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I've made a few more since the last post. Still haven't finished my first play through and I should, I'm sure people will get more and more careless about spoilers soon. >_> But anyway moar inquisitors!

No spoilers

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Moar photos! This time a tiny bit spoilerish about the romance options

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So I decided to waste a LOT of money and get the box set thing. And I got it on the 20th and then just played and played and now finally I have time to post some photos

First of all I was really surprised how big the thing is! I have no idea where I'm going to keep it... >_>

I don't think there are any spoilers in this, I mean I'm not very far into the game (as far as I know) so it would be hard to spoil things. ^_^;

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I got my Dragon Age comics today! Yay!

Varric continues to be awesome and Isabela too for the most part. I didn't really enjoy what they made her back story out to be, all that alluded rape and prostitution and abuse and slavery?!!?! Argh! Also I didn't really like what they did with Alistair. Also also, there was a note on one page that said Varric was supposed to be Zevran in an early draft but they thought Varric was a better fit. I'm super angry about this! Zevran is so awesome and he would have made much more sense for the Crows plot.

And I will never understand people who like the Qunari, I mean wtf??? Also how are they going to explain the option of playing a Qunari Inquisitor in the new game? I think I will have to play as one just to see. But not the first time! Aaaaah I want the new game so badly, there was this long gamplay trailer last week and it was so awesome and I can't wait!

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I have to go socialize with people I don't know later today. I haaaaaate doing that, I'm so bad at chit chat with strangers. Bc for some reason you can't just start talking about fandom with everyone???

People irl are the worst and 95% of the time sooo boring.

(except my actual friends of course, but I met most of them online!!!)

People my age are so adults, they are married and have families and care about boring real life stuff. Urgh... Adulting sucks.

Oh, but I got JJ into whatsapp, so now we can actually talk, so that's great. Also she got me Diablo III as a late b-day gift and we played that last night. It was a lot of fun, that game seems so simple (so far) just click two buttons to smash everything. :D

I have completely messed up my sleep rhythm though and it sucks. I can't get anything done! And I need to do thesis things. >_> I'm gonna do better I promiseeeeeeeee!

Haven't written any fic either, so that is annoying and I should play more swtor bc I activated the paid account and I don't want it to go to waste!

So much failing going on right now. Summers are the worst, I never get anything done, just whine and whine. n_n

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The new Thief game looks really cool, but once again I wonder about why the main character has to be a dude. Why can't you also play as a lady thief? Is this just going to be another Dishonored? (Still I kind of want it!)

I feel like I haven't managed to do anything useful this week and I'm just tired all the time. Annoying...

Wild hockey is back tomorrow, wheee~ I'm super worried about their goal tending situation though, because I really doubt Kuemper's ability to keep up those incredible numbers (regression...) Also is the Wild get kicked out on the first round (if they make it there) the Ducks really need to win the cup, like I need this to happen. I will also grudgingly cheer the Blues on as long as someone other than the Hawks goes to the final. Seriously fuck the Hawks, they've had their fun, now let others win the freaking cup. (I'm not at all biased or anything)

Teen Wolf, we had a good thing going this season, why do you always do this to me?

I ate four oranges today. I don't think I've eaten since last winter. Weird how that goes sometimes.

I've also been feeling super nostalgic about 90' romcoms. I got Sleepless in Seattle and Notting Hill the other day. Someone should organize a new Harlequin or romcom challenge for the hockey fandom... is that too much to ask? (what I really mean is, people should write more pretend boyfriends/arranged marriage and kidfic for me to read)

Oh and while I was buying all those movies I also got season one of Community. I guess it's time to start collecting that (legally)
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They have called Granlund 'Finnish born' in both the Caps and Canes games. (I've been stuck with the home team announcers) What is that supposed to mean? Why isn't Finnish enough? O_o I mean it's not like he moved away from Finland when he was a kid or anything. I think you could maybe call Haula Finnish born, I mean he's been playing in the States for a long time. (did he just come to play college hockey or was he there before that, I have no idea)

Also, why is Coyle on the first PP unit, I don't like it. It was working before Coyle came back, why change it now?

The game is tied 2-2 right now, but the Wild isn't playing well, so I'm expecting them to lose this one too. Crap. They seem to suck on the road this year.

I was playing the Sims earlier today and it froze. Second time it's happened since I got the supernatural expansion... coincidence? I don't think so. (it's never happened before) I'm kind of annoyed about it, because I had just managed to have this single mother seduce the repairman and they just got married and then I wanted to expand the house, because she was pregnant and then the game froze while I was in build mode. I guess I should just save more often, but the Sims takes forever and ever to save and it's so boring to wait for it to do that.
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I hit 35,000 on my hockey fic just by filling in a few scenes I had skipped in the middle. Ooh boy... This fic is getting long.

Viaplay is showing American football and I don't know which team I should try to follow. Does anyone have recommendations? (I don't think they show all games though, but I think it might be fun to follow casually) I've only ever watched a few super bowl games, because they show those on TV here. The Ravens (uh was that their name idk) won last time, right? Maybe I should just cheer for them...

How is it Sunday already? Weekends just magically get shorter once the semester starts. Urgh.

This afternoon someone was playing music really loudly outside the building (we are the champions...) First I was annoyed, but when I went to look out there was some kind of marathon or a shorter running contest going on and people running on the sidewalk past my building. The music came from some people who were cheering the runners on. Very nice of them. So I just closed the balcony door and my window while that was going on.

