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We went to the summer cabin for the Midsummer and I took some photos. It's always a challenge to get decent ones of Luna, as she's all black and usually just ends up looking like a blob, but this time the light was favourable and I got a few that I liked.
I hate adding photos to LJ these days. why did they change things? )
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I'm still not sure if this is all too good to be true, but right now things are great. The Wild have a four game win streak going, whee~
Also I found out that Mikko Koivu is going to be a dad. That came out of the blue as I didn't even know he had a girlfriend. Guy sure likes to keep his private life private.

Oh and the Ducks beat the Blackhawks! I was ready to give up on the game during the third period, but I should have known better. The Ducks don't just give up. :D Also Selänne got his 670th goal. Six hundred and seventy! It boggles the mind.

Have I mentioned yet how the NHL websites are hilariously bad and they love puns. A lot... :D


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And look I have some non hockey things to post as well, it's a miracle!

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I have written three short snippets for my Hogwarts AU and it's a lot of fun \0/ I wrote about Zayn getting his letter, him and Liam meeting for the first time and Harry getting sorted into Slytherin.
So of course now I have to be a nuisance and ask someone to beta read these for me? *puppy eyes*

I'm also having all of the ot5 feels lately and just urgh in general. Why is everyone in this band so adorable?

And I guess I'm the only one who doesn't think Zayn's new tattoo is stupid... It actually made me think about those piano keys Brendon has tattooed in his arm and I just basically aw'ed (um... that is not a word) It's also interesting to me that all of Zayn's tattoos are black and he doesn't have any colourful ones. I wonder why?

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I've been meaning to post this since March but always just forgot... But here's my dog frolicking in the snow. Would you guess that she's eight from the way she's acting? =D

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My dog is an adorable moron. I'm still here at mom's and I had to bring the rats (of course) but they are hidden away at this alcove thing I have in my room, because Luna is way too interested in my rodent friends and would most likely terrify them to death if they saw her... but anyway, she can still hear them rustling in their cage and it's kind of driving her bonkers. She just keeps watch in front of the doors most of the time (if she's not distracted away) poor animals. ^_^;

Then for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to read this insanely epic length Glee fic where Quinn and Finn swap bodies and Quinn falls for Rachel because she needs to pretend to be her boyfriend and Finn is just adorable as a girl and and... It's a wip and already almost 300,000 words. I'm clearly insane, because I don't even like Glee.

Mom is going shopping tomorrow for sales and promised to buy me new socks. My life, so exciting. (although I do really need new socks quite badly)


Mar. 4th, 2011 11:28 pm
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So we washed Luna and she looked ridiculous as I knew she would. Mom kept telling me to stop laughing at my poor dog but I couldn't help myself...

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I hope the drive will go smoothly tomorrow... and that the trip in general will be fun. Be back on Monday, I hope you guys have a great weekend too. ^_^
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Hyperpole and a half is all kinds of awesome, but the quote on the subject line is so true for me right now. Mom is coming here today and I need to clean so bad... I already managed to do the dishes and I'm taking a break right now. Urgh I hate how washing the dishes makes my hands feel. Yuck!

Mom said that we are going to wash Luna while she's here... That will be interesting. She's not too bad while you wash her, I mean she stays still and everything but she doesn't like being dried with the hair drier and it takes ages. =/

But I aced both my exams I had last Friday. \0/ I got 5/5 from the Criminology exam and 4/5 from the other one. Hee~
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So I talked about baking and snow this weekend and now I can post photos, so I shall! \0/
Show me your (snow) and I'll show you mine. xD

Also the new Panic! at the Disco video is adorable, although I don't like Brendon's freaky teeth in it. *shudder*

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And I have to post this as well. Thanks [livejournal.com profile] messy_kisses  for posting the link on FB.  I lol'ed while watching...
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Happy New Year! I got back from home today and only managed to forget my phone there... And how happy I was that I didn't have to try drag all my stuff back here on some public transport, like the train. That would have been a nightmare, I had way too much stuff.
Christmas went well and I actually got pretty cool presents, which is a nice change from the past few years.
Thank you everyone who sent me a card, they were super nice. =)

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Whee~ I am now certified to give first aid. \0/ (I took a course that was organized by the Red Cross.) The lady who was teaching us was a nurse who works in an ambulance and she was totally awesome and kick ass. I wanna be her when I grow up. ^^

Also Inception fandom is awesome. I have been mainlining fic since I saw it. (Saw it again with [livejournal.com profile] messy_kisses  this Monday)

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Ignore me and mom shrieking and me laughing in the background... Also usually we can save the fishes before she kills them but this time the fish perished. Um, so warning for that?


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