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Wow that game was so bad for my sanity. But two points is two points! Now if we could win against the Blues too that would be great. Need those wins against Central teams. That one moment when it looked like Suter was hurt... wow I don't even want to think about what would happen to this team. Also Heatley went back to being terrible, so I guess we're back to normal. Also Cooke was a turnover machine. I don't know how true it is, but it seemed to me they missed Granlund, at least as much as it messed up all the lines, which is never good. I really hope Harding is okay... I'm not fine with one of our goalies being hurt all the time, especially because of bb!goalies aren't ready for the big league yet.

Oh and the 1D youtube thing is happening right now... weird, also you can definitely tell I'm not a Harry fan, because all those gifs of him working out without a shirt on did nothing for me. Bummer.

What else... I watched a super interesting documentary about Vikings today and it reminded me of how much I actually love history when I don't actually have to study it myself. ^_^;


Apr. 26th, 2013 08:17 pm
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So me and [livejournal.com profile] arilyn9 went to England this month (16-19th to be exact) Not that we saw that many places, just London and Birmingham. The whole point was to see One Direction live and we managed that... ^_^ It was pretty sobering to wade in the 7-12 year old's though. >_> Really not the target audience. x'D

photos photos photos )
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Huh, the trip to England is only a little over a week away! Time is going by so fast. (this is not a good thing) I'm also kind of annoyed with myself for not feeling that excited about the One Direction concert. I wish I was more fandom loyal for longer periods of time, but maybe the concert will rekindle it for me.

I got one of those small suitcases with wheels yesterday, so now I don't have to lug a backpack with me. We'll see how that works out. It's bright light blue, so at least it should be easy to spot on the luggage carousel among all those black cases people have. :D

The Wild have been doing poorly as of late. Three game losing streak... It doesn't look good right now. I just hope they can get into the play-offs still, because if they don't I think the fanbase in Minnesota is going to revolt.  They got a new player on the trade deadline (Jason Pominville and he seems nice enough. There is going to be a short Becoming Wild clip of him tomorrow, I'm curious to see what it's about.) I just wish they would have gotten a defense-man instead, because right now everyone kind of sucks (even Suter and Brodin haven't been at their best)
And the next three games are against Lumbus, the Hawks and the Blues... and they are all doing really well right now. =(

I've been playing so much Dragon Age II, I always forget how much fun it is until I play it again. And then it's all: "One more quest!" for hours and hours.
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I got an e-mail saying they have shipped A Memory of Light to me!!!!! It's going to be in my hands this week! Last Wheel of Time book. ;__; I'll have to record how many times I cry while reading it...

I did end up buying some cable channels so I can watch hockey... Now if only I could make my tv cooperate with me. I think I need to call the company tomorrow. >_>

Finished season 3 of Vampire Diaries today. I'm super annoyed that I was spoiled for the twist at the end. Grr... But also my eternal creys about that other thing. ;__;

Oh and the new One Direction music video came out and it's gloriously ridiculous. =D
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There is snow again. I think we got our first snow almost two weeks ago, but I forgot to take a photo

then some One Directions stuff:
cut cut )

And I guess there were elections in the States? *blinks innocently* and now we can sigh in relief that we dodged that bullet.

New things

Oct. 29th, 2012 01:55 pm
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So the One Direction single came out and it's really nice (at least I think so now, after one listen) and you can definitely tell it was made by Ed Sheeran. ^_^ But duuude, I can't recognize their voices at all! Except Louis and maybe Niall? And I'm not even sure about Niall... I suck.

Then there is this awesome Josh Whedon presidential commercial. Hilarious stuff

And I take it back about what I said about people dying in ASOIAF... A lot more people died when I got further into A Storm of Swords.

I spent a lot of time yesterday playing Star Wars: The Old Republic and it's a lot of fun.
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So One Direction has a new single out. It is ridiculous and all kinds of awesome.

I'm going to put the screencaps under a cut because they are kind of huge... but here is the actual video in all its glory

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So Justin Bieber just happens to be in London right now and he met Niall (again!). So obviously they missed each other after the VMA's and had to meet up again. Also Justin wanted to be there for Niall's nineteenth birthday. Seems legit. *nod nod*


Last weekend was tracon and it was a lot of fun! (as always) Seeing friends and eating junkfood. What else could you want? Except I got some kind of a cold, my throat hurt and now it's itchy and I have a bit of a couch. I didn't go to school yesterday or today because I felt kind of sick, but mostly just lazy... Have to go tomorrow though. ^_^;

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You know, I just need this post because of reasons. (why can't fic just write itself? Is that really too much to ask for?)

