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The more serious matters first. I was browsing CNN for some reason and stumbled on this article When does spanking become abuse
Because I read a lot of fic, my mind went into a kink place first... So wrong. It's actually about disciplining you kids. I was really quite scocked to realise it's totally legal in the States to beat your kid as long as you say it's for discipline. It's actually pretty rare in the world to have laws against this. Here is the sadly short list.

I looked at the profile for USA and some of the numbers are gruesome, for example: "Sixty-five per cent of three year olds in a sample of nearly 2,000 families had been “spanked” by one or both parents in the previous month."
"in 2002, 79% of preschool-aged children were spanked, and nearly half of children aged eight and nine were hit with an object such as a paddle or switch."

I'm not saying Finland is perfect or anything but at least it's not legal to hit your child anymore. And it's worked too: "In 1988, around a quarter of the children had been smacked before age 14, and around a third had been whipped. In 2008, around 10% had experienced these types of punishment."

I think I need brain-bleach after reading all that. So I'm going to complain about fandon things instead. I'd take fandom problems over real life ones any day.

Pet Peeves:

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And then today's wordcount:

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I signed up for [livejournal.com profile] bandomstuffsit, I think it will be fun and I really need to have deadlines or I never get anything finished. It's kind of nerve wrecking to know you are writing for someone specifically though, 'cause you don't want to give someone a crappy present. >_>

I haven't written anything for the mpreg challenge yet and that's no good! /0\ It's just that I don't have a good idea for a story. (I thought that would be a lot easier... grr)

And then some random photos and gifs of pretty boys to distract me. All thanks to tumblr

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I copied all my delicious bookmarks to Diigo, when they first started  talking about delicious going under/changing owners, and now I'm really glad I did. I mean the new delicous is horrible and completely un-usable! /0\ wtf, seriously! *cried bitter tears* Why do they keep ruining everything great?

Or in other words: A tale of what I felt like when I went to the new delicous website for the first time

And now that this is already a completely ranty post, might I also complain about the fact that I still haven't gotten into Pottermore! What's up with that universe? Now I'll never get in, 'cause the whole site will implode under the burden of everyone and their cat trying to log on in October.
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How come I didn't know about this before? xD

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And there you have it! \0/ That was a lot of fun. Now I need to go to bed, because I need to write an essay tomorrow morning... Argh.
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Weekends are the best, even if you have [livejournal.com profile] messy_kisses  stay over and she is an alien who doesn't know how to sleep in late... (but we have almost finished watching the third season of Buffy, which is cool)
So yesterday I went to bed at 10pm! I was that tired and woke up today at 10. Hah~ Well at least I managed to write that report I had overdue and I think I passed the exams I had on Friday, so I actually feel like I've been productive this week. \0/

And then some fanvids just because.

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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are going to  shut down Delicious bookmarks!

Don't they realise that my whole fandom life is in there!!! /0\ Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I'm trying like an insane person to find an alternative bookmarking site before I lose everything. D=

And I thought I had a good day before this...

That is me, running around like an idiot (well figuratively) after a new home for my bookmarks. Thank you Yahoo for ruining everything. A lovely Christmas present indeed.
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I see this a LOT on [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets and now I'm curious... People either post secrets about how they would "hit that" about a character or a real person, or they bitch about how their friends/friends list lusts after a character or a person (in a sort of serious, YES I would have sex with this person, kind of way) and the bitching is usually about how they lust after a person the poster doesn't like. That's not really the point. The point is: Do people seriously want to have sex with celebrities(actors, musicians etc) and/or fictional characters (if the character was real)?

So the question is: If the object of your fangirling walked up to you and said something along the lines of: "Let's fuck" would you?

To me it seems very strange... I'm the first one to admit that I find a lot of people incredibly attractive, talented, charming and just hot, but it doesn't mean I'd want to have sex with them. (Waah~ I feel like a prude just saying it.) I think one reason why I feel like this is that it feels really insensitive and rude towards the person/celebrity in question. I mean how would you feel if there were dozens/hundreds/thousands of strangers saying they would want to have sex with you and commenting on your body etc. (okay some people surely would love that...) It's just that it makes the person into a sexual object and not a person. Like it doesn't matter how they feel about it. I mean you can say 'I'd hit that' or 'I'd have sex with him/her' but what if they don't want to? It especially bothers me when we are talking about a real person and not a character on TV/movies.

I mean I'm all for equality but I don't think women should adopt this kind of predatory attitude towards men or other women. I mean it's already frowned upon if a man says something like that about a woman. At least in 'polite company' or if it's not frowned upon it should be imo.


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