Nov. 7th, 2013 04:40 pm
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These are the jerseys for team Finland. Why? Seriously, why? The whites are just terrible and why did they pick that red (official) coat of arms, when the one with the white background has been great forever. (I don’t actually know how long it’s been white, might have been red before) And they put the flag on the sleeves too… Are they worried that for some reason the Finnish players might forget which country they are representing while on ice?

This guy is dressed as a flag!!!!! (also who are these people, should I know them? Wow I'm a bad fan, aren't I)

Why did they change that triangle shaped coat of arms? Why? It's been like that for a long time and for a reason! If you google the coat of arms of Finland it looks like that red thing on the Olympic sweater. Did they seriously just do that and not look at what the jerseys have looked like in the past? Seriously I'm surprisingly pissed off about this. I mean I knew they'd be bad, as all the jerseys have been, but man...

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Almost done with work for the summer. This last bit is basically useless as I'm only working half the day, for four hours, but I couldn't really say no to the money either... At least I should get enough money to pay mom back for paying this months rent for me. =/

Hockey fic is now 30,000 words long, oh dear. ^_^; This is getting pretty ridiculous when you take into consideration that the pairing I'm writing doesn't even exist, so I think maybe ten people will read it... Buuut anyway, it's been fun. I'm going to finish this and then maybe look at that Teen Wolf fic I abandoned last winter. I kinda liked the idea I had for it and writing is fun once you get over the hurdle of actually starting. :P

I have followed new people on tumblr in the past three months and man, you can definitely tell when you are following teenagers. And I'm not dissing teenagers, they can be great... but they can be super annoying too. One person I follow keeps posting new selfies of herself every day, sometimes multiple ones a day and it's the exact same photo every time. (I mean her clothes change and sometimes she's wearing make-up or headphones etc, so you know it's not actually the same photo, but she always makes the same face, tilts her head the same way and she looks exactly the same in every freaking photo. I don't even know how it's even possible) They are also worried about things like band camp (which I mostly thought only existed in fanfic) and what boys think about them.

Man I'm so glad I'm not a teenager anymore. I can't even imagine what I would have posted online at 15-16 if tumblr had been a thing and I had had a computer. I can't even remember what I was into at 16... Fantasy books, pretty much. (I think I was writing my own fantasy story at the time, in notebooks for fucks sake... (this was back in 2002 and not like the 1980's in case someone is wondering. :D)

Then there are the people who keep posting those 'ask me a question' memes. I hate those the most. What is worse that having to scroll through a hundred questions (especially when I don't have endless scrolling on, so one meme takes up most of the page!? Why can't people use the read more option if they have to keep posting those memes?) and those keep going. One of these new people also got cyber bullied really badly a few weeks ago. I don't know what started it, but after like a day, she was getting anon messages telling her to kill herself! WTF!? Why would anyone send something like that to anyone??? Also, I don't know why people A) have anon abled when they get anon hate and B) why they try to answer those messages. I would say 'ignore and delete' because otherwise you are just feeding the trolls and at least in this case it also seemed to escalate the whole thing, making it worse and worse.

And this turned into a rant post about tumblr. I can't believe I spend so much time on that site. Sometimes I really miss LJ.

I really miss hockey too. I've been so starved for hockey things, that I actually went through the whole Backhandshelf blog for last season and listened to most of their podcasts. Can the new season start already, please?
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This amuses me way too much... You can get an Angry Birds band card. xD I think everything Finnish has to have either Momins or Angry Birds on it. Might as well make it a law.
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There have been a lot of random people going around and trying to sell things door to door this year. It is super annoying, especially because I have social anxiety as it is and I always feel bad saying no to them (they also just won't take a hint and keep talking) also I'm always in my pyjamas and not wearing a bra, so it's extra awkward if I have to open the door and stand there listening to someone's sales-speech...

So it's been super awesome that my new flatmate is just as introverted as me and we just never open the door anymore when the doorbell rings. =D It works well too, I mean I don't have friends who'd just stop by unannounced and neither does the flatmate. Hah~ She is kind of the perfect flatmate to have, it's a shame I'm moving out this Spring.

Then unrelatedly to this, but the Avengers is coming to Finland on the 27th, which kind of sucks a lot as it's coming out sooner in other countries and so I'll have to stop going on Tumblr to avoid spoilers until I've seen it for myself . However I was starting to worry that it wouldn't come here at all, so I'll take what I can get.
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You have been warned (of randomness)

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So last week I saw this on campus:

How awesome is that? =D (and I still can't believe my mobile phone camera takes photos this good)

And then on Thursday night I saw Northern Lights. \0/ Not the super fancy kind you see on photos and stuff, but it still looked cool.


