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The Finnish world junior championship team (men's) is going to play for the gold tomorrow! Whee~ But Sweden is scary good, so I won't get my hopes up yet. But they haven't medal-ed in seven years, so a silver medal would be awesome too.

I managed to spill pepsi on keyboard today, but luckily it still works and none of the keys got stuck (this time... I've ruined a keyboard with a drink before) I'm super glad that computers don't work like they do in older movies where the whole computer starts to spark off and is ruined by a drink spilled on the keyboard or someone smashing it (or the screen)

Now that the work practice thing has been going on for a month, I really appreciate weekends a lot more. I mean getting to sleep as long as you want, now that's priceless.

Also, watched the season premiere of Community. It was pretty good and they got Dan Harmon back, so yay? I guess I'll wait and see how it goes. I'm worried about how they are going to handle the Troy actor leaving. What will Abed do then? (now I made myself sad...)

Oh and the new Sherlock episode... It was weird, like super weird to me. I felt like it went into that place where SPN goes sometimes, where they 'wink wink nudge nudge' the audience too much and actually insult the fans by doing it. Urgh I didn't like it at all. I also feel like they cheated with the whole winding John's watch back/hypnotism and giving them extra time... Grr, of course the fans didn't do that in their theories because it would have been laughed off. Like someone pointed out on tumblr that Gatiss seems to enjoy writing Sherlock as extra cruel to John and I felt like it went too far many times. But there were small character moments I really liked so I will continue to watch (of course, I mean for crying out loud, I still watch SPN)
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I finally found the third episode and had time to watch it before the actual game started. I can't wait to see the last episode, I hope it's all about Bozak. :D Because I have a lot of feelings about him, even though I'm pretty sure I will regret them at some point. (but that ending where Bozie and Kessel were super happy and talking to each other... <3)

Oh right, the Leafs won in in a shootout.

Also the Leafs traded one of their defense men right before the game started, wow could you have been more assholish? Also I pretty much despise their coach, which might be a problem if I'm adopting this team.

They announced team USA rosters for both men and women. Now the waiting game continues for other teams. Waah~

Also someone posted something about the new Sherlock season, did it really start tonight? I guess I'll need to investigate this tomorrow.
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So last week I saw this on campus:

How awesome is that? =D (and I still can't believe my mobile phone camera takes photos this good)

And then on Thursday night I saw Northern Lights. \0/ Not the super fancy kind you see on photos and stuff, but it still looked cool.


Jan. 2nd, 2012 02:58 am
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Some random thoughts.
 (I did like it. Facepalming John is just my only Sherlock icon)

cut for spoilers )

Must rewatch again tomorrow


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