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So the Wild won their series against the Avs in seven games, whee~ And then got the Hawks on the second round... (not so much whee~)

But here's Nino's game winning goal

Nino was awesome in this series and so was Mikke and Haula. Yay babies!

I had Luna visiting me here for almost two weeks and that was fun too. What else? I still have one more essay to write tomorrow and then I'm done with classes this semester. Unless I have time to do one exam later this month.

When I took Luna back to mom's I found my graduation hat and took a photo, even though I missed May Day by a day

Oh and I posted a Gallys fic today, so I did do something? I might also build the new bookcase I got from Ikea, it will be nice to have more storage space for all my books and DVDs.
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One where a few years from now Ovie gives up on the Caps ever winning the cup and the management agrees they need a rebuild, so it makes sense to trade Ovie while he's still valuable. They trade him somewhere in the west, so they don't have to play against him that much. I kind of want it to be the Kings, who would always keep getting eliminated in the conference final because they just can't score. I don't know what this fic would be about, because it's not like I ship him with anyone on the Kings. I just want it.


Then I also want more mpreg, but it's kind of hard to work into hockey, because the pregnant one would have to miss a season and that's not fair. So some kind of Harlequin au, where Phil is a recluse somewhere in the wilderness of Wisconsin or whatever, because of something tragic happened (like career ending injury maybe? So he's still rich and shit like that) and then there's this horrible snowstorm and Tyler, who's pregnant barely manages to get his car to Phil's house (he's obviously lost) and has to ask for shelter. They they're stuck in Phil's house for a weekend or something and Phil tries not to get attached to Bozie, but of course he does. They talk about stuff and Tyler was on his way to the nearest town to where Phil lives to start over after his ex dumped him and didn't want anything to do with the baby. So when the roads finally get cleared Bozie drives off but makes Phil promise he'll come visit Bozie at his job (let's say his relatives own a restaurant and promised him a job there)

So Phil finds himself going to town almost every day and eating lunch at this restaurant, even though the food isn't really to his taste, just so he can exchange a few words with Bozie. And Bozie is super tired all the time and worried about money and generally miserable, but he still makes time to joke around a bit with Phil and it's the best part of his day too. And then idk, Phil proposes and promises to take care of Bozie and the baby and Bozie is kind of taken aback, so Phil backpedals and is all, 'it'll be a marriage of convenience, you don't have to worry about it. Just pretend to be happy with me when my relatives are around, they keep nagging to me etc' even though he's already half in love with Bozie and he knows this is a terrible idea. And Bozie whose really broke and doesn't even have health insurance and knows he can't keep working much longer with the babybelly and his apartment is a dump and he doesn't want to bring a baby in there. So he's desperate and Phil is really nice and Bozie thinks he'd be super into him if he could think about things like that (and he still has issues about the ex) so he agrees.

And they get married and Bozie has the baby and everything is pretty nice and then all of Phil's relatives descend into town because Amanda finds out about the baby! And then they have to pretend to be in love and a real couple (share a bedroom, hold hands, cuddle on the couch while they watch tv and Phil's mom coos over the baby) and they stay and stay and won't leave and Phil keeps forgetting it's all a show and he really loves Bozie and everyone who knows him sees that. And Bozie falls in love too, even though he swore he would never trust someone like that again and he feels terrible about taking advantage of Phil, especially with his family there and they're all so nice and he feels bad about lying to them. Especially because they keep thanking him for making Phil feel better (he'd have been locked away for almost a year or something) so finally the relatives leave and Bozie kind of brings up why Phil is living there and Phil explains the injury thing. And then Bozie is like, are you sure there's nothing they can do? And Phil is like yeah I went to a million doctors and finally they were like maybe there's this dude in Germany, but I was like fuck that I've had my hopes dashed too many times!

But Bozie is like, 'you should try it!' and makes Phil go to Germany. And they tell Phil, yes there can in fact fix him! Yay! Phil can go back to hockey! And Phil has the surgery and comes back to Bozie and the baby, all happy and excited about PT and getting back in shape. And Bozie tries to be supportive and take care of all of them (he tries to make himself useful so he doesn't feel so bad about taking all of Phil's money) And they start sleeping together at some point here.

