchy feely or kisses him on the cheek etc. Like that must just be him being friendly, right?

Then some other stuff happens and there is some more pining but in the end they manage to sort things out and get their happy ending.
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Okay so... The movie was great and funny (Josh Whedon ilu and your brand of banter) but I have to admit the hype was too much and I had too high expectations for the film. There was no way for it to be as awesome as I had made it out to be in my mind. *pout*

Still there were many awesome things that I adored:
spoilers spoilers )
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So, I kind of, sort of forgot that I have an exam tomorrow and now I need to read two books today... >_> Also I am in possession of a professors book, and I'm trying to read it super carefully (which is hard because I always crack the spine of my own books)

There is this couple who live downstairs and they argue a lot. Like, the woman will scream really loudly and you can hear her pretty clearly... It's pretty distressing because I don't know if she's just the loud and upset kind of arguer, or if she's like actually abused or something?! Usually you can't hear the guy at all but just now I heard him say 'calm down' so I'm hoping that there is no actual abuse going on... Urgh.

Also I got some of my questionnares back from the school, but I haven't had time to look through them yet (the exam etc) I really hope there will be something usefull in the answers and I can get this stupid reseach paper done.

Not to mention that there's only two weeks to my trip to London and I feel seriously unprepared. /0\ I really hope using the Archives will go smoothly and I can find material that is relevant to my topic, 'cause going all the way to London and coming back empty handed would suck beyond reason.

With all this 'studying' I need to be doing it seems very unlikely that I will have a story ready for [livejournal.com profile] bandombigbang, which is sad, because I have a million stories started and it would have been nice to finish one of them... Well maybe I can do wave two. *fingers crossed*

But The avengers opens next week!!!!!! \0/ I can't wait. (I saw the trailer for it when me and [livejournal.com profile] arilyn9 went to see Iron Sky and it looked amazing! So much more epic on the big screen) and while I'm talking about movies, my mom wanted to go see Titanic and we went. 3D continues to suck and Titanic still made me cry...


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