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(tagging this with my yuletide bc I don't have another exchange tag...)

This is straight from my yuletide letter, but it applies here too. :)

  1. I would prefer the story to be slash, but pre-slash or friendship fic is fine too

  2. All ratings are fine, I love some smut in fics, but I will happily read a G rated story. If you want to write a story with a rating above PG-13 anything is fine if you avoid writing about heavy/unusual kink. (painplay, non-con, anything to do with shit/piss etc)

  3. I tried to pick only two characters per fandom, in the hopes of making matching easier, but I will love a story that has appearances from other canon characters. (not a must obviously)

  4. If none of my ideas work for you, don't worry about writing something completely different. I like that kind of surprises and I don't want writing a story for me to feel like a horrible chore.

  5. Things/tropes that I don't like: abuse, animal harm, wing-fic, always-a-girl trope, mundane AU's, telepathy, unhappy endings --> major character death (but angst is fine, within reason)

  6. Tropes I especially like: soulbonds, trope inversion in general but especially in A/B/O, friends-to-lovers, pining, mpreg, world building (obviously you don't have to write all OR any of these)

Requested fandoms/characters/preferred pairings:

Hockey rps: Phil Kessel/Tyler Bozak

Different scenarios (obviously nobody can or should put all of thse in the same story): What if one or both of them get traded this summer (or at the draft)? Do they break up? Do they make the long distance work? Does the trade make them realize their feelings? Does the trade force them to reveal their soulbond? Do they somehow end up on the same team again years from now and win a cup together? (yes this is delusional, let me have it. ;__;) Basically I'm up for anything somewhat related to hockey.

I would not like a mundane AU where neither plays hockey (like coffee shop au) I'm okay if it's set past one or both of them retiring etc

Captain America movies: Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson

I don't have anything specific in mind for this pairing, I think I would be happy with anything. I would like it to be set in the mcu universe though, or if it's an au I want there to be a twist! Like for example fantasy/scifi settings, or what if they were in the military in our mundane universe? Or what if Sam was a vampire/werewolf?

I say I don't want wing-fic, which is kind of funny in this context, but what I mean by it, is the sexualized way people usually write wing-fic, if that makes any sense? I don't have anything against Sam using his wings to fly etc.

Harry Potter: Draco/Ron

Hah! I was super happy to see this fandom here, so of course I went back to my HP otp. :D I liked to be edgy and cool when I was a teenager, so of course I couldn't just ship Harry/Draco like everyone else...

Aaanyway, EWE is preferred but post canon would be cool. I also love fics set during the books and I basically loved all the tropes that went with this pairing, (if we matched with these characters I'm pretty confident you've also read all the good fic in this pairing) so I'd happy with anything you would come up with.
If you go post canon for example, I'm fine with having canon pairings as past relationships, even the kids if you prefer, I also liked all the 'we both work at the ministry and have to get along' fics, or whatever have you. Basically I'm easy if you write this pairing. ^_^;

Star Trek the original series: Mirror verse Spock/Kirk

All my dislikes and do-not-wants get thrown out the window when it comes to Mirror universe fics, so don't worry about them. (except for scat and always-a-girl, pls don't write those)

There's this book where Spock becomes the emperor in the mirror verse, but I never got beyond the beginning because Spock's solution to dealing with Kirk was to strangle him, which made my shipper heart sad. They belong together in all the universes, damn you! :D But basically I'd like a look at what happens past the episode 'mirror mirror', or something set in a version where they never meet 'our kirk'. (for example what if they had met when they were younger? I'm fuzzy on their age difference in tos canon, but older/higher ranking spock taking advantage of younger cadet Kirk (or whatever) would be awesome)

Because it's the mirror verse, I don't mind this getting dark and messed up, but I would also happily read about them having a consensual relationship too, however that would work in universe. I don't like reading submissive Spock... If you want to go the non-con/dub-con route there are so many delicious options for Spock to mess with Kirk's mind via mindmelds, so please ignore my note about my aversion to telepathy (Spock totally gets a free pass)

The Hobbit movies: Thranduil/Bard

Super okay with anything here.

Can be set during the battle of five armies, before canon, post canon. I just want it to be set in the canon universe. I think this is a super rare pairing, but it was like one of the only things I enjoyed about the last movie... I'm not a big fan of the Tolkien canon, so I'm not bothered if you twist canon or make up your own rules/magic whatever to suit your story, as long as it stays recognizable as Middle Earth in some way.

Date: 2015-07-09 09:07 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
How do you feel about AU's?

Date: 2015-07-10 01:27 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] oanja.livejournal.com
If this was for a pinch hit I guess my reply is late, but generally AU's are fine and I enjoy them. I'm not a great fan of mundane AU's though, I want there to be a real purpose for the story to be set outside of the canon. Like for example a coffee shop AU would be my least favourite (I don't know if that makes any sense... ^_^;)


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