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I made notes while watching this, so might as well post about it too.

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Jan. 28th, 2014 11:19 pm
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What is going on with Teen Wolf??? Am I actually going to have to rewatch that episode?

Last day of work practice tomorrow, whee~

The Wild play the Ducks tonight. Maybe there could be some kind of a 24 hour bug going through the Ducks team, so the Wild could win. That would be great. ^_^;
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The Finnish world junior championship team (men's) is going to play for the gold tomorrow! Whee~ But Sweden is scary good, so I won't get my hopes up yet. But they haven't medal-ed in seven years, so a silver medal would be awesome too.

I managed to spill pepsi on keyboard today, but luckily it still works and none of the keys got stuck (this time... I've ruined a keyboard with a drink before) I'm super glad that computers don't work like they do in older movies where the whole computer starts to spark off and is ruined by a drink spilled on the keyboard or someone smashing it (or the screen)

Now that the work practice thing has been going on for a month, I really appreciate weekends a lot more. I mean getting to sleep as long as you want, now that's priceless.

Also, watched the season premiere of Community. It was pretty good and they got Dan Harmon back, so yay? I guess I'll wait and see how it goes. I'm worried about how they are going to handle the Troy actor leaving. What will Abed do then? (now I made myself sad...)

Oh and the new Sherlock episode... It was weird, like super weird to me. I felt like it went into that place where SPN goes sometimes, where they 'wink wink nudge nudge' the audience too much and actually insult the fans by doing it. Urgh I didn't like it at all. I also feel like they cheated with the whole winding John's watch back/hypnotism and giving them extra time... Grr, of course the fans didn't do that in their theories because it would have been laughed off. Like someone pointed out on tumblr that Gatiss seems to enjoy writing Sherlock as extra cruel to John and I felt like it went too far many times. But there were small character moments I really liked so I will continue to watch (of course, I mean for crying out loud, I still watch SPN)
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Wow that game was so bad for my sanity. But two points is two points! Now if we could win against the Blues too that would be great. Need those wins against Central teams. That one moment when it looked like Suter was hurt... wow I don't even want to think about what would happen to this team. Also Heatley went back to being terrible, so I guess we're back to normal. Also Cooke was a turnover machine. I don't know how true it is, but it seemed to me they missed Granlund, at least as much as it messed up all the lines, which is never good. I really hope Harding is okay... I'm not fine with one of our goalies being hurt all the time, especially because of bb!goalies aren't ready for the big league yet.

Oh and the 1D youtube thing is happening right now... weird, also you can definitely tell I'm not a Harry fan, because all those gifs of him working out without a shirt on did nothing for me. Bummer.

What else... I watched a super interesting documentary about Vikings today and it reminded me of how much I actually love history when I don't actually have to study it myself. ^_^;
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So hockey... The Wild lost to the Leafs and it was super annoying, because the Leafs pretty much sucked, but still won. People are already freaking out in the fan base (I want to say fandom, but it's definitely not the same thing omg) saying that all hope is lost, our goal tending sucks, people need to be fired etc etc. The goal tending might become a real problem though, I won't say I'm not worried... *gulp*

Here is a gif of Mikko petting Granlund and it kind of makes me wish I could ship it, but nope. Not in a million years.

Watched the new Shield episode and yeah, I'm beginning to think the show is not for me. I still don't care about any of the characters (bonus points for the lady scientist now doing surgery... on a patient who's awake. What kind of doctor was she supposed to be?) The only thing I'm mildly curious about is what really happened to Coulson, like is he an android or what? But that's about it. Also why were they so adamant about there being no such thing as mindreading? Don't they exist in the same universe as the X-men? Wtf?

And on a shallower note, I would give this show a lot more rope if it had a potential slash pairing for me to care about, but nope. They seem to keep pushing that hacker girl and the agent guy together, which I find super bizarre. idk...

