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  • All ratings are fine, I love some smut in fics, but I will happily read a G rated story.

  • If none of my ideas work for you, don't worry about writing something completely different. I don't want writing a story for me to feel like a horrible chore. The prompts are there for writers who like to have more specific things to work from, but feel free to write a story that inspires you! (I feel a bit silly saying this, but I obviously don't expect you to use all the ideas in your fic)

  • Things/tropes that I don't like: abuse, animal harm, wing-fic, always-a-girl trope, telepathy, unhappy endings, major character death (but angst is fine and so are open endings as long as they are hopeful) Daddy kink, humiliation as a kink, big age differences (where one is an adult and the other is not)

  • I don't like mundane AU's where neither character plays hockey (like a coffee shop au) I'm okay if it's set in the future where one or both of them have retired etc. I'm also okay if one of them never made it to the NHL.

  • Tropes I especially like: soulbonds, trope inversion in general but especially in A/B/O, friends-to-lovers, pining, fake dating, marriage of convenience, kidfic, mpreg, world building (obviously you don't have to write all OR any of these)

Phil Kessel/Tyler Bozak

So, Kessel got traded, now what? Do they break up? Do they make the long distance work? Does the trade make them realize their feelings? Does the trade force them to reveal their soulbond? Or does it make them realize they were bonded? Do they somehow end up on the same team again years from now and win a cup together? (yes this is delusional, let me have it. ;__;) Basically I'm up for anything somewhat related to hockey.

Alexander Ovechkin/Nicklas Backstrom

Because it's the offseason it makes me want vacation fic. What if Alex goes to visit Nicky in Sweden to see how he's recovering? (Uh, I'm not even sure if Backs spends his summers in Sweden or not... buuut anyway) Or something set during the lockout when Nicky went to play with Alex in Russia? Or something from an outsider perspective, like a new player coming to the team and realizing how important Nicklas is to the team and/or how much Alex cares about him. I really like the difference between their personalties (introvert/extrovet), how they are so amazing together on the ice etc.

This article is really great http://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/capitals/capitals-introvert-nicklas-backstrom-is-the-guy-who-makes-this-team-run/2014/10/10/378c61cc-5087-11e4-8c24-487e92bc997b_story.html, so if that inspires you in some way when it comes to team dynamics etc. (I love how they call Nick the dad of the team, does that make Ovie the mom?)

Or something totally tropy, I'm not that picky when it comes to this pairing, I just want to read about them. <3

Tyler Brown/Tyler Seguin

Yes, I still ship this. ;__; At this point I will take anything written about them... I just really like the dynamic where one player is a star and the other really isn't. How does that affect things? Or a story about them reconnecting during the summer? Getting drunk married in Vegas trope? (I could see Seguin and his harem making a trip there) Getting soulbonded when they were on the Whalers and never telling anyone until someone finds out? Long skype dates during the season? Brownie reacting to the body issue photos/video?
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Went to Helsinki to see two hockey games this past weekend. Had to take the Onnibus because the trains were super expensive. (the bus tickets were 29€)

This all worked out really well because I got an online friend to go with me so I didn't have to sit alone (which sucks and I don't want to do that again) She's a HPK fan and I wanted to see Jokerit play and both teams had a game this weekend so we went to see both :D

photooos )


Jul. 2nd, 2014 12:45 am
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The Wild signed Vanek to a three year deal and I'm super okay with it. It seems like Fletcher has a steady head on his shoulders and didn't do anything stupid (so far) and I can be happy with that.

I went to see [livejournal.com profile] messy_kisses last weekend and that was a lot of fun. We went to the middle-ages marker thing and that was fun, even though I didn't buy anything. And her cat hardly even hissed at me. :D I'm kind of super bummed that I was in the same city as Mikko Koivu and could have seen him in his bachelor party glory but missed the whole thing completely. (we even walked through the market place! Who knows what time he was there though)

I bought this 'pop cake maker' while I was there, because omg it's basically perfect for making takoyaki! Whee~

My mom sent me a text today reminding me that we're going to Sweden this Sunday... I had completely forgotten, oops! So hopefully that's fun. At least the weather forecast is saying the weather will finally get a bit warmer. (it's been like 12-15 degrees all month basically, which is ridiculous)
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The Wild deserved to win that game, plain and simple. That was such a terrible way for their season to end and I can't deal with this in a rational manner.


