Jul. 21st, 2015

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  • All ratings are fine, I love some smut in fics, but I will happily read a G rated story.

  • If none of my ideas work for you, don't worry about writing something completely different. I don't want writing a story for me to feel like a horrible chore. The prompts are there for writers who like to have more specific things to work from, but feel free to write a story that inspires you! (I feel a bit silly saying this, but I obviously don't expect you to use all the ideas in your fic)

  • Things/tropes that I don't like: abuse, animal harm, wing-fic, always-a-girl trope, telepathy, unhappy endings, major character death (but angst is fine and so are open endings as long as they are hopeful) Daddy kink, humiliation as a kink, big age differences (where one is an adult and the other is not)

  • I don't like mundane AU's where neither character plays hockey (like a coffee shop au) I'm okay if it's set in the future where one or both of them have retired etc. I'm also okay if one of them never made it to the NHL.

  • Tropes I especially like: soulbonds, trope inversion in general but especially in A/B/O, friends-to-lovers, pining, fake dating, marriage of convenience, kidfic, mpreg, world building (obviously you don't have to write all OR any of these)

Phil Kessel/Tyler Bozak

So, Kessel got traded, now what? Do they break up? Do they make the long distance work? Does the trade make them realize their feelings? Does the trade force them to reveal their soulbond? Or does it make them realize they were bonded? Do they somehow end up on the same team again years from now and win a cup together? (yes this is delusional, let me have it. ;__;) Basically I'm up for anything somewhat related to hockey.

Alexander Ovechkin/Nicklas Backstrom

Because it's the offseason it makes me want vacation fic. What if Alex goes to visit Nicky in Sweden to see how he's recovering? (Uh, I'm not even sure if Backs spends his summers in Sweden or not... buuut anyway) Or something set during the lockout when Nicky went to play with Alex in Russia? Or something from an outsider perspective, like a new player coming to the team and realizing how important Nicklas is to the team and/or how much Alex cares about him. I really like the difference between their personalties (introvert/extrovet), how they are so amazing together on the ice etc.

This article is really great http://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/capitals/capitals-introvert-nicklas-backstrom-is-the-guy-who-makes-this-team-run/2014/10/10/378c61cc-5087-11e4-8c24-487e92bc997b_story.html, so if that inspires you in some way when it comes to team dynamics etc. (I love how they call Nick the dad of the team, does that make Ovie the mom?)

Or something totally tropy, I'm not that picky when it comes to this pairing, I just want to read about them. <3

Tyler Brown/Tyler Seguin

Yes, I still ship this. ;__; At this point I will take anything written about them... I just really like the dynamic where one player is a star and the other really isn't. How does that affect things? Or a story about them reconnecting during the summer? Getting drunk married in Vegas trope? (I could see Seguin and his harem making a trip there) Getting soulbonded when they were on the Whalers and never telling anyone until someone finds out? Long skype dates during the season? Brownie reacting to the body issue photos/video?


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