Zayn Malik's theme song should be sexy and I know it... But if it isn't his theme song it definitely is for this post )
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Oh dear... Playing Mass Effect is so stressful! I don't want the fate of all life on the galaxy to depend on me. /0\ This third one is the worst already and I'm only in the beginning. F*ck. >_> (not to mention that I already have it on the easiest setting and it's still too stressful for me. I suck at games where you have to aim and shoot at things.)

Obviously I need to go back to playing Skyrim and Dragon Age where I can just run up to my enemies and hack them to pieces with a sword...

The fic where Zayn has that porn site and Liam is a failboat now has 6500 words. It's definitely going to end up being Zayn/Liam/Louis, so I'm pretty sure nobody besides me even wants to read it (and [livejournal.com profile] arilyn9 just because she's too nice) but I'm having fun with it, so that's alright. \0/

Zayn/Louis hugging and being too adorable for my poor heart to withstand )
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I just have to post this. Because of reasons... and because they give me all the feels. Urgh I didn't sign up for this. Help?

tumblr_m2svq1cIVS1r9jphio1_250 (1)  tumblr_m2svq1cIVS1r9jphio2_250
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It's kind of ridiculous how it took me this long to upload this, but second time's the charm in this case. (this is me blathering about One Direction, so those of you on my f-list who don't care about this band, skip this)

voice post meme by oanja
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A while back [livejournal.com profile] sneaky_sena made this cool voice post meme in the bandom fandom and I thought it would be fun to have one for One Direction as well. 

Hello and welcome to the One Direction voice meme. Let's get started:

1. How did you get sucked into the One Direction madness? (do you want to blame someone in particular?) How long ago did it happen?
2. What do you wish the next record will be like?
3. Who is your favourite? (and don't say you love them equally. If you can't judge otherwise, look into your 1D folder on your computer, which member's photos have you saved the most? or whose photos do you reblog the most on Tumblr) What is it about this person you like so much? Has your favourite changed during the time you've been involved in the fandom?
4. Who is your least favourite? (I know this might seem horrible, but try. We know you still love them even if they're not your favourite.) Has that changed?
5. Have you seen them live? If so, how was it? If not, would you like to?
6. Do you have an otp in this fandom? If you do, tell us a bit about why the pairing is your favourite?
7. Do you have a One Direction pairing that you don't particularly ship/like to read?
8. Do you have favourite story tropes? What are they?
9. Is there a 1D fic you wish someone would write?
10. Are you working on a story right now? Do you want to tell us a little about it?
11. Anything else you'd like to add?

Soundcloud is good for recording these and if you did your own voice post I would love to hear it, so feel free to link me. ^_^

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So hypothetically, if one were writing a fic where Zayn has his own pornsite online, what should his pornstar name be?
(these are the things I try to figure out at 1 am.)


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While I was visiting [livejournal.com profile] arilyn9 for the weekend I found this movie called Blue Crush in the sales bin and thought I should get it... because of reasons. (like maybe it would be fun to try writing a surfer au?) I mostly got it because it had all kinds of extras about actual surfing and surfer culture etc, but the movie ended up being pretty good! \0/ I was worried there for a moment about the romance ruining everything but in the end the main character pulled herself together so yay! Also the guy she liked wasn't an asshole so yay for that as well. ^_^

Here's a trailer

In this very hypothetical story Liam and Louis would be pro-surfers (idk if that is even the right term >_>) and Harry would mostly just hang out at the beach, looking hot in his swimming trunks, flirting mercilessly with anything that moves and only gets on a board when the waves are mellow (he grew up with Liam and Louis so now they are kind of inseparable).  And then for some handwavy reason Liams management or someone would think it would be a good idea for him to become the surfing instructor on a movie set. Liam doesn't really want to do it because it's interfering with his training but Louis thinks it's an awesome idea and weasels himself into the deal too and actually manages to get them both small roles in the movie (mostly they just surf in the background but Louis actually has two lines)

So they all pack their stuff and fly to L.A. (In my mind they spend most of the year in Australia, while not competing) and start prepping for the movie. idk how long it actually takes to teach someone the basics of surfing so let's just say they have two weeks. On the first day they meet the cast (it's been kept secret from them... because of reason? fears of leaks or something) and it's Zayn and Niall and maybe some girls (it's an ensemble cast or something) And maybe Liam owns all of Zayn's movies and maybe has a little crush on him, but of course Liam is going to act professionally, no matter how much Louis laughs...

