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So One Direction has a new single out. It is ridiculous and all kinds of awesome.

I'm going to put the screencaps under a cut because they are kind of huge... but here is the actual video in all its glory

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You know, I just need this post because of reasons. (why can't fic just write itself? Is that really too much to ask for?)

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For some strange reason I decided it would be a good idea to make a post about Zayn ships... Mostly because looking at these photos and gifs makes me happy, but also because this is me in almost every fandom. I end up with a favourite character (and yes I'm going to call Zayn a character too... It makes me feel better about shipping him) and I will read that character with almost anybody. I'm basically like: "Give me all the fic with character X in it!" \0/

So when it comes to other pairings that don't have X in them, I usually end up feeling pretty indifferent towards them and mostly just read those fics if I already know the author or if it's a super popular fic in the fandom. I think this is why I don't ship Harry/Louis. Basically my brain is a weird place.

I think I should put a disclaimer here. I will make comments here about how cute they look together, or how cuddly or how they look like they want to kiss etc, but I'm not trying to prove anyone is gay or that they are sexually attracted to each other. This is just shipping and all in good fun. I am aware that most of these people are in happy relationships and all that jazz.
Also all the photos and gifs are from tumblr and if you wanted credit you should have watermarked your work. I'm way too lazy to find out who made each gif. *shrug*

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Urgh, why are you so awesome? I just spent the whole day watching this show and I'm now all caught up. I'm pretty proud of myself for even giving this show a chance because I hate horror movies and tv shows in general. I think it helped that this show isn't really scary in a sense that would bother me, as it leans more towards suspence and pretty gory violence, instead of trying to give the viewer a heartattack when something scary rushes the screen etc.

I also find the characters really interesting, if not very relatable. They keep doing stupid shit for one and being eaten by zombies, when I think it could have been avoided etc, but still! What is annoying is that the female characters aren't really allowed to do much, as it seems that they regressed right back to the stone ages where the women stay at home and cook/clean while the men go out and hunt/gather/kill zombies.

And it kind of bugs me that I have read this article 7 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Outbreak Would Fail (Quickly) because now I just keep thinking 'that would never actually happen' and it's harder to be immersed in the world.

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You have been warned (of randomness)

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