Supernatural on the other hand doesn't seem like a disaster so far. I don't know what they are planning with Abydon (or however you're supposed to spell that) because really? She's the big bad thing this season? A knight of Hell? What is that anyway? How is it worse than the apocalypse and the horsemen, or freaking leviathan (that is definitely spelled wrong) this is the problem with the show running for too long. You can't keep raising the stakes forever. I'm still side-eyeing the angel inside Sam too, like how long is it supposed to take for him to get better? Can he really be a good guy?

And the vessel thing definitely doesn't make any sense. I mean if you just take Castiel. How many times did that body get destroyed? And somehow Castiel always looks like Misha Collins... I know it's an issue with wanting to keep actors, but they should have made up an excuse for it then, especially now when the angels are such a big plot point again. Also what happens to Angels who die? In an universe where the afterlife is such a big deal it makes no sense. And same goes for demons of course and don't even get me started on purgatory. Argh... Just thinking about this show makes me annoyed, and yet I keep watching. Season nine, yay! /sarcasm
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Two episodes into Agents of Shield and I'm really disappointed so far. All the characters are super boring and one dimensional, not to mention that I was never in the Coulson bandwagon, so I'm not sure about watching a whole show about him. I guess I will watch a few more episodes and see if it get's any better.

Hockey season started yesterday, yay! Wild have their first game tomorrow, I'm nervous about it. I hope all the babies do okay. (I'm looking at you Granlund...)

Also, my right ear has been humming for two days now, it kind of feels like there's water in it, or something. Super annoying. *grr*
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I paid the money for the student union and now I'm a student again for one more year. The fee's gone up I think, it was 108€ and I think it was about 90 some years ago. Still can't complain too much as it's the only money I have to pay for a full year at a university. I don't know how American's do it... Well, yes I do, they either get into a lot of dept or their parents pay for them or both. I have student loans now too, I think it's about 3000€ right now and even that freaks me out quite a bit.

I still think it would be cool to work abroad for a few years after I finally manage to graduate (in a few years hopefully) and I've been thinking about Canada lately. I think it would be an interesting place to live in, but that the culture shock wouldn't be a big deal. I went to look at a webpage meant for foreigners thinking about moving to Canada and it seems there are jobs for social workers over there. :) Not that it's a big surprise I think there's a need for them all over.

Anyway... I've now read two of the Dragon Age books and they are sooooo interesting! I love how much new info they give into the world and also how much of it is then used in the games. :D It seems like the new game will take place soon after Asunder. I can't wait to play it!!! Still one year to go though. *pout*

While [livejournal.com profile] arilyn9 was visiting I got the third season of Fringe and then watched it in the past few days. I keep thinking about how Olivia is treated in the show as a female character, because now I can't not, especially with the new Star Trek movie being so bad when it comes to female characters. I do think that Olivia is super awesome! She is definitely one of my favourite female characters, but they have done some questionable shit to her and her body over the course of the show. I keep thinking though that would I even care if it had happened to a male character and I think the answer is no. So does that make it better or worse? Also the red haired Olivia is confusing to me, she seems to be all over the place when it comes to her actions and motives. I don't know... Also, I've heard that the fourth season is a mess and I wish I hadn't read that somewhere, because now I'm worried about what they are going to do to this show I like so much. ;___;

I also bought both seasons of Rome, because I only had season 2 for years and now there is no way to just get season one anywhere!! The blu-ray was only 24€ so it's not that bad with 12€ per season... It's been years and years since I watched season one and I'm kind of nervous about watching it again, in case it's not as good as I remember it being. It's not going to ruin it for me, I know that, so I should just watch it. 
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I posted my thoughts on the Pilo here so here are the notes I made from the other episodes.

I took the plot summaries from Wikipedia and wow someone was feeling verbose when writing them.
The episode names are terrible. I don't know what they were thinking? *eyeroll*
(I also make a lot of spelling mistakes... x) that's what happens when you don't have a spell check irl)

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I got an e-mail saying they have shipped A Memory of Light to me!!!!! It's going to be in my hands this week! Last Wheel of Time book. ;__; I'll have to record how many times I cry while reading it...

