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Me and [livejournal.com profile] messy_kisses went to see the new Avengers movie while she was visiting me (and that was super fun! But I still can't believe you hadn't seen any of those movies we watched???)

Anyway, I think we were both kind of underwhelmed by it, but it was really hard to pinpoint why. For me it was just a lack of excitement walking out the cinema. Also I thought the movie was too long in general and had weird tone shifts from straight up action to romance to humor and back again and there were too many characters to balance properly.

- I liked the beginning, the part where they had a party was my favourite, especially because Rhodey and Sam were there. Whee~  (at the same time I get how lame it was not to have Pepper or Thor's gf there (wow I can't remember her name... I suck. Okay it's Jane, right? Maybe I saved it)

- I don't care about the Hulk or Banner, I just don't and this movie was basically half a Hulk movie, so I wasnt't very happy about that. Then there was the whole romance plot, which boiled down to Natasha saying she'd abandon everything (the avengers) for Bruce if they just left and disappeared. I mean I get that she's been through enough shit that it would be a totally valid choice for her to just peace out, but why would she do it for Banner, who she's not even in a relationship with (I don't think they had sex or dated or anything)

- The bit where they both talked about not being able to have kids was just highly gross. Like Natasha basically said she's a monster because she can't have kids? Wtf?! It also implied that women can only focus on their job if they physically can't have kids. I guess what they meant was that if you have a family it's always the most important part for you, and it could be used against you and also the whole no contraceptive is 100% effective and if you're in a business where you might need to seduce people or something it might be nice to know you can't get knocked up, but it was just bizarre. Banner also being all 'you can't be with me, we have no future, I can't have kids' like uh... that's not the only reason people might want to have a relationship or stay together, Also a weird assumption that she would want kinds anyway.

- Speaking of families... where the fuck did Clint's come from? 0_0 That was so odd to me, the whole bit where Fury helped him keep it a secret, but Nat knew anyway and seemed really close with them. Like does Clint go home every night after work? Where was that farm anyway, like how far away from New York. Or did clint like fly up there in the jet. There's no way that could have been kept secret for years and years with hydra around. Also it would have been nice to get a mention what she does for a living, or does she just keep house for when he's able to come home. And why did we have to know about this anyway? That house could have been an actual safe house for all I care. That way they could have cut 5-10 mins from the run time.

- I think I agree with people after this movie that Whedon Cap is lame. I guess the winter soldier would be hard to best, but he just seemed so lame and pointless in this movie (he didn't get any character development as far as I noticed, but then again he just had a movie so it would be weird for him to get all the screentime, so I dunno what I wanted) but the stupid joke about him not liking cursing was just eye-roll worthy.

- Why didn't they blow up the hydra place after the raid? That would have saved them a lot of trouble if Ultron hadn't been able to go right back into production with his clone bodies. Speaking of him... I don't think they explained it enough why he acted the way he did? Also what made Ultron happen? Bc tony said to bruce that they were nowhere close to making the AI happen when they went to the party

- How did Ultron build the spaceship thing under the city? When did he have time to do that? Especially if his first plan was to steal the nuke codes, so he shouldn't have been planning the meteor bit until like half way through the movie. Also wouldn't it have been quicker to like fly to the asteroid belt and get an actual asteroid, or go blow up a piece of the moon or something?

- Going back to the Hulk, the fight he has with Iron man in that African country somewhere (I forget if they named the place or not) was way too long and I was so annoyed by all the destruction. Also how did the hulk end up there anyway? Wasn't the shipyard place in the middle of a desert or something? The way Iron man threw him through that building was super gross anyway. Like I don't care that there were no people in it, how many people died because of the building collapsing in the middle of a city! Also the way they did the dust cloud made me think of 9/11 really vividly and I wonder how that was for people who actually experienced that.

- What was the point of having Quicksilver if they just kill him in the end of this one? My guess was that they didn't want to compete with the X-men franchise especially because the X-men did him so much better (imo) The twins also changed their mind about Iron Man pretty easily considering their whole life had been about getting revenge on him...

- The only thing the movie managed to do for me was give me Tony/Iron man feels. Even those were almost ruined for me a couple of times when you could totally see RDJ instead of Tony Stark in a few scenes but his story was the most interesting one. Not really sure about why he went back to his idea about building a robot army to protect people when he destroyed all his previous ones in Iron Man 3. It did make me want an epic fic where tony semi accidentally becomes the dictator of earth if his plan had worked and ultron hadn't happened...

- Can't really say much about Vision, as I don't know the comics canon, but it seemed like he's pretty much godlike in his powers? I mean he has the infinity stone??? Also is he like half Ultron half Jarvis? Don't see why they needed to add the character, I would definitely rather gotten a female super hero in the team...

- Oh almost forgot to say anything about Thor, because he was pretty superfluous in this. And what was up with that lightning bath he took? Why did he take Selvig with him, what was in the box he was holding? I don't get why Cap couldn't lift the hammer? What are the qualifications of being 'worthy'

I think I'm forgetting other stuff, but idk. It was super 'meh' I would give it 2½ stars

Date: 2015-04-24 06:53 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] messy-kisses.livejournal.com
It was fun~~~~~~ :D Also, if I had seen the movies, we wouldn't have watched them and that would have been sad. ;__;

Turun Sanomat had a review of the Avengers (3 stars) and they said it was "too serious". (Um, okay, what?) But yeah, I agree with the points you made. I was also really upset with Nat's "i can't have kids=monster" speech. Just kinda forgot about it with all the other things I was annoyed about. Anyway, I'm gonna run with the idea that Cap told Tony off for swearing, because Tony talks dirty during sex and Cap can't have that kind of distraction on the battlefield. :D

Date: 2015-04-26 11:40 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] oanja.livejournal.com
That's true. It was a good excuse for me to watch some of those movies again. :D

Too serious?? Well that's... odd. Yeah that whole bit was terrible in every way possible. D:

Haha~ that definitely works as an explanation. ;D

Date: 2015-04-26 01:28 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] messy-kisses.livejournal.com
But Spaceballs was the best, right? Right? XD

Uuuu, what was the name of the singer (Swedish?) you liked? And the guy who did the Bloodborne walkthrough?

(Been playing DA2, it's been so long I keep getting surprised by some of the early quest: what? I was supposed to do this? But I wanna drink at the Hanged man...)


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