Then finally Phil is almost back to his old self and he's talking with his old team again and how he'll come to training camp and they'll see how it goes. And Bozie is like, 'so we should get a divorce' and Phil is like 'nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!' but all on the inside, on the outside he of course agrees, because he doesn't want to force Bozie to stay with him. And Bozie is like 'this will be better for you, you don't want to come out and how would it seem with my baby, people would assume she/he was yours and that's not fair etc'

And Phil thinks he'd love for people to think the baby was his and Bozie's, but it's true that there's still a stigma for same sex relationships and the scrutiny would be really intense just because it's Toronto and he'd really like to just try to get back to hockey without distractions. But that he'd do it if Bozie wanted him to!

So they agree to get divorced, but Phil makes Bozie promise he'll stay living in the house, because it's not like Phil can live there and play in Canada, and Bozie agrees and promises to pay rent (he's going back to the restaurant job and taking night classes in business) they argue about it.

But before they have time to get divorced someone in town who follows hockey sees them out as a family and takes photos and sells them to some Toronto paper! And some reporter finds the marriage certificate! And the whole thing comes out! And suddenly it's this huge deal about a big name star trying to make a comeback after horrific injury! Plus he's gay and has a baby with a dude! So obviously everyone is running with the story and Phil hates everything (even though he's a little bit happy because now Bozie can't just divorce him, it would look super bad!)

So instead they have to go to Toronto a bit early and Phil has to do some press with like You Can Play and the Leafs PR people and so on and so on. Then training camp starts finally and Phil is on the try-out thing (idk what it's called) and he's great! Everyone can see how good he still is, even with the rust. And Toronto kind of has to sign him, it would make them look bad if they didn't and also some other team would gladly sign him instead and they want Phil back!

So now Bozie is living in Toronto and taking business classes and trying to fit in with the hockey wives and feeling like a huge fraud! And Phil is never there of course and when he is, he's all hyped up on having hockey back! He's so happy, and he seems so happy to see Bozie and the baby, so Bozie tries not to bring Phil down. He's been so sad without hockey, and besides Bozie should be happy with how easy his life is suddenly. But he also feels a bit trapped, because it's not like he can take a job as a waiter anywhere in Toronto, people would find out and think it was super weird, so he has no money of his own AGAIN and he's dependent on Phil and he keeps thinking what will happen if Phil get's bored with playing house? And the baby obviously thinks Phil is his/her dad and calls him that and Bozie really loves Phil too, but he has trust issues! And Phil never says anything about feelings and only touches him when they're out in public (they stopped having sex when the thing went public and they'd been arguing and they just never started again!)

And then there's this one week when Phil is away on a roadtrip and and baby is teething and not sleeping at all and screaming 24/7 and Bozie is functioning on coffee and desperation, so when Phil comes back and takes the screaming baby from him and starts cooing at it all 'hi baby, why are you sad? Come on, let's find you something cool to gnaw on, okay? Give your dad a break'

So Bozie just loses it ans start crying out of sheer feels, all the feels suddenly and he hasn't slept and he's wanted to cry for a while now and Phil comes back with the baby finally quiet and chewing on a chew toy straight from the freezer and he's wide-eyed and worried and Bozie just says it. That he loved Phil and he's scared and he wants them to be real, a real family. And he's sorry for making Phil stay with them and sorry for all the media attention and for all the shit fans and players yell at him in hostile rinks and sorry for a screaming baby waiting at home, when he's tired from a roadtrip.'

And of course Phil doesn't see it like that at all! And he's all 'I love you too! And I love the baby! And it's all worth it and I'd never divorce you unless you really wanted to!'

And they finally figure things out! And live happily ever after! And Bozie get's his degree and maybe another baby! And Phil wins a cup somehow (even though he plays for the Leafs)

And did I mention how this is a Harlequin AU? Because there's not story more Harlequin than this would be. I want it so bad!!!

edit: some new ideas to this
- So I've already added the older kid in this
- Phil should have Dupuis's injury instead, like miss a whole season, but be okay to come back next year. So if he got injured in Ocotober (november) and Bozie comes by in December
- Maybe Phil should suggest they move in together first, like he could babysit the kid while Bozie is working? And when that works out so well then he'll propose when he sees how tired and run down Bozie is getting (he already has all the feels obviously)
- And then there's the family christmas when the relatives find out!
- And maybe the last lockout made it possible for carriers to play in the league and get drafted, but it's still a big deal! (maybe McDavid came out and said he's a carrier and they had to change the rules just for him!!!)
- So anyway after they get caught and Phil goes back to Toronto to play, maybe the YCP people approach Bozie about working for them. He did get to the college level after all etc is a known carrier now that he's with Phil etc. (so he can have a job!)
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And why is it so easy to keep starting new and shiny things?