Feb. 29th, 2012 08:33 pm
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Dude, seriously the new Avengers trailer makes the movie look so awesome!!!!! \0/ (I need to get avengers icons asap)

And I bought myself a Pinboard account today because it's only about 7€ and it's much nicer to use than Diigo (imo) I mean Diigo didn't let you use the 'slash' key so all my pairings were Brendon_Spencer, which looked stupid to me. Also Pinboard let's you know how many others have bookmarked the same page and doesn't have adds. I'm happy with that.

Then I cooked pork teriyaki for dinner, I feel so accoplished. xD (the recipe wanted me to use beef, but do you know how expencive that is? Way too expencive for my wallet...)
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I got my questions from [livejournal.com profile] eledhwenlin if you want topics leave a comment. =)

1.) You get to live in any country of the world for a year--which one would you choose?

Britain definitely. I'd love to live in London or Edinburgh. I'd love to get a British accent and I think a year of living there would go a long way to achieving that goal. Maybe it's a boring choice but I would want to live in a country where I know the language, because living in Japan was pretty troublesome at times when I only knew the bare basics of the language. 

2.) What's your worst habit?

Procrastination for sure. I can't get anything done until the very last minute and not even then sometimes. I put things off for no reason at all. It's a really bad habit to have when you are trying to graduate... 

3.) If you had to choose between only reading new to you books for the rest of your life and only rereading books you've already read--which one would it be?

Oh my... I think both options are horrible! I mean what if I read an amazing book and then I would never be allowed to re-read it? But then again, never reading new books, that would be just as bad. I guess I'd have to pick the new books, just because the last book to 'the Wheel of Time' series should come out this year and I need to know how the story ends. 

4.) Tell me about something that concerns you right now (political, RL stuff, whatever.)

My office chair broke last week and now I have to sit on my arm chair, while I'm on my computer. My computer desk is pretty high and the armchair is pretty low, which makes writing anything with my keyboard super awkward. I don't really have money to buy a new chair but I think I have to. So getting a new chair specifically and money trouble in general.

5.) Is there anything that you plan to do this year that you're afraid of? (graduate, move somewhere else, etc.)

Hopefully I will do both of those things (graduate and move) but I'm more afraid of not being able to... I haven't even started on my thesis and that is not acceptable at all. I'm also going to apply to start a new decree so I'm worried I won't get in. What I'm most scared of though is going to the dentist and I need to do that soon. Urgh, I have the worst fear of dentists, it's awful. (I know it could be worse, I mean I can go if I make myself, but still, I hate it)

6.) Five books everyone should have read in their life.

Hmm, this is hard because I mostly read fantasy and I know that isn't for everyone, buuut...
1) Something by Jane Austen
2) Something by Iain M Banks, his scifi will blow your mind, his cultures are so well thought out and then the plots always take you by surprise (also they almost always make me cry, which I count as a plus, because it made me feel so strongly)
3) Something by Terry Pratchett, because everyone needs witty humour. (I'd recommend Reaper Man or The Truth)
4) American Gods by Neil Gaiman, just for the sheer brilliance. 
5) Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. I know people hate the writer (he's a real homophobic ass, it's true) but this story... I will defend it 'till the end of time, because the book shouldn't have to suffer just because the writer seems to be a weird right wing sympathizer. 

7.) If you had $1000 that you could spend on anything, what would you buy?

I would use the money to travel. It would be awesome to go back to Japan for a visit, I really miss the food. Or I could just go back to London and spend the money left over after tickets and accommodation on shopping.


Jan. 7th, 2012 09:57 pm
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I want these because of reasons...

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Tumblr can be incredibly awesome! I found a dl link to photoshop there, which was beyond brilliant. \0/ I can make icons again, yay. =D

[livejournal.com profile] arilyn9 was visiting me over the weekend and it was great fun. TV show marathons are the best. *nod nod* Also, eating pizza and talking about random things. =)

I can't believe it's already December though... I really need to finnish my [livejournal.com profile] bandomstuffsit fic and fast. *gulp* Not to mention the fact that I don't have a beta. Well hopefully things will sort themselves out in time. ^_^;

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So I decided to bake cupcakes today. I've never done them before so I think for a fist try they turned out okay.