And Zayn and Niall are good friends because they have been on some other movie together already (and there have been some rumours about them because Zayn is gay and out of the closet, but Niall doesn't care about what people say and anyway, he's this close to dating Demi Lovato)

Niall is a pretty good student but Zayn is hopeless, too timid and scared of drowning and getting water in his nose and eyes and his balance is for shit, so Liam offers to give him some extra tutoring outside of the all cast lessons (because Zayn also gets embarrasssed about making a fool of himself while other people are watching him) so they end up spending a lot of time together and maybe Liam's crush is getting worse and he doesn't really know how to react to the times when Zayn is a bit touchy feely or kisses him on the cheek etc. Like that must just be him being friendly, right?

Then some other stuff happens and there is some more pining but in the end they manage to sort things out and get their happy ending.
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For some strange reason I decided it would be a good idea to make a post about Zayn ships... Mostly because looking at these photos and gifs makes me happy, but also because this is me in almost every fandom. I end up with a favourite character (and yes I'm going to call Zayn a character too... It makes me feel better about shipping him) and I will read that character with almost anybody. I'm basically like: "Give me all the fic with character X in it!" \0/

So when it comes to other pairings that don't have X in them, I usually end up feeling pretty indifferent towards them and mostly just read those fics if I already know the author or if it's a super popular fic in the fandom. I think this is why I don't ship Harry/Louis. Basically my brain is a weird place.

I think I should put a disclaimer here. I will make comments here about how cute they look together, or how cuddly or how they look like they want to kiss etc, but I'm not trying to prove anyone is gay or that they are sexually attracted to each other. This is just shipping and all in good fun. I am aware that most of these people are in happy relationships and all that jazz.
Also all the photos and gifs are from tumblr and if you wanted credit you should have watermarked your work. I'm way too lazy to find out who made each gif. *shrug*

to save your friends page )
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I have written three short snippets for my Hogwarts AU and it's a lot of fun \0/ I wrote about Zayn getting his letter, him and Liam meeting for the first time and Harry getting sorted into Slytherin.
So of course now I have to be a nuisance and ask someone to beta read these for me? *puppy eyes*

I'm also having all of the ot5 feels lately and just urgh in general. Why is everyone in this band so adorable?

And I guess I'm the only one who doesn't think Zayn's new tattoo is stupid... It actually made me think about those piano keys Brendon has tattooed in his arm and I just basically aw'ed (um... that is not a word) It's also interesting to me that all of Zayn's tattoos are black and he doesn't have any colourful ones. I wonder why?

pet photos behind this )
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Title: Still Dreaming?
Pairing: Zayn/Liam (and Zayn/Harry, Zayn/Niall, Zayn/Louis kissing)
Rating: pg-13
Warnings: ridiculous premise
Word count: 9,533
Summary: The one where Zayn has a lot in common with Sleeping Beauty, Harry wants to be Prince Charming, Niall really doesn't want to be it, Louis has his own problems and Liam keeps surprising Zayn again and again.
Disclaimer: So so untrue, fiction, don't google yourself etc etc.
Notes: A million thanks to [livejournal.com profile] lissa_bear for being an awesome beta reader. All remaining mistakes are mine.
(cut text lyrics credit goes to: the Beatles)

When I wake up early in the morning Lift my head, I'm still yawning When I'm in the middle of a dream Stay in bed, float up stream )
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So living at mom's house has gotten to a great start... I've been here for a week and we already had our first argument. I really wish I had the money to live on my own, because I'm definitely too old for this shit. It really sucks that I couldn't get a job for the summer. >_<

¤ I am such an idiot when it comes to math... I spent way too long drawing this timeline so I could figure out how far apart the 1D boys are from each other, age wise. =P But if I got this right Louis would have started Hogwarts in 2003, Zayn, Liam and Niall in 2004 and poor baby Harry in 2005.
¤ This means that Louis will obviously already be in the Quiddich team when the rest of the boys get there. I'm thinking that he should be a chaser? Or maybe even the Seeker? Hmm...
¤ Also, according to Potter Wiki you can study both muggle and magical art as an elective in Hogwarts. \0/ yay for my fic Zayn.
¤ I think that Louis' favourite subject should be Divination y/n? I mean seriously you can just make stuff up and get a good grade. And who doesn't love a nice death omen to brighten up their day?

And already I feel a lot better. \0/ Making up these silly details is just so much fun.


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