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I got tickets for me and [livejournal.com profile] arilyn9 to see Panic! at the Disco in London in February! \0/

I can't believe I'll actually get to see them live. I really hope it will be awesome. =D

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One headlight from my car needs to be changed, but is it possible to do that by yourself? Of course not, because that would make your life too easy now wouldn't it? I have a replacement bulb and everything but the headlights might as well have been welded in place, there are so many bolts and screws keeping me from doing this one simple thing. Also bonus points for the weather being bellow -10 so I'd be freezing my fingers out there as well. *bah*

I have a vocabulary quiz for German tomorrow and I haven't studied at all, not to mention the exam I have on Friday. *argh*

The new My Chemical Romance album is good. I like it a lot more than I liked Black Parade.

I got my Death Knight to 75 finally but like I said before, there is no way I can get to lvl80 before Cataclysm... Damn. Also I have to delete a character so I can make a worgen, those character limits per server are a pain in the butt.

While I'm talking about games I'm really thinking of buying a X-box 360 with my tax returns. I mean it would be wise to actually save that money for something  sensible but sensible is soooo boring...

Supernatural (s06e09) was pretty funny, I liked the episode quite a bit and what does that say about the show that the jokey/cracky episodes are the best ones? Nothing good if you ask me. I liked the whole X-files opening sequence and the guys worrying that aliens might be real xD There was a definite lack of Crowley and Castiel though, but I guess you can't have everything.
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It was great to see some documentaries again, it's such a brilliant genre and somehow I always manage to forget how much I like it if I don't see any cool ones for a while. Anyway, saw two today: one about the White Stripes and one about Ola Salo, the singer of The Ark (Swedish band) They were both really brilliant in their own way but I was especially impressed by the White Stripes one, because before going to the see the film I seriously didn't know anything about them, except that one song that was kind of polular a while ago and the whole 'are they siblings or are they married?' thing.

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So my flatmate is moving out. We weren't close at all, but I think we co-habited the apartment pretty well and it's a bit nervwracking to wait and see what the new girl is going to be like...

Pet peeve of the moment: People who have annoying layouts on their journals, especially when they want me to read a fic. Like if the style is too narrow or super dark with white writing etc. I'm sooooooo glad for the option of viewing journals in my own style. I don't mind if it's just for personal entries and stuff but if you expect me to read a fic that's 20000+ words I'd love it if your journal style wouldn't make me go blind. =P

This is my favourite song at the moment and the video is super adorable imo.
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And now some photos I took today:

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I decided that I don't really need sleep and my time would be better spent if I watched three hockey matches instead.

Russia (4-2) Czech game was really interesting to watch. Both teams were so controlling of the middle of the rink (whut the fuck is it in english anyway...) so that made the whole game seem a bit chaotic at times. The teams were pretty equally matched in skill too, I mean the last goal came right at the end and went into an empty goal so it doesn't really count.

Canada (3-5) USA game: wow it didn't even take a minute before the first goal... =O And who would have thought that Canada would lose, especially when Canada seemed to be controlling the game most of the time.

Finland (0-3) Sweden: wow; we sucked. I think that sums it up pretty well.

Then to balance out all this ramble about sports let me vent about a music video. what is this, I don't even... )

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