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I was thinking about this in the shower… as you do, and came up with a lot of ways to make muggle money with magic. Admittedly most of these are illegal but let’s not dwell on that.

1) Bank robbery/heisting in general. Just disable the surveillance with magic, apparate in, take money/goods and disapparate out. (I think you could only do this a couple of times before someone connected the dots as there is some co-operation between the muggle/magical world. But honestly how many millions of dollars/euros do you really need. Bonus get one of those bags Hermione had that can fit anything inside so hauling all that money won’t cause trouble)

2) Use mind altering magic (for example the imperius curse, but I’d use a milder version it’s not like muggles are trained to fight this sort of thing and it doesn’t need to last very long in our scenario) Travel to Vegas or some other type of gambling place, locate a drunk rich person, cast the spell and convince them to “invest” in your imaginary venture - in cash. I think this won’t be as lucrative as the first option but is also carries less risk, as the idiot will think he just got duped the ordinary way when drunk or might not even remember if they were drunk enough. This would also work in other rich people spots like golf clubs or whatever but would require more planning.

3) Talking of casinos, use magic to cheat and win games. Again I don’t think you could do this for very long and I’d imagine casinos would have employed wizard/witches as countermeasures if they knew you could cheat this way, but as far as I know they wouldn’t be able to know about the existence of magic anyway. So mundane security would mean you’d need to change your appearance by magic if you planned to do this more than once and be subtle about it. Or I guess you could go overboard and dress up like a witch/wizard and wave your wand about very obviously for “luck” I think this would work best if you had friends with you and you all pretended this was a bachelor party/hen party and they also wore costumes. Or you could make a luck potion, that would work too.

4) Make some poor sod drink a love potion and get married without a prenup. Obviously they need to be rich and then you just divorce them. Or depending on how evil you are you could keep using magic on them so they stay under your thrall and just enjoy the lifestyle

5) Become some kind of a hitman. There would be no evidence for mundane cops to find, you could always disable surveillance, you could transfigurate the body into something small and take it with you to literally make someone disappear etc etc.

These are more legal

4) Go into the business of plastic surgery. I mean this is a world where you can grow back bones and fix someones teeth with magic, seems like a no brainer to work with this and take it further. You would need accomplices who actually knew medicine, like an anesthesiologist and nurses etc because the patients would have to be asleep so they don’t see the magic done. But also because the miraculous healing time/no pain etc you could make them sign NDAs and make them pay enormous fees.

5) If you’re not looking to make millions you could go into renovations. Like tell a family/person you can fix their apartment up in a week or whatever, but they have to leave while you work. Then you just fix the place up with magic. I think some knowledge in construction would be helpful and I wouldn’t try to do the wiring/plumbing but they fix stuff all the time with magic in the books and you could do all the work without buying materials and just fix and transfigurate stuff. (wow it says something that the most legal thing I can come up with is also the hardest to make work)
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So I went and took some photos... most of which are from the HP tour (if you discount the 2000+ photos I took of documents and I think we'd better) and I'm posting some now \0/ (because it's not like I should be doing something more productive with my time... oh no, never that!)

Miscellaneous photos )

Harry Potter tour photos )

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I just booked the see HP set tour thing... Wow, I bet it has a real name (Warner Bros. Studio Tour London) Don't ask me how much it cost not to mention I'll have to figure out how to get there (the train seems to be the fastest and cheapest option)

And I obviously want to go see the Avengers in an imax theater, so that will also cost a fortune. Wow my credit card company is going to love me...

Please don't judge me! /0\ I am going to do actual reseach as well! But the Archives is closed on Sunday and Monday, so I needed something to do on those days. *shifty eyes*

Dragon Age: Origins continues to kick my ass... I have no idea how I'll ever even get to the final battle when the pre-battles keep killing me. ;_; The Archdemon must be laughing at me so hard. (Why is the easiest difficulty setting still too hard for me? Why do I suck so much?) 
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Dragon Age: Origins is way too addictive... >_> I'm pretty glad I'm going to mom's house for the weekend, so hopefully I can get something productive done while there.

And then I found out you actually need to get permission to conduct surveys in schools... Now I'm waiting for that. Luckily the new deadline for the finished paper is on the 22nd of May. ^_^;

Then I was thinking that I need to go see the HP sets in London while I'm there. I mean, how awesome would that be???

[livejournal.com profile] arilyn9 was here for Easter and it was a lot of fun and geekery. Sorry though for not having a B-day pressie for you. >_< I suck at remembering peoples birthdays.
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So my rats just realised that there is this small hatch thing the roof of their cage which I use to give them food etc. and now they are climbing all over the cage trying to find more escape routes. Adorable to watch. ^_^

fandom things )
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I copied all my delicious bookmarks to Diigo, when they first started  talking about delicious going under/changing owners, and now I'm really glad I did. I mean the new delicous is horrible and completely un-usable! /0\ wtf, seriously! *cried bitter tears* Why do they keep ruining everything great?

Or in other words: A tale of what I felt like when I went to the new delicous website for the first time

And now that this is already a completely ranty post, might I also complain about the fact that I still haven't gotten into Pottermore! What's up with that universe? Now I'll never get in, 'cause the whole site will implode under the burden of everyone and their cat trying to log on in October.
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How come I didn't know about this before? xD

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It was great to see some documentaries again, it's such a brilliant genre and somehow I always manage to forget how much I like it if I don't see any cool ones for a while. Anyway, saw two today: one about the White Stripes and one about Ola Salo, the singer of The Ark (Swedish band) They were both really brilliant in their own way but I was especially impressed by the White Stripes one, because before going to the see the film I seriously didn't know anything about them, except that one song that was kind of polular a while ago and the whole 'are they siblings or are they married?' thing.

one clip from the documentary and a few random notes )
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Saw Harry Potter today and thought Ron's shoulders were very marvellous. Can't really be bothered to say much more about it, except that I do not approve of these movies obviously shipping Harry/Hermione...

I ate a really questionable cheezy omelette for dinner and then my flatmate wanted to make us tea. Now I don't feel so stellar... =/

Then a meme I stole from sunsetmog. See if you can guess the name of the book and/or the author from the summary. (the summaries are from TV tropes)

Edited this to add the titles of the books nobody guessed.

Please try it? *puppy eyes* )


Nov. 15th, 2010 11:03 pm
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You know what's a weird word? Insane that's what. I mean wouldn't it be good to be in sane? As opposed to be out sane? or behind sane or under sane or... maybe you get my point. (also the word sane just lost its meaning)

What else? I have an exam on Friday, yay... -_-

Oh and I'm seeing Harry Potter on Wednesday with [livejournal.com profile] messy_kisses . That gets a sincere yay! \0/

(yeah I didn't really have anything interesting to post about. Sorry about that. ^_^)


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