So I may or may not be writing a fic about Semin and how hard it's been for him as an omega in the NHL. This is surprisingly hard, because I'm basing a lot of his early stuff on his Wiki page, because I can't find info... Like seriously I couldn't even find a photo of what he looked like in the draft. O_o (I'm 2000 words into it and just covered the draft... like I want this to end with Semin/E.Staal so you see my problem? How do people write short fic, I don't understand.)

I was also kind of surprised how the Caps draft history even went
2002: Semin (is 29)
2004: Ovechkin (28)
2006: Backstrom (is 26)

I just have too many headcanons to go with my a/b/o universe and I want to write all of them... which is terrible. But it's so much easier than working on my Kessel/Bozak fic, which would require even more research and I can't find enough info about Amanda Kessel and now I kind of feel like I missed my window for that fic. But hopefully I'll get back to that eventually, because I like the idea of the Kessels swapping bodies for a while.
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I made a mistake last night by thinking I could just read a little bit, before going to sleep. Ended up finishing the book and when I actually went to bed it was almost seven in the morning... oops. But at least I'm reading books again. That's good, sort of.

So, of course I only got up at three pm today and now I'm not tired, even though I have a lecture tomorrow at nine. >_>

Also the Toews/Kane fic is now 8,600 words long and I have no idea how to actually make them get together. Well without resorting to sudden love confessions... This is annoying because I would rather work on my other fic, but right now I feel like I need to finish this first. Mostly because I know this could be done in about 2000-3000 words if I could just figure out what I want to happen instead of getting distracted and starting to sprout random facts about the verse they live in.

The new Teen Wold episode was great and I will enjoy the increased screen time for Stiles as long as it's going to last. Hopefully the writers won't screw him up too badly.

There was this article on PPP (the leafs blog thing) about how much Tyler Bozak sucks. And okay, he's not the best center out there etc etc, but he's played really well this season and actually had a positive effect on Kessels numbers, not to mention that they kept pointing out how badly Bozie plays without Kessel, although the minute amount was super small and I don't think they should draw conclusions about that (and doesn't Bozie get PK time? Which Phil doesn't. I'm not sure about this though, but if it's true wouldn't that explain some of it?) Anyway, I have way too many feelings about Bozak and it's getting out of hand... Did not sign up for this!

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I'm super annoyed that I can't find a torrent link for the new HBO 24/7 Leafs Red Wings episode. Grr... Well hopefully I can manage it tomorrow.

I forgot to mention this, but I got two stories as Yuletide presents this year. So amazing! :D

The Kane/Toews fic I'm writing is now 4,800 words long. (it's set in the same abo universe as the other hockey fic I wrote. I have a lot of ideas for it, but I dunno if I can ever write all the stories.) How does this keep happening to me? What is it like to write a short fic? I'm super jealous of people who can manage it.

The Wild play tonight. Please please win!? Also the Leafs play and Bozak should be back. queue the drama! I think he's been playing fine this year, so some of the hate he gets seems a bit unfair, but I haven't been following the team that long, so what do I know. The Ducks are on a ten game winning streak, whoo~  (I kind of wish someone would write a story about Getzlaf and Perry. idk why I want it, but I do.)

I also finally watched the documentary about Selanne, as I got the DVD as a christmas present and I don't know if I wanted to know that much about the guy... Also Saku Koivu wasn't in it *pout* I kind of wished they would have done something together in it. There was some stuff about Selanne and that guy Kariya, which was pretty good too. I would definitely read fic about them, if it existed. (Selanne said at one point that one of his jobs as a Duck was to make Kariya human, which I find very interesting. :D)
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WAAAAH! Yuletide deadline is tomorrow and I have written 196 words! *panics* But the story only needs to be 1000 words so I can finish it in time... the problem is going to be finding a beta. Argh, why do I always do this... (the reveals are on the 25th, I wonder if you can update an unbetaed story and then edit it before the reveals...)