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The Wild won both home games, whee! and the second game on on my birthday too!


Happeh happeh!

Also fuck the haters who thought the Hawks would sweep.

and the world championships start today for Finland. I hope they can beat Latvia, because they were pretty good in the Olympics. Also there's Eurovision tonight. So much stuff on my birthday! :D
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Hockey fandom voice post meme

General hockey stuff:
1. How did you get sucked into hockey and/or the hockey fandom? (do you want to blame someone in particular? How long ago did it happen?)
2. Which team is your favourite and why?
3. Do you have other teams you cheer for?
4. How would you grade your team's season so far?
5. What do you hope your team will do during the off season/next season?
6. Who is your favourite player? (What is it about this person you like so much? Has your favourite changed during the time you've been involved in the fandom?)
7. Have seen games live? If so, how was it? If not, would you like to?
8. Stanley Cup prediction time!

Fandom stuff:
1. Do you have an otp in this fandom? If you do, tell us a bit about why the pairing is your favourite?
2. Do you have a pairing that you don't like?
3. What are your favourite story tropes in hockey fandom? Least favourite?
4. Is there a hockey fic you wish someone would write?
5. Are you working on a story right now? Do you want to tell us a little about it?
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So the Wild won their series against the Avs in seven games, whee~ And then got the Hawks on the second round... (not so much whee~)

But here's Nino's game winning goal

Nino was awesome in this series and so was Mikke and Haula. Yay babies!

I had Luna visiting me here for almost two weeks and that was fun too. What else? I still have one more essay to write tomorrow and then I'm done with classes this semester. Unless I have time to do one exam later this month.

When I took Luna back to mom's I found my graduation hat and took a photo, even though I missed May Day by a day

Oh and I posted a Gallys fic today, so I did do something? I might also build the new bookcase I got from Ikea, it will be nice to have more storage space for all my books and DVDs.
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Whoo! First wildcard locked down! Party hard!


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I take it back, I don't want to watch Wild hockey... and they have to play against the Blues tomorrow. All our defense men had a terrible game and all Dallas goals could have been prevented if the D-men had had their shit together. (also because Dallas has this asshole called Seguin.) Grrrrr


What happened since Monday???? Everyone forgot how to play hockey at the same time. :(
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I am despairing over NHL Revealed. The torrents for the 3 new episodes just don't exist. I went so far as to try and BUY them legally, but they won't give them to me! Both iTunes and Amazon have them region locked so that only people in the US can buy them. Whyyyyyyyyyyy? ;____; I want to see the Olympic episodes so bad.

The Wild haven't been playing in ages and I miss my hockey team. I really wanna see how Moulson will work out and just... hockey! I can't seem to watch a whole game of other teams playing, it just doesn't grab my attention the same way. But Määttä had two goals in the last game and he's such a bb still. Also those photos from the Leafs charity thing(?) where Bozie/Phil were doing couple poses was great for me, and also that Phil may or may not have been wearing Tyler's shirt. Where is the epic 50,000 word Phil/Tyler fic? Every pairing has one but not them. I neeeeeed it in my life.

Went to visit Gramma in the beginning of the week. She's such a good person and she's so active still. I mean she goes to the gym 5 times a week! Just wow
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The new Thief game looks really cool, but once again I wonder about why the main character has to be a dude. Why can't you also play as a lady thief? Is this just going to be another Dishonored? (Still I kind of want it!)

I feel like I haven't managed to do anything useful this week and I'm just tired all the time. Annoying...

Wild hockey is back tomorrow, wheee~ I'm super worried about their goal tending situation though, because I really doubt Kuemper's ability to keep up those incredible numbers (regression...) Also is the Wild get kicked out on the first round (if they make it there) the Ducks really need to win the cup, like I need this to happen. I will also grudgingly cheer the Blues on as long as someone other than the Hawks goes to the final. Seriously fuck the Hawks, they've had their fun, now let others win the freaking cup. (I'm not at all biased or anything)

Teen Wolf, we had a good thing going this season, why do you always do this to me?

I ate four oranges today. I don't think I've eaten since last winter. Weird how that goes sometimes.

