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Hockey is going terribly for Finland. The women's team lost to freaking Sweden, which is always worse than losing to someone else. And then they announced that Barkov messed up his knee so badly he won't be able to play anymore. ;____; We have lost three first line players so far... Things look great, I'm sure everything will go perfectly against Canada tomorrow.


Also listening to hockey podcasts during the Olympics is a sure way into rage territory. They just seem so perfectly confident that it'll be Canada vs USA in the final. Fuck off! Like Marek vs Wyshynski were laughing about Crosby vs Barkov (first line centers at the time) and seriously: fuck off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ahem, yeah, it's not like I get too into hockey or anything.

USA-Russia was pretty interesting. Oshie vs Bobrovsky in the end. Seeing USA win makes me sad.

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The Wild won a game, whee~ (4-3-3 right now) but Brodin took a puck to the face and now has a broken cheekbone. When it happened I was like:

That's not good at all. I really hope he didn't get concussed too, because that would just be adding insult to injury.

Not to mention that two of the next three games are against the Hawks.

Also: Freaking Colorado, feel free to start sucking any time now! You are ruining our chances of making the playoffs!

Wanna talk about how the central division is the weakest division now hockey bloggers/commentators? Huh? Huh?! What about that one division, hmm what was it called? Oh yeah, Metropolitan! If the Wild were in the metro division we'd be third! Also third in the Atlantic division.
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Almost done with work for the summer. This last bit is basically useless as I'm only working half the day, for four hours, but I couldn't really say no to the money either... At least I should get enough money to pay mom back for paying this months rent for me. =/

Hockey fic is now 30,000 words long, oh dear. ^_^; This is getting pretty ridiculous when you take into consideration that the pairing I'm writing doesn't even exist, so I think maybe ten people will read it... Buuut anyway, it's been fun. I'm going to finish this and then maybe look at that Teen Wolf fic I abandoned last winter. I kinda liked the idea I had for it and writing is fun once you get over the hurdle of actually starting. :P

I have followed new people on tumblr in the past three months and man, you can definitely tell when you are following teenagers. And I'm not dissing teenagers, they can be great... but they can be super annoying too. One person I follow keeps posting new selfies of herself every day, sometimes multiple ones a day and it's the exact same photo every time. (I mean her clothes change and sometimes she's wearing make-up or headphones etc, so you know it's not actually the same photo, but she always makes the same face, tilts her head the same way and she looks exactly the same in every freaking photo. I don't even know how it's even possible) They are also worried about things like band camp (which I mostly thought only existed in fanfic) and what boys think about them.

Man I'm so glad I'm not a teenager anymore. I can't even imagine what I would have posted online at 15-16 if tumblr had been a thing and I had had a computer. I can't even remember what I was into at 16... Fantasy books, pretty much. (I think I was writing my own fantasy story at the time, in notebooks for fucks sake... (this was back in 2002 and not like the 1980's in case someone is wondering. :D)

Then there are the people who keep posting those 'ask me a question' memes. I hate those the most. What is worse that having to scroll through a hundred questions (especially when I don't have endless scrolling on, so one meme takes up most of the page!? Why can't people use the read more option if they have to keep posting those memes?) and those keep going. One of these new people also got cyber bullied really badly a few weeks ago. I don't know what started it, but after like a day, she was getting anon messages telling her to kill herself! WTF!? Why would anyone send something like that to anyone??? Also, I don't know why people A) have anon abled when they get anon hate and B) why they try to answer those messages. I would say 'ignore and delete' because otherwise you are just feeding the trolls and at least in this case it also seemed to escalate the whole thing, making it worse and worse.

And this turned into a rant post about tumblr. I can't believe I spend so much time on that site. Sometimes I really miss LJ.

I really miss hockey too. I've been so starved for hockey things, that I actually went through the whole Backhandshelf blog for last season and listened to most of their podcasts. Can the new season start already, please?
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Aaaargh! I'm so allergic to my rats it's not even funny. I just cleaned their cage and gave them a little wash (they looked a but dirty) and now my throat inches like mad, I'm couching and my hands and arms itch where the rats claws scratched me a bit. *this is why I can't have nice things) I read that after you bathe your rats they spend a lot of time grooming themselves back into order but one of mine is just eating... I guess he has his priorities in order.

I didn't write anything yesterday so now I need to write 3400 words today if I want to keep up with nano... Uuuuh, doesn't seem likely, but we'll see.

My stupid usb cable isn't connecting my camera to the computer so I guess I won't put the photo I took of my rats or the photo I just took because it's snowing outside. *grumble*
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So I think this thing with livejournal is getting ridiculous. I mean seriously, people are leaving the site because the comment option looks different? Ah hah haa~ xD I think these days people just love to hate LJ...

Also now that this is already a ranty post I'll add that Tumblr is super annoying atm, stop posting all that Christmas crap already! Argh... I can't imagine how annoying that must be for people who don't celebrate the holiday.
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The more serious matters first. I was browsing CNN for some reason and stumbled on this article When does spanking become abuse
Because I read a lot of fic, my mind went into a kink place first... So wrong. It's actually about disciplining you kids. I was really quite scocked to realise it's totally legal in the States to beat your kid as long as you say it's for discipline. It's actually pretty rare in the world to have laws against this. Here is the sadly short list.

I looked at the profile for USA and some of the numbers are gruesome, for example: "Sixty-five per cent of three year olds in a sample of nearly 2,000 families had been “spanked” by one or both parents in the previous month."
"in 2002, 79% of preschool-aged children were spanked, and nearly half of children aged eight and nine were hit with an object such as a paddle or switch."

I'm not saying Finland is perfect or anything but at least it's not legal to hit your child anymore. And it's worked too: "In 1988, around a quarter of the children had been smacked before age 14, and around a third had been whipped. In 2008, around 10% had experienced these types of punishment."

