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Getting ready for disappointment... Poor Ottawa. I really wish you could win this one, but it doesn't look good. At least Detroit and Boston are still going strong...
(Boston, I have my eye on you though, don't you dare let NY beat you)

I'm going home to my mom's for the summer on Sunday and start work on Monday. I don't know how long I'll have the job for but any money will be welcome at this point. I really need to e-mail my teacher about the next work placement though, I keep forgetting it! (it would be so convenient if I could get it done this summer instead of before Christmas, as it's marked down in the syllabus thing)

I tried to bleach my hair (I don't think that's the right word for it in English... remove the dye? or something) and I think it was a mistake. It definitely damaged my hair, because it's all coarse now =( Not to mention that it didn't even work! My hair is only slightly lighter in colour now.

Oh and I forgot to write here after seeing Star Trek. I really liked some parts of it. Like small character moments etc. I think all the main characters were great (except some idiotic womanizer Kirk stuff) Spock continues to be my favourite, Scott was great etc etc. But like a lot of people have said, the plot itself... not so great. I really hope there is a new star trek big bang in the works so I can read epic stories that get things right. Fandom you can be so perfect sometimes.

The internet connection is going to be limited and slow at my mom's house because she refuses to pay for a proper connection (she can use the internet at work, to like check her e-mail and read the news and she doesn't need it for anything else, so it makes sense. Even though it's really annoying for me!) so I won't be able to watch Teen Wolf as it comes out... Dunno if that's a good or a bad thing yet. :D

It will be great to see my dog though. I miss that furball.
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I'm weirdly nervous about seeing Star Trek... Also super annoyed that I got spoiled about the thing. Seriously Americans, could you have held your outrage a few more days. It's so true what someone said on tumblr. Americans will complain about spoilers so so loudly if for once they don't get to see something first, but as soon as it's out over there... well you can say goodbye to trying to remain spoiler free. *grumpy*

Speaking of tumblr, I made a screencap post that has 120 notes now. :D Hee~ It's ridiculous how happy that makes me. Well, at least I'm easily amused.

The Supernatural finale was a total letdown for me. I don't know why everyone seemed to like it so much. I really hope next season is the last one. Please let me go show!!! I mean I feel obligated to watch it to the end now... How could I leave it after slogging through eight freaking seasons. >_>

Oh and I got like four hours of sleep last night (because my sleep cycle is fucked up because of the playoffs) and I had to get up at seven, so I could go to an exam at eight. I think I passed it? Maybe? At least I wrote stuff... I really hope I passed, it's five credits and if I didn't pass I'll have to do it again next semester. So anyway, I haven't slept enough (tried to take a nap when I got back from campus but I can't sleep during the day! How does that work?) and now the freaking movie starts at 23.30. If I fall asleep at the cinema, I'll be pissed. Not to mention it's 3D so I have to put on my contacts and who wants to deal with that when my eyes are already tired.

Wow this turned into a whiny post...

Then randomly: I've noticed that I have a really hard time commenting on people's posts if they are about their personal lives. Especially if I don't actually know them. It just seems so awkward. And it's like five times worse if they are going through a tough time. If you know me, you know I'm really bad at emotional support even in person, not to mention trying to do it over the internet. >_<

Ooh, I made a post and didn't talk about hockey!!! Well except now I have to mention that Finland is going to the medal games. :D Just have to beat Sweden somehow and they might be fighting for the gold!!! This is super hilarious because before the tournament started everyone was saying the team was garbage (I think there were originally zero NHL players for example) But you never know, Kontiola might go on a tear and lead the whole tournament in scoring... 
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I almost went to see War Horse today, but then I changed my mind, because it would surely have made me cry and I don't like crying in movie theaters. >_> So I'll just wait for it to come out on DVD

Oh and the first leaked photos from the new Star Trek movie came out today! \0/ Can't wait for it. But then I also found out that the last Wheel of Time book will not come out until 2013 (January) and now I'm kind of bummed. Still, 2013 is looking good for me, fangirl-wise.

I really need to get some stuff done this weekend, I seriously did nothing all week. Urgh, I suck...

And ZQ continues to be adorable

some of the other photos )
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Went to see Alice in Wonderland today and it was better than I had expected. Mostly I just had problems with the ending, I mean first I was all: 'why on earth would you go back to your Victorian life you idiot?' and then I was all: 'What the hell, they would never have let her get involved in business of any kind let alone let her go to China on her own!' Also what is she going to do there? Become an opium merchant? a tool for imperialism? How is that a good ending? Also I think she might just have had two psychotic breaks when she was 'traveling' to Wonderland or Underworld or what ever it was called. Also(x2) I really liked Anne Hathaway as the white queen, her mannerisms were adorable. heh~ I didn't really care for Johnny Depp in this, at all. Can't put my finger on why though, might just be that I'm getting sick and tired of seeing him play weirdoes...

Watched the episode 'The Enterprise Incident' today and wow was I disappointed in the Federation! They violated the treaty they had with the Romulans, went past the neutral zone AND stole their cloaking device! What the hell dude! And also they saw in the end that Kirk was not dead, so they would realise they had orders, how did that not lead to another war with the Romulans? Waaaah~ ;_;

I have two exams on Friday and I have almost read one of the four books I have and it's still Monday, yay me! I might actually get all my credits I need for this semester. On the other hand I really need to start making that one research paper soon... I think I only have about three weeks left and it would be cool if I wasn't writing it in a panic the day before I need to return it to the professor. >_>


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