I've also been feeling super nostalgic about 90' romcoms. I got Sleepless in Seattle and Notting Hill the other day. Someone should organize a new Harlequin or romcom challenge for the hockey fandom... is that too much to ask? (what I really mean is, people should write more pretend boyfriends/arranged marriage and kidfic for me to read)

Oh and while I was buying all those movies I also got season one of Community. I guess it's time to start collecting that (legally)
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And why is it so easy to keep starting new and shiny things?

So I may or may not be writing a fic about Semin and how hard it's been for him as an omega in the NHL. This is surprisingly hard, because I'm basing a lot of his early stuff on his Wiki page, because I can't find info... Like seriously I couldn't even find a photo of what he looked like in the draft. O_o (I'm 2000 words into it and just covered the draft... like I want this to end with Semin/E.Staal so you see my problem? How do people write short fic, I don't understand.)

I was also kind of surprised how the Caps draft history even went
2002: Semin (is 29)
2004: Ovechkin (28)
2006: Backstrom (is 26)

I just have too many headcanons to go with my a/b/o universe and I want to write all of them... which is terrible. But it's so much easier than working on my Kessel/Bozak fic, which would require even more research and I can't find enough info about Amanda Kessel and now I kind of feel like I missed my window for that fic. But hopefully I'll get back to that eventually, because I like the idea of the Kessels swapping bodies for a while.
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Bronze medal for the men's team. Whee~ :D I'm still grinning like a loon here.

This just keeps happening. Everyone counts us out and says our hockey is boring and we have no talent or what ever. But who keeps getting medals in almost every Olympics in the past 20 years or so. But seriously fuck the hockey media,

Anyway, kind of got sidetracked from this post for a few hours. (was on the phone with [livejournal.com profile] arilyn9) so I forgot what else I wanted to say. :D

I still want Selänne to win a cup this year, but that was a great last national team appearance for him (and Timonen and maybe some others as well)

Now I pretty much wish Sweden will win tomorrow, just to see the delicious excuses the hockey media will come up with. I'm also sure it would triple the amount of people who suddenly have no interest in NHL players playing in the Olympics. (also because I like Erik Karlsson way too much and I want him to get all the goals and win... but let's not talk about that)

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Hockey is going terribly for Finland. The women's team lost to freaking Sweden, which is always worse than losing to someone else. And then they announced that Barkov messed up his knee so badly he won't be able to play anymore. ;____; We have lost three first line players so far... Things look great, I'm sure everything will go perfectly against Canada tomorrow.


Also listening to hockey podcasts during the Olympics is a sure way into rage territory. They just seem so perfectly confident that it'll be Canada vs USA in the final. Fuck off! Like Marek vs Wyshynski were laughing about Crosby vs Barkov (first line centers at the time) and seriously: fuck off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ahem, yeah, it's not like I get too into hockey or anything.

USA-Russia was pretty interesting. Oshie vs Bobrovsky in the end. Seeing USA win makes me sad.



Feb. 10th, 2014 11:39 pm
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I don't remember if I already wrote about this, but whatever. I passed that seminar course I had. Finally! Now I'm literally two book exams away from having all my courses done for my history degree... and then the freaking thesis. Argh. But still, progress.

Finland has lost both of its hockey games so far, but they did pretty well against USA and Canada! Only way is up from here. :D

The NHL players got to Sotchi today and suddenly there's a lot to reblog on tumblr. I've never followed a tournament like this before, it's pretty neat. Oh and Selänne is the captain and he'll likely start the tournament in a line with Granlund and Barkov. That should be interesting, to say the least. Timonen and Komarov got the A's. I think it's safe to say that the Finnish team is the dark horse this time around... Let's see if they can keep the medal streak going with these guys. ^_^;

I'm sort of looking into doing my last work practice/internship abroad, but it seems so complicated. Especially because I would have to find a place to live for three months and pay for that myself. ;__; But it would be so cool... *sad whine*
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I made a mistake last night by thinking I could just read a little bit, before going to sleep. Ended up finishing the book and when I actually went to bed it was almost seven in the morning... oops. But at least I'm reading books again. That's good, sort of.