I think I need brain-bleach after reading all that. So I'm going to complain about fandon things instead. I'd take fandom problems over real life ones any day.

Pet Peeves:

cut for to save you from my rants )

And then today's wordcount:

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I copied all my delicious bookmarks to Diigo, when they first started  talking about delicious going under/changing owners, and now I'm really glad I did. I mean the new delicous is horrible and completely un-usable! /0\ wtf, seriously! *cried bitter tears* Why do they keep ruining everything great?

Or in other words: A tale of what I felt like when I went to the new delicous website for the first time

And now that this is already a completely ranty post, might I also complain about the fact that I still haven't gotten into Pottermore! What's up with that universe? Now I'll never get in, 'cause the whole site will implode under the burden of everyone and their cat trying to log on in October.
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Is Livejournal doing weird stuff to anyone else? Like giving you an error message when you press the 'post' button when you want to make a new entry? I had to try it again and again at least 4 times before it let me write this...

Also I'm becoming paranoid about whether or not my e-mail is working. I mean rationally it must work because I'm getting LJ notifications and other stuff, but at the same time... Like I sent my teacher an e-mail yesterday and haven't heard from them (and yeah that isn't really a long time but usually she has answered within hours if you sent it during work hours)

What makes me so eager to hear back from her is that I found out someone else has already studied the exact same thing I wanted to research. Can I say bummer?

I went to see the kids are all right today in a Matinée showing and it was so good! I was pretty surprised because I didn't really like the idea of the man coming in and interrupting the family's life etc, but I think it was really well executed. Also I think I identified with Nic a lot, not that I'm a perfectionist like her or anything but there was something in there... Waah~ Can't really say what I liked so much about it, except that it seemed real to me in a way that not a lot of movies are.

This is going to sound bitchy but seriously enough already with the help_japan things! To be honest I think there are a lot better ways to help if people are so inclined and this is just starting to feel like it's all: 'oh look at me, how I'm helping people wah wah wah etc' It seems quite sanctimonious to me. Just give money to the Red Cross or some other charity and be done with it, there is no need to spam every community on LJ about how you will write fic for money or what ever the point of those posts is.  [/end rant] Also this is not meant to address any one person in particular, just the endless spam that is going on on my friends page...
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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are going to  shut down Delicious bookmarks!

Don't they realise that my whole fandom life is in there!!! /0\ Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I'm trying like an insane person to find an alternative bookmarking site before I lose everything. D=

And I thought I had a good day before this...

That is me, running around like an idiot (well figuratively) after a new home for my bookmarks. Thank you Yahoo for ruining everything. A lovely Christmas present indeed.


Nov. 9th, 2010 05:37 pm
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I'm still addicted to Australia's Master Chef and Dog Whisperer... Also I wanna dl some Project Runway. Reality TV what have you done to me!?

I'm trying to make myself more employable by taking two courses that give you a diploma thinggy saying that you are allowed to sell alcoholic beverages and that you are able to hygienically work with food. Argh... why am I running out of student benefits!? But at the same time I think it would do me good if I had a job.

2 photos of my new hair )

Spn s6e7 )Spn s6e7 )


Sep. 19th, 2010 11:30 pm
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Flatmate is back (she seems to go somewhere for the weekends, I think it has something to do with her boyfriend. [my powers of deduction are epic]) and it amazes me how much noise she is able to make just by walking down the hall, she stomps around on her heels and it sounds like she is wearing really heavy shoes. *blergh* Also she bangs the cabinet doors. Every single time. I am not amused...

Yesterday me and [livejournal.com profile] messy_kisses  went to see Poisonblack and I saw [livejournal.com profile] fonulyn  there too, hee~ for happy coincidences. \0/ Also yay for live music.

I've been playing WoW like crazy today (my fingers are actually sore from pressing the keys and clicking on the mouse so much)

How much did the last half of season three of True Blood suck? A lot if you ask me. I seriously doubt if I will watch the next season at all. *bleh* Like what the hell did they do to Sam?! I mean seriously, could they have fucked with the book canon any more? >_< Argh!
Do not want...


Jul. 12th, 2010 12:11 am
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This is not the photo post from my USA trip, this is a pointless whiny post. ^_^;

Why is it that 99% of the fanfic written about manga/anime is utter crap? I was just trying to find something to read in the Bleach fandom but I had to stop just after reading some of the "summery's" people came up with. I know I really shouldn't pass judgement because I know I've written my share of crappy fanfic but still! I want fic that wont make my brains bleed...

Edited my Star Trek bookmarks on delicious and man that was too much work. I wish I had just done it properly when I started the account...

Also, I'm covered in mosquito bites, damn you Finnish summer. *shakes fist*
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So I'm trying to work on my stupid research paper thing last night (and read fanfiction because I have the attention span of a goldfish when it comes to working) when I head this beep come from somewhere. First I thought I was imagining it but then I hear it again. I go to the kitchen to investigate because it sounds like the smoke alarm and I was worried that maybe I had forgotten to turn off the stove or something.

I wait in the kitchen for the next beep after making sure that nothing is actually burning anywhere. Finally I hear the noise again (the annoying part is that it only beeps like every 20 seconds or so) and it's coming from down the hall and not from the kitchen like I had thought. So I follow it and I already have a bad feeling about the whole thing and when I hear the sound again I'm proven right.

The beeping is coming from my flatmate's room, which is locked because she left to go somewhere on Friday. Apparently she is really aware of fire safety and has a smoke alarm in her room and now it's running out of battery and is making that beeping sound so you notice and switch the damn thing. And she's not here! And I have had to listen to the beeping ever since and it's driving me up the wall!  /0\


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