I did end up buying some cable channels so I can watch hockey... Now if only I could make my tv cooperate with me. I think I need to call the company tomorrow. >_>

Finished season 3 of Vampire Diaries today. I'm super annoyed that I was spoiled for the twist at the end. Grr... But also my eternal creys about that other thing. ;__;

Oh and the new One Direction music video came out and it's gloriously ridiculous. =D
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Whee~ . It' I got a story set in the Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb  and it's super awesome. ((But damn the challenge community on LJ is super spammy. >_>)) Also went through the list of fandoms on AO3 and read a few stories from the collection, but yeah mostly the fandoms were a bit too obscure for me. =D And that really is the beauty of the whole thing.

I'm already kind of bored of staying at my mom's... I wonder how long I need to stay without hurting her feelings. ^_^;

The Vampire Diaries continues to be both ridiculous and awesome. I've watched two and a half seasons so far and I feel exhausted. I bet if the people in the show were actual people they would all have had nervous breakdowns. The show has only covered a year in real time (for the characters) and they never catch a break, ever.

Uh oh, the Teen Wolf fic is due soon and I really really need to start working on it asap. >_< I just don't get why it's so hard to actually accomplish things. I'm so jealous of people who have their shit together.

And hey look at that, the moodtheme thing is perfect for the season... x)
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I think my Yuletide fic is done and I sent a message to someone, asking them to beta read it. *fingers crossed* I think it turned out okay... It's really hard for me to say, especially because I've never written for the fandom before, but hopefully my recipient won't feel let down by it. ;___; (it's so scary to write for someone specifically.)

I finished watching the first season of The Vampire Diaries and I liked it. =D The first episode was pretty silly and generic but it got a lot better as the season went on. (the female characters were really nice, I liked them a lot generally, which is rare for me, so yay for that. Matt and Alaric are my over all favourites though. <3)

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So new season...

some spoilers )
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I'm always lazy but these past few weeks... I haven't done anything >_> I went to the gym yesterday and that's about it. The Olympics aren't helping either because now I just sit in front of the TV and watch weird sports. Like today I spend a good amount of time watching women bike around London. Also Archery is badass!

Then I watched the women's gymnastics just now and it reminded me about Make it or Break it and I googled it only to find that it got cancelled! Whyyyy~ I was really looking forwards to watching the third season and now I only get 8 episodes. ;__;

To make matters even worse I was thinking about how I want to watch a movie and thought 'I'll just watch the Temeraire movie!' before I realised there is no Temeraire movie. *pout*

I'm so ready to move though, I'm getting sick and tired of the super slow internet my mom has. It's so sucky it won't even let me on msn and you can forget about dl anything. I still think it's a miracle it lets me scroll tumblr.

I did manage to sort through my thesis materials though. Like by the archive number, so now I have them in separate files, more or less. Now I just need to start reading through them... Which might take a while, as I took 3150 photos and about a third of them look like this
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Mar. 19th, 2012 03:00 pm
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Daryl survived season 2 finale! \0/

(now seriously where is the fic for this pairing?)

But urgh, I have a test on Friday and I need to read four books for it. Even though Gender history is interesting it doesn't mean I wouldn't rather just mess about in the internet rather than study. Also I just got my Temeraire books in the mail today. The world is full of temptations... so I'll just go study in the library for a few hours. >_>
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Urgh, why are you so awesome? I just spent the whole day watching this show and I'm now all caught up. I'm pretty proud of myself for even giving this show a chance because I hate horror movies and tv shows in general. I think it helped that this show isn't really scary in a sense that would bother me, as it leans more towards suspence and pretty gory violence, instead of trying to give the viewer a heartattack when something scary rushes the screen etc.