Anyway, it's super weird that it's almost Christmas, but I don't feel like it at all. I'm definitely getting old, because I'm just looking forwards to eating a lot of Christmas food. >_>

Also something super weird is going on... I made an online dating profile and I actually met a guy last weekend. I'm not going to be home until the end of January, but we are keeping in touch etc. Super super weird, I really don't know how you are supposed to do this thing. Like how do you date? How do you know if you like someone? Weeeeeeeeiiiiiirrrrrdddd! Especially because guys are strange, I've never had a relationship with one or been friends with one. And I'm not even sure I want to...

Then on to more familiar topics... The Wild are doing terribly again, they are 5-4-1 in the last ten games and things just aren't working for them, they can't score goals, they only have one goalie who's actually been playing well etc. I think they are on the last wildcard spot for the playoffs, but that's not saying much. Urgh, please win some games? Also, Colorado: start sucking right now! Especially because your asshole goaltender got away scot free from those charges.


Dec. 1st, 2013 03:45 am
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3000 words into the Kessel bodyswap fic. yay~

I kind of want to stay up to watch the Wild game, but I need to get up around noon tomorrow, so maybe not. >_> I really hope they can win this one. Can't drop two games to a division rival...

I need to go drop a book off to the library before I go to mom's and to the store. (I got a gift card to use \0/) And then the work practice starts on Monday. I hope it won't be horrible.
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I went to Tampere this past weekend for the UN student meeting thing about sustainable development. It was pretty cool. Also hung out with [livejournal.com profile] arilyn9 and [livejournal.com profile] sherg I'm kind of super jealous you get to live in one of my favourite cities. *pout*

Yesh, managed to finish one assignment for school. Two to go. Sadly the one I finished was the easiest... bummer. Still I have two days for the small thesis one and then two more days before the essay is due. Totally doable, hopefully *fingers crossed*

This wouldn't be such a problem if I didn't have the strongest urge to start a new fic. I want to write about how Phil and Amanda Kessel swap bodies and how that makes them evaluate their lives. Mostly I just want Amanda to get to play in the NHL and for Phil to pine after Tyler and wonder if it wouldn't be easier to just stay swapped so they could be together. And demand they send Stella to wherever Amanda is training for the Olympics and accidentally start rumors about Amanda and Tyler dating, which would not amuse Amanda, who would end up seeming like the over protective big brother. And for both of them to have body dysmorphia issues because they are cis people.

About real hockey... the Wild have been playing pretty well lately, yay! They have won the last 7 out of 8 games. They have a four game road trip that starts tonight though, so I'm a bit worried. They haven't been great on the road this season. Still let's enjoy the fact that they are second in the Central division right now, only two points behind the Hawks. (and let's ignore how the Avs and Blues have played two games less)

Also there are 8 teams in the West who have as many or more points than the first team in the East. Wow, just wow.

I got new books while I was visiting arilyn9. I just love that one used book store there... This time I got 7 new (to me) books. I'm super excited about my expanding collection of the Culture novels. I don't think I'm missing many anymore. Then, when I got back home I found the books I ordered from bookdepository had finally arrived. Those are the Patrick O'Brian books. The covers are so pretty!
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Thor II

Oct. 31st, 2013 02:23 am
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Went to see it today in 2D and it was pretty awesome. I think it's my favourite Marvel movie and I'd even say I liked it more than the Avengers. (I know it's not saying much, but the plot made more sense to me, so I was able to enjoy it more. I might change my mind after I see it again once it comes out on DVD, but that's how I feel right now)

spoilers )

Also, people seem to have liked my story \0/ It makes me so happy. I got amazing comments too, like I never know what to answer to them, but it was so nice. Especially because commenting isn't really a thing on AO3, like it used to be on LJ.
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Title: Something Almost Tender
Author: [livejournal.com profile] oanja
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] evian_fork
Pairing: Zach Parise/Mikko Koivu
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 56,660
Warnings: Set in an a/b/o universe (but it's a pretty mild version of it)
Summary: Going into heat sucks, but it’s extra inconvenient when it happens during the first game of the playoffs. On top of that, Zach has never been around an alpha during his heat before, so one bad decision leads to another, and Zach ends up heat-bonded to his captain. The bond forces them to live together, and they cohabit surprisingly well for two guys completely unable to talk to each other about anything important. But what will it take for them to realize just how good they have it?