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So I was looking through my old photo folders originally trying to find a photo of the surprise!goat when he was tiny and cute, failed utterly and instead ended up laughing at old photos of myself. And what would make better sense than share them with my friends online? >_>

Also to demonstrate my stellar decision making today I thought I'd share the fact that right now I am defrosting some minced meat (I'm gonna make lasagna) with the power of the sun aka I put the mean in a sunny spot on the floor (like it's in a container, even I'm not stupid enough to put raw meat on the floor as is)

But first of all, when I went to see that ice-sculpture contest this february (maybe) I was complaining that they didn't have any dinosaur sculptures. Well I actually found the old photo I took back in 2006 if the dinosaur skeleton ice-sculpture of pure awesome and now you can see it too!
dinosaurs are cool, especially the ones made out of ice )

And then to the many looks of me!

omg way too many photos of my face... you have been warned! )

A bonus photo from Edinburgh! [livejournal.com profile] messy_kisses  we need to talk about what you have been planning for us! can't think of anything to write here )
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Q: How do you know you have adapted into living on the Northern hemisphere a bit too well?

A: When it's about 13ºC degrees (55.4 ºF) outside and you find yourself grumbling that it's too fucking hot.

It's so true when I tell people winter is my favourite season...

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The Daily Show continues to be awesome, I started watching it again last week. What could be funnier than political humour, not that many things if you ask me.

I've been on a roll this week, cooking wise. First I made deep dish pizza and today I made pie (quark pie with peaches [even though that stuff wikipedia says is quark does not look like anything they sell in the stores here but I'm willing to buy it, for lack of a better word])

baking photos )

Big bang story is still going strong too. (I will finish, I will finish, I will finish...)

Also do you know what must suck? Trying to take two cats on a walk. One would be bad enough, but TWO!

I will never understand cat people )
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I'm kind of sad that I never get texts this hilarious, also it makes me want an iPhone even though I know how hard it is to type with the keyboard it has...
Hey mom I've decided I'm coming out )
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I have continued my freakishly productive streak that started on Thursday...
I made icons (yesterday and today):
24 Hawaii five-0, 27 Panic! at the Disco, 8 SGA, 10 misc.


the rest are here

And baked with my mom. I took photos too, but of course I forgot the cable that connects the camera to the computer at the flat.
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Okay time for a pretty silly filler post. =) I feel that there is a serious lack of Ferret photos in my journal so now it's the time to correct that.
so ferrets under this cut )

Unless plans have changed I should see [livejournal.com profile] messy_kisses  tomorrow, hopefully we will even get some pizza this time. x)


Nov. 15th, 2010 11:03 pm
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You know what's a weird word? Insane that's what. I mean wouldn't it be good to be in sane? As opposed to be out sane? or behind sane or under sane or... maybe you get my point. (also the word sane just lost its meaning)

What else? I have an exam on Friday, yay... -_-

Oh and I'm seeing Harry Potter on Wednesday with [livejournal.com profile] messy_kisses . That gets a sincere yay! \0/

(yeah I didn't really have anything interesting to post about. Sorry about that. ^_^)
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Random story of the day: I was listening to the radio on Monday and they were talking about how you can send them comments/messages etc by text message or straight to their webpage from your mobile. One of the dj's said that she couldn't do that because her phone is old and doesn't let you browse the web. Then they play a song and when they come back the woman says that a telemarketer had called the studio number during the song and tried to sell her a new phone/service provider. Man... that is just crazy, but also kind of hilarious. ^_^

Oh and Weekend at Bobby's was the most awesome Supernatural episode in a long long time. (aka my love for Crowley knows no bounds) Like they said at televisionwithoutpity: "When did the supporting characters on this show get to be so awesome, and why have the leads become so lame?" 

And while we are talking about SPN what the fuck was up with the end of season 5? (I just caught up on the show) I mean especially the way they used the other gods. I mean what the fuck??? How is an angel going to be more powerful than a god? How does that make sense in any universe? The whole episode was like American Gods if it had been written by a moron insted of Neil Gaiman. And why is Crowley called Crowley? Is that some kind of a nod to Good Omens? And that prophet guy was God? Argh... Show, why so ridiculous? And why can't I stop watching?

Some man candy )
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What is this tumblr I keep stumbling across? Should I know how to use it? Get one? Follow/watch some of them?
Is it as popular as Twitter? Which I don't know how to use either and don't really see the point of. (unless used as a device to stalk celebrities)

I have to exams on Friday, I'm supposed to read four books. I haven't opened even one of them... And then today me and [livejournal.com profile] arilyn9  decided that this is the weekend to go and see Chicago (the musical) So now I'm going to have an awesome weekend even if I have to spend 10 hours in trains. \0/

Also, I'm very amused by these porn bots that have been posting in a lot of the communities I watch. I haven't actually clicked on any of the videos so I haven't seen how explicit they are but still... you don't see a lot of boobies in the kind of communities I watch. xD


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