I also find the characters really interesting, if not very relatable. They keep doing stupid shit for one and being eaten by zombies, when I think it could have been avoided etc, but still! What is annoying is that the female characters aren't really allowed to do much, as it seems that they regressed right back to the stone ages where the women stay at home and cook/clean while the men go out and hunt/gather/kill zombies.

And it kind of bugs me that I have read this article 7 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Outbreak Would Fail (Quickly) because now I just keep thinking 'that would never actually happen' and it's harder to be immersed in the world.

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Jan. 2nd, 2012 02:58 am
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Some random thoughts.
 (I did like it. Facepalming John is just my only Sherlock icon)

cut for spoilers )

Must rewatch again tomorrow

Uh oh...

Dec. 7th, 2011 04:38 am
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I definitely need help. Not in general (although that is a possibility as well) but with my [livejournal.com profile] bandomstuffsit fic. It's still not finished (omg omg omg [/panic]) and I have 10775 words already. Not to mention that I still don't have a beta and I'm really getting quite nervous about this.

So I come here to my ask help from my excellent f-list, I know I have some bandom people in here, so would any of you be willing to beta this story for me? Or know anyone who might be up for it? Or know where I should start looking for one? ó_ò
The story is a Panic! AU and the pairing is Brendon/Spencer. I can't really say much more about it, 'cause of the secret santa business but yeah... I really don't want to let down my fic recipient or the community mod(s)


Also, unrelatedly, it was our Independence day today. Happy 94th birthday Finland. \0/ Of course I forgot the whole thing and the fact that all the shops are closed, so I haven't had a proper meal today, 'cause I didn't have any food. (I had bread and stuff like that but nothing to cook a meal out of) So instead I watching most of 'The Pacific' (which is nowhere near as good as BoB) and wrote fic.

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Some American TV shows seem to be on a break right now... I wonder why?

Also X-men first class finally came out on DVD \0/ (well last week, but what ever) and it was definitely as good on the second time I saw it. [livejournal.com profile] sherg is coming over tomorrow (well I guess I should say today, actually) and I'm going to show it to her (it's been a while since we had a movie watching "party") and then on Thursday I'm going to Turku to visit [livejournal.com profile] messy_kisses. Wow it almost looks like I have a social life xD I've never been visited that part of Finland before and I'm really looking forward to it.

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So... I got a new flatmate today. She seems nice so far, so fingers crossed.

I think one of my rats is way more curious and brave than the other one, but this is hard to prove as they look exactly the same and I can't tell them apart. ^_^; Seriously though, I think they are like identical twins or something...

Next weekend is a con weekend, yay! \0/ It's awesome to see friends again after a long while, see cosplayers and buy anime stuff that I don't need and couldn't really afford to spend any money on.

Oh! And I got all the seasons of West Wing from a sale! So awesome, I'm going to have epic marathons watching seasons 4-7 this week.
And that reminds me how I watched The Godfather this weekend for the first time and by golly, was is misogynistic! I mean, yes I get that the time period had different standards and the whole mod culture etc, but argh, it still made me mad. So I think I wont watch the other two for a while. better for my bloodpressure. 

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It's been ages since I last updated this thing, so let's see what I should write down...
- Well I've had this annoying cold for about a week, which sucks.
-I got two rats this Wednesday and named them Loki and Anansi. They are still super shy, but I'm hoping they will warm up to me eventually. I can't even post any photos because I've managed to misplace my camera... (I'm hoping it's at my mom's place)

two low quality shots of a rat )

Then yesterday I started watching Teen Wolf, this super silly teen show about werewolves that I think actually aired on MTV... It's as ridiculous as you might imagine, but also, super slashy, and I'll take almost anything with werewolves in it. I'm pretty happy that they are going to make a second season for it.

Let's start with a picspam someone made helpfully and what sucked me in... here you go

And a few fanvids, to show you the pretty in action. ^_^

The vids behind this )


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