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Me and [livejournal.com profile] messy_kisses went to see the new Avengers movie while she was visiting me (and that was super fun! But I still can't believe you hadn't seen any of those movies we watched???)

Anyway, I think we were both kind of underwhelmed by it, but it was really hard to pinpoint why. For me it was just a lack of excitement walking out the cinema. Also I thought the movie was too long in general and had weird tone shifts from straight up action to romance to humor and back again and there were too many characters to balance properly.

spoilers under this )

I think I'm forgetting other stuff, but idk. It was super 'meh' I would give it 2½ stars
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It's actually pretty nice here right now, the sun is shining and everything.
The research down at the Archive has been going pretty well too, so can't really complain (well I might once I actually start reading through all the material and find out if anything I photographed is actually usefull to my topic)

I also think I'll actually have time to look through all the materials I might need! That is pretty good, because I was worried that I wouldn't have enough time. I might actually have too much time on my hands, I have no idea what I should do on Sunday when the Archives are closed. >_> I was thinking that it would be a good chance to go see the Avengers again, but that only takes care of a couple hours.

Oh and a funny thing happened today. This old man asked me for directions and I of course didn't know anything helpful... but the funny bit was that he asked me if I was Canadian and when I said I was from Finland he said "Selanne! The hockey player. He's from Finland, right?" which is all kinds of awesome, because you really don't expect old British dudes to know much about hockey. (which made me think about how I'm missing the games and that made me a bit sad, but hopefully I'll get to see a few games once I get back.)

I'm going to try and find a HMV today and see if Sherlock season two bluray has gotten cheap enough that I want to buy it. I'm also thinking that I should buy Downton Abbey dvd's if they don't cost as much here as they do back home.

The hostel where I'm staying in located right next to the train tracks, which was sort of annoying the first night but since then I've gotten used to the noise...

(This was my third visit to London and this was the first time I actually had Fish & Chips! It was pretty good actually, but I thought the mushed peas were a bit odd. And I also got a huge cup of tea here at the Archives. I bet it had close to 4dl of tea... Gotta love it)
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Okay so... The movie was great and funny (Josh Whedon ilu and your brand of banter) but I have to admit the hype was too much and I had too high expectations for the film. There was no way for it to be as awesome as I had made it out to be in my mind. *pout*

Still there were many awesome things that I adored:
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I just booked the see HP set tour thing... Wow, I bet it has a real name (Warner Bros. Studio Tour London) Don't ask me how much it cost not to mention I'll have to figure out how to get there (the train seems to be the fastest and cheapest option)

And I obviously want to go see the Avengers in an imax theater, so that will also cost a fortune. Wow my credit card company is going to love me...

Please don't judge me! /0\ I am going to do actual reseach as well! But the Archives is closed on Sunday and Monday, so I needed something to do on those days. *shifty eyes*

Dragon Age: Origins continues to kick my ass... I have no idea how I'll ever even get to the final battle when the pre-battles keep killing me. ;_; The Archdemon must be laughing at me so hard. (Why is the easiest difficulty setting still too hard for me? Why do I suck so much?) 
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So, I kind of, sort of forgot that I have an exam tomorrow and now I need to read two books today... >_> Also I am in possession of a professors book, and I'm trying to read it super carefully (which is hard because I always crack the spine of my own books)

There is this couple who live downstairs and they argue a lot. Like, the woman will scream really loudly and you can hear her pretty clearly... It's pretty distressing because I don't know if she's just the loud and upset kind of arguer, or if she's like actually abused or something?! Usually you can't hear the guy at all but just now I heard him say 'calm down' so I'm hoping that there is no actual abuse going on... Urgh.

Also I got some of my questionnares back from the school, but I haven't had time to look through them yet (the exam etc) I really hope there will be something usefull in the answers and I can get this stupid reseach paper done.

Not to mention that there's only two weeks to my trip to London and I feel seriously unprepared. /0\ I really hope using the Archives will go smoothly and I can find material that is relevant to my topic, 'cause going all the way to London and coming back empty handed would suck beyond reason.

With all this 'studying' I need to be doing it seems very unlikely that I will have a story ready for [livejournal.com profile] bandombigbang, which is sad, because I have a million stories started and it would have been nice to finish one of them... Well maybe I can do wave two. *fingers crossed*

But The avengers opens next week!!!!!! \0/ I can't wait. (I saw the trailer for it when me and [livejournal.com profile] arilyn9 went to see Iron Sky and it looked amazing! So much more epic on the big screen) and while I'm talking about movies, my mom wanted to go see Titanic and we went. 3D continues to suck and Titanic still made me cry...
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There have been a lot of random people going around and trying to sell things door to door this year. It is super annoying, especially because I have social anxiety as it is and I always feel bad saying no to them (they also just won't take a hint and keep talking) also I'm always in my pyjamas and not wearing a bra, so it's extra awkward if I have to open the door and stand there listening to someone's sales-speech...

So it's been super awesome that my new flatmate is just as introverted as me and we just never open the door anymore when the doorbell rings. =D It works well too, I mean I don't have friends who'd just stop by unannounced and neither does the flatmate. Hah~ She is kind of the perfect flatmate to have, it's a shame I'm moving out this Spring.

Then unrelatedly to this, but the Avengers is coming to Finland on the 27th, which kind of sucks a lot as it's coming out sooner in other countries and so I'll have to stop going on Tumblr to avoid spoilers until I've seen it for myself . However I was starting to worry that it wouldn't come here at all, so I'll take what I can get.


Feb. 29th, 2012 08:33 pm
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Dude, seriously the new Avengers trailer makes the movie look so awesome!!!!! \0/ (I need to get avengers icons asap)

And I bought myself a Pinboard account today because it's only about 7€ and it's much nicer to use than Diigo (imo) I mean Diigo didn't let you use the 'slash' key so all my pairings were Brendon_Spencer, which looked stupid to me. Also Pinboard let's you know how many others have bookmarked the same page and doesn't have adds. I'm happy with that.

Then I cooked pork teriyaki for dinner, I feel so accoplished. xD (the recipe wanted me to use beef, but do you know how expencive that is? Way too expencive for my wallet...)


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