So, of course I only got up at three pm today and now I'm not tired, even though I have a lecture tomorrow at nine. >_>

Also the Toews/Kane fic is now 8,600 words long and I have no idea how to actually make them get together. Well without resorting to sudden love confessions... This is annoying because I would rather work on my other fic, but right now I feel like I need to finish this first. Mostly because I know this could be done in about 2000-3000 words if I could just figure out what I want to happen instead of getting distracted and starting to sprout random facts about the verse they live in.

The new Teen Wold episode was great and I will enjoy the increased screen time for Stiles as long as it's going to last. Hopefully the writers won't screw him up too badly.

There was this article on PPP (the leafs blog thing) about how much Tyler Bozak sucks. And okay, he's not the best center out there etc etc, but he's played really well this season and actually had a positive effect on Kessels numbers, not to mention that they kept pointing out how badly Bozie plays without Kessel, although the minute amount was super small and I don't think they should draw conclusions about that (and doesn't Bozie get PK time? Which Phil doesn't. I'm not sure about this though, but if it's true wouldn't that explain some of it?) Anyway, I have way too many feelings about Bozak and it's getting out of hand... Did not sign up for this!

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and it turned out better than expected, even though I went by myself and the hometown team is doing terribly right now.

They managed to take the game to a shootout and only lost then, I got to cheer for three goals, the refs were terrible and only called penalties against my team and before the first period started I accidentally sat down in the middle of the cheer section... Um it's like super fans or something, the have flags and a drum and they have all these chants etc. It was pretty great, but I escaped during the intermission and went to sit somewhere else in my section. ^_^;

Amusingly I found out that the mascot for the team is a yellow cock... :D So that was pretty amusing too.

I walked all around town today, first to campus then back home and then to the rink and back home. I must have walked for at least 12km...


Feb. 2nd, 2014 09:37 pm
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Totally forgot what I wanted to post here... >_>

Well I read a book last night and today. I think it's the first book I've read this year, which is pretty sad as it's already February. (Iain M Banks still rules btw) I'm thinking I'll try to keep a record of the books I read this year and see how that tally goes up.

Speaking of books I ordered some more from Bookdepository. Two of them were Dragon Age books. Oops...

Made pizza today, it wasn't as good as I had hoped, but still, pizza. Can't really go wrong with pizza.

I don't think I've mentioned this yet, but I got a new phone. It's Samsung galaxy note3 and so far I like it. I'm sure I don't even know how to use most of the bells and whistles on it, but I think I'm learning :D

Hockey wise, the Wild have kind of sucked again, which is annoying and I'm trying to get used to the idea of them meeting the Hawks again if they get to the playoffs. >_> They've played well against them this season, but the playoffs are always different. Also Mikko Koivu might not even be able to make the Olympics, which sucks a lot.

The trouble with liking the Leafs is that I also really dislike some of the people in the organization, mostly Carlyle and Kadri. Kadri was on my shit list after that headshot against Granlund and then he hit that one kid in the last game... That looked like boarding to me and it could have turned out a lot worse for the player who got hit. I just don't like how he goes for these dirty hits so often. And then he gets praised for having spunk or playing with an edge or whatever. Grrrrrr... But anyway the happy part was that Kessel got a hatty and Bozie had two points and this happened. I have a bad feeling that this is becoming my hockey otp and that's kind of sad because they're a rare pair. *pout*


Jan. 28th, 2014 11:19 pm
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What is going on with Teen Wolf??? Am I actually going to have to rewatch that episode?

Last day of work practice tomorrow, whee~

The Wild play the Ducks tonight. Maybe there could be some kind of a 24 hour bug going through the Ducks team, so the Wild could win. That would be great. ^_^;
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And it was pretty great. The seats were on the fourth row, so the view wasn't the best all the time and the home team got their asses kicked, but all in all it was cool. The rink looked a lot smaller than what I had imagined from seeing it on tv, that was weird.

The arena was small too, only seating a bit over 6000 people and they announced there were about 4000 people at the game. And a lot of people left when it became apparent the home team would lose, so the atmosphere wasn't the greatest, but I would definitely go see another game. =)

It was also pretty hard to actually follow what was going on, with no commentary and how close we were sitting. Not to mention, that I had no idea who the players were, so I wasn't really invested... (Still it was kind of clear why these were the cheapest seats. They're expensive in the NHL arenas, I think? But they're not very good if you want to follow the game imo.)


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