Link to fic: AO3
Link to art: Mix and Art

(Great, I forgot to join the Big Bang community and now I have to wait to be approved by the mods... Posting fail all over the place. Well the fic is on AO3 now, and that post has all the links and things.)
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I actually finished something. This is a big deal for me. :D
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Oh dear, fic is now 40,000 words long. But I'm almost there! (I think) I mean it's January in the fic and I'm ending it at the Olympic break, so yay? Then I will only need to go back to all the bits I skipped on the first go and it will be finished. Hopefully that will be doable in ten days... I should get it finished before that though if I want any chance of getting it beta read. (urgh I fail so hard)

The Wild haven't had the greatest start to the season. I mean they got a point in both games, but it was sad to see them lose in overtime/shootout when they had been controlling the game so well for long stretches of time. I'm hoping that Nashville continues to be bad, so they can finally get a win tomorrow. (after that it's Winnipeg, Dallas and Buffalo, so hopefully more wins?) Then of course Coyle got injured already and now Granlund is going to be the 2nd line center and I worry about that goober... Urgh hockey feels all over the place.

Also the Flyers fired their coach. I wonder how that will work out for them. Kind of crappy for a new coach to come in with no training camp, but there is time to teach a new system. I mean look at the caps last year. They sucked a long time before getting better and still made the playoffs. 
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I have decided that the ship has sailed on me seeing the 1D movie in the cinema... I just can't do it by myself. >_>

I watched the three Mighty Ducks movies yesterday and they were pretty great.  I did not know they were set in Minnesota, that is a funny coincedence, also the random hockey players were hilarious, I can't believe they got Gretzky in one!

In the first two the coach had a way too big of a role for my tastes, after all weren't these kids movies? So why would kids care about some middle aged mans mid-life crisis? Also the main kid character is Peter from Fringe and I will never get over this fact. :D Now I wish there was a fic where Peter gets de-aged to that sulky 14 year old he was in D3. I would laugh forever. :D

I super want a fic where Charlie and Adam Banks meet when they are adults and Adam plays in the NHL and then they fall in love. This is what I want right now.

(I was really sad that they kept making Banks's part smaller and smaller, so he was barely in the third one. *pout* Also the poor actor hasn't done well for himself afterwards. I couldn't even find a photo of what he looks like as a grown up. I also thought the girl goalie looked familiar but I'm not sure. And are girls even allowed to play in the same team with guys at that level? I have no idea...)

Waaah~ why hasn't the hockey season started yet? I'm so frustrated reading about preseason games when I can't watch them. *whines*

Now I'm agonizing with my Yuletide nominations, because I already nominated Goon and I'm not sure if I want to use another slot to Nom the Mighty Ducks movies too...

Hockey fic is now 37,600 words long and because I now know my posting date I've been avoiding writing it, as I have a lot of time all of a sudden... I really should just get this thing done already. At least I made some progress with my emotionally stunted hockey player pov character. Should be all smooth sailing from here on out, right? *nervous laughter* 
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I hit 35,000 on my hockey fic just by filling in a few scenes I had skipped in the middle. Ooh boy... This fic is getting long.

Viaplay is showing American football and I don't know which team I should try to follow. Does anyone have recommendations? (I don't think they show all games though, but I think it might be fun to follow casually) I've only ever watched a few super bowl games, because they show those on TV here. The Ravens (uh was that their name idk) won last time, right? Maybe I should just cheer for them...

How is it Sunday already? Weekends just magically get shorter once the semester starts. Urgh.

This afternoon someone was playing music really loudly outside the building (we are the champions...) First I was annoyed, but when I went to look out there was some kind of marathon or a shorter running contest going on and people running on the sidewalk past my building. The music came from some people who were cheering the runners on. Very nice of them. So I just closed the balcony door and my window while that was going on.

Divinity II was on sale on steam (5€) so I got that. Like I don't have enough games to play already... *eye roll*
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Woo~ Teemu Selänne is still going to play. :D (the video is adorable) I also read this article about Saku Koivu and he also hinted that this season might be his last. It's going to be really weird when they have both retired, I mean they are legends around here. (I wonder if either will make the Olympic team?)

Managed to sign up for all my classes, go me! Actually doing grown up stuff for once. And I went for a walk and then shopped around for a new bed, but those things are super expensive. Have to see if there's a way to get my old bed here instead. (I'm sick and tired of sleeping on this narrow bed I have right now. There is room for a proper bed in this flat and I want to sprawl damn it!)

