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I almost went to see War Horse today, but then I changed my mind, because it would surely have made me cry and I don't like crying in movie theaters. >_> So I'll just wait for it to come out on DVD

Oh and the first leaked photos from the new Star Trek movie came out today! \0/ Can't wait for it. But then I also found out that the last Wheel of Time book will not come out until 2013 (January) and now I'm kind of bummed. Still, 2013 is looking good for me, fangirl-wise.

I really need to get some stuff done this weekend, I seriously did nothing all week. Urgh, I suck...

And ZQ continues to be adorable

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I finally found the cord for my camera and was able to move the photos from there to my computer, so lo and behold my rat bastards. ^_^
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So ZQ came out (not that he was in a closet... I don't think he was anyway) but it's official or something now. So yay for that, I guess? \0/
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And to end this... The sunset yesterday was kind of pretty
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So my rats just realised that there is this small hatch thing the roof of their cage which I use to give them food etc. and now they are climbing all over the cage trying to find more escape routes. Adorable to watch. ^_^

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New show!

Jan. 6th, 2011 01:15 am
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So I gave in and watched Hawaii five-0, all thirteen glorious episodes in two evenings. And waaaah~ it is pretty and the slash potential is epic. It is also completely ridiculous and I couldn't tell you what individual episodes were about, but that is not the point of this show. Let me show you:
(I didn't take the screencaps, that was some awesome person whose LJ I can't remember anymore. *Credit fail*)

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I still love you Pinto, don't worry )
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I had a dream where I was in a theatre watching Angels in America. Somehow I must have confused the theatre with the opera though, because they had that screen for subtitles and the text was in Japanese... However, it was a great start for my day, having a dream about ZQ. ^^ I think my brain decided that it deserved a reward after all that studying. (also I was talking about AiA with [livejournal.com profile] messy_kisses  on Tuesday and I am going to the theatre on the weekend so those might have influenced the dream a bit too)

Ooh! I forgot to talk about this one documentary I watched in the beginning of the month but which I really want to recommend. It's called Into Eternity and it's about how Finland is digging this huge cavern into the bedrock and where the nuclear waste is going to buried. It's called Onkalo and it's the first place on Earth meant for permanently keeping nuclear waste. Other countries haven't reached a decision about what they are going to do with their waste. The document is made by a Danish dude and is entirely in English (or Finglish sometimes when he interviews Finnish people... xD) It raises a lot of really interesting moral questions about nuclear power/waste about humanity and the future of our planet.

Here is the trailer for it

Here is the website. It has a link for see the film, but it didn't work for me (maybe I'm in the wrong country idk)

And here is the link for watching the whole thing, but that might just work for people who live in Finland. (these restrictions really annoy me...)

lol whut?

Feb. 9th, 2010 06:01 pm
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So I got feedback about my research paper thing I had to write and the professor said that I am obviously well read in the field. LMAO! I did the essay in two hours in complete panic and it was the first time I even looked at my reference books. Bluffing: you're doing it RIGHT!

I have an exam on Friday: Introduction to sociology. I really dislike introduction courses but omg  it's worth 7 credits!!!! Must pass!

HIM's new album is surprisingly good, it makes for nice background music while I read fanfiction. ^_^

When I was at home for the weekend I mainlined the 4th season of Heroes.spoilery for the season )


Feb. 3rd, 2010 11:33 pm
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So I might be writing a Pinto fic. This is very exciting and confusing for me because I haven't written anything (you know fanfiction) in at least two years. It's really nice to be writing again though, even if I don't post it anywhere or even if I never finish the story. Being completely beta-less isn't helping either but at least I now know that I need one, badly. ^_^;

What else?
1) Well I'm going home tomorrow for the weekend, it's really nice to see mom and Luna again.
2) When I went to the university library on Monday the lady working there gave me back my high school diploma. OMG! I had forgotten it into the copy machine last week!  /0\ I'm so glad someone had brought it to the desk instead of, like throwing it into the garbage! =O
3) My DVD player has stopped working. D=
4) I'm never going to get enough credits for this academic year, which means I'm screwed!
5) I went to the dentist (AGAIN) today, but I had taken my Diazepam so I wasn't freaked out about it. The dentist told me to come back in April/May for my root-canal... (don't tell me horror stories, I'm serious)
--> Seems like my life is pretty much made of fail right now but strangely enough I feel pretty good and happy!

So in order to keep myself in this happy state in spite of reality trying to ruin everything I shall post two .gif's that are awesome. Also, I need a new Tag!

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