I really need to get back to writing my fic again. I think it's so true what they say about making writing just another routine that you do every day. I really need to aspire to that, instead of just waffling around and avoiding finishing things.
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Almost done with work for the summer. This last bit is basically useless as I'm only working half the day, for four hours, but I couldn't really say no to the money either... At least I should get enough money to pay mom back for paying this months rent for me. =/

Hockey fic is now 30,000 words long, oh dear. ^_^; This is getting pretty ridiculous when you take into consideration that the pairing I'm writing doesn't even exist, so I think maybe ten people will read it... Buuut anyway, it's been fun. I'm going to finish this and then maybe look at that Teen Wolf fic I abandoned last winter. I kinda liked the idea I had for it and writing is fun once you get over the hurdle of actually starting. :P

I have followed new people on tumblr in the past three months and man, you can definitely tell when you are following teenagers. And I'm not dissing teenagers, they can be great... but they can be super annoying too. One person I follow keeps posting new selfies of herself every day, sometimes multiple ones a day and it's the exact same photo every time. (I mean her clothes change and sometimes she's wearing make-up or headphones etc, so you know it's not actually the same photo, but she always makes the same face, tilts her head the same way and she looks exactly the same in every freaking photo. I don't even know how it's even possible) They are also worried about things like band camp (which I mostly thought only existed in fanfic) and what boys think about them.

Man I'm so glad I'm not a teenager anymore. I can't even imagine what I would have posted online at 15-16 if tumblr had been a thing and I had had a computer. I can't even remember what I was into at 16... Fantasy books, pretty much. (I think I was writing my own fantasy story at the time, in notebooks for fucks sake... (this was back in 2002 and not like the 1980's in case someone is wondering. :D)

Then there are the people who keep posting those 'ask me a question' memes. I hate those the most. What is worse that having to scroll through a hundred questions (especially when I don't have endless scrolling on, so one meme takes up most of the page!? Why can't people use the read more option if they have to keep posting those memes?) and those keep going. One of these new people also got cyber bullied really badly a few weeks ago. I don't know what started it, but after like a day, she was getting anon messages telling her to kill herself! WTF!? Why would anyone send something like that to anyone??? Also, I don't know why people A) have anon abled when they get anon hate and B) why they try to answer those messages. I would say 'ignore and delete' because otherwise you are just feeding the trolls and at least in this case it also seemed to escalate the whole thing, making it worse and worse.

And this turned into a rant post about tumblr. I can't believe I spend so much time on that site. Sometimes I really miss LJ.

I really miss hockey too. I've been so starved for hockey things, that I actually went through the whole Backhandshelf blog for last season and listened to most of their podcasts. Can the new season start already, please?

Mom why???

Aug. 3rd, 2013 06:51 pm
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My cousin's baby has his Christening tomorrow, no big deal, right? Except my mom for what ever reason has decided that she needed to throw away my dress!!! I came here thinking, 'i don't need to bring any fancy clothes with me, I have that one dress I've never even worn yet' but noooooo, mom thought I didn't like it and just put it in with clothes she put in the charity box thingy. A dress I never even got to wear! Argh!

Hockey fic is over 22,000 words and I keep skipping scenes so that I can have an outline done by the rough draft deadline. New goal: have the whole story be around 35,000 words.


Jul. 28th, 2013 02:08 am
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Maybe the fic won't be finished in 25,000 words, because I just hit 19,000 and I'm definitely not even close to the end. Oops?

But! I figured out that I can use Game Center even now, when there are no games and re-watch all the things. Hee~ :D I will need to re-watch the Hawks-Wild series, even though it will hurt my heart. Why did I decide it would be a good idea to set my fic during the playoffs... 
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I hit 15,000 on the Hockey fic, so yay for that. I'm not sure, but it's possible I can finish it at around 25,000.

Then I've been playing some Old Republic and it's still a lot of fun. (except the loading times, for me to actually get into the game and then when I log off... those suck)
the sreencaps are pretty big )

There has been a lot of Welcome to the Nightvale stuff on tumblr lately, so I spent hours yesterday fighting with my iTunes, so I could DL the podcast and put it on my iPod. I went for a walk today and listened to three episodes, while walking. It makes the time go by so much faster.


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