Divinity II was on sale on steam (5€) so I got that. Like I don't have enough games to play already... *eye roll*
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I paid the money for the student union and now I'm a student again for one more year. The fee's gone up I think, it was 108€ and I think it was about 90 some years ago. Still can't complain too much as it's the only money I have to pay for a full year at a university. I don't know how American's do it... Well, yes I do, they either get into a lot of dept or their parents pay for them or both. I have student loans now too, I think it's about 3000€ right now and even that freaks me out quite a bit.

I still think it would be cool to work abroad for a few years after I finally manage to graduate (in a few years hopefully) and I've been thinking about Canada lately. I think it would be an interesting place to live in, but that the culture shock wouldn't be a big deal. I went to look at a webpage meant for foreigners thinking about moving to Canada and it seems there are jobs for social workers over there. :) Not that it's a big surprise I think there's a need for them all over.

Anyway... I've now read two of the Dragon Age books and they are sooooo interesting! I love how much new info they give into the world and also how much of it is then used in the games. :D It seems like the new game will take place soon after Asunder. I can't wait to play it!!! Still one year to go though. *pout*

While [livejournal.com profile] arilyn9 was visiting I got the third season of Fringe and then watched it in the past few days. I keep thinking about how Olivia is treated in the show as a female character, because now I can't not, especially with the new Star Trek movie being so bad when it comes to female characters. I do think that Olivia is super awesome! She is definitely one of my favourite female characters, but they have done some questionable shit to her and her body over the course of the show. I keep thinking though that would I even care if it had happened to a male character and I think the answer is no. So does that make it better or worse? Also the red haired Olivia is confusing to me, she seems to be all over the place when it comes to her actions and motives. I don't know... Also, I've heard that the fourth season is a mess and I wish I hadn't read that somewhere, because now I'm worried about what they are going to do to this show I like so much. ;___;

I also bought both seasons of Rome, because I only had season 2 for years and now there is no way to just get season one anywhere!! The blu-ray was only 24€ so it's not that bad with 12€ per season... It's been years and years since I watched season one and I'm kind of nervous about watching it again, in case it's not as good as I remember it being. It's not going to ruin it for me, I know that, so I should just watch it. 
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I hit 15,000 on the Hockey fic, so yay for that. I'm not sure, but it's possible I can finish it at around 25,000.

Then I've been playing some Old Republic and it's still a lot of fun. (except the loading times, for me to actually get into the game and then when I log off... those suck)
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There has been a lot of Welcome to the Nightvale stuff on tumblr lately, so I spent hours yesterday fighting with my iTunes, so I could DL the podcast and put it on my iPod. I went for a walk today and listened to three episodes, while walking. It makes the time go by so much faster.


Jul. 4th, 2013 01:38 am
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So I got myself an Xbox yesterday. I'm still trying to learn how to use it, but so far so good. Do any of you have one, and if so, wanna be buddies? :D

Also, I have written 3000 words for my hockey big bang. I'm really hopeful that I can actually manage to finish this one in the allotted time *fingers crossed*

I made a chocolate cheesecake because [livejournal.com profile] messy_kisses is coming to visit me tomorrow. So now I won't eat the whole freaking thing by myself. 
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Now that I know I'm getting some money at the end of the week I've been looking at gaming consoles again. >_> Oops? But I could get a really basic (very small memory) xbox360 with 130€ That's cheap! Especially now that I'm paying for viaplay anyway, it would be cool to be able to watch all the movies and shows on my tv instead of my computer screen, which is a lot smaller (obviously). I'm just really annoyed that you have to get the gold membership to activate and use the viaplay app (or whatever it's called) and the same would apply if I got a PS3 (only the xbox thing is a bit cheaper)

I've read books this week! I'm super proud of myself. :D I just finished Deep Secret by Diana Wynne Jones and it was pretty great. I really like her style. This was an older book by her, but you can tell in a lot of her books that she's really into the idea of parallel universes and a lot of her characters universe hop (I think Howl's Moving Castle is the most famous)

omg look at the cover photo though. I was pretty sure this book had been written in the 80's or something, but nope 1997... was the fashion really that bad back then?
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Then I read this Stat Trek book called the IDIC epidemic, and wow I googled it so I could post the cover page, which is kind of ridiculous and it seems you can read it for free on google books, or whatever it's supposed to be called. Anyway the point was that it was a really well written and thought out book, I was really positively surprised. Also it had a Klingon original character, who was central to the plot and I really enjoyed reading about him (especially because I don't really know that much about the Klingons, as they aren't really fleshed out in TOS, and nevermind the reboot universe)

(I don't know why Spock is so central in the cover, when he's not even the main character. [can you guess though why I originally bought it?] Heh I have two other books about Spock that I got from the same second hand bookstore while I was in the States, I'm going to read those next)

I think I had almost forgotten how much I like actual books, because let's be honest I mostly just read fic these days. Maybe I can keep this up this summer and read all the books I have that I haven't even started, or that are lying about half-finished.
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Bruins - Hawks series is now tied 1-1. Yay, go Bruins. Also Tuukka Rask has been so great. (I'm kinda amused by people complaining about overtime because the games end so late... :D Try being an European fan. I have to watch the games the next day because I have work. Otherwise I would be sitting on my computer at 3am waiting for the game to start)

Luckily this next week is short because it's midsummer's eve on Friday. Also I have an exam on Tuesday so I won't go to work then either. And then next week is the last week of June, and finally I can have a holiday. Whee~ (I haven't studied for the exam at all... oops?)

Also I played Settlers this weekend and it's a pretty cool game even though sometimes it's a bit hard for me. I think I'm on the ninth mission and just got annihilated. =(
(I got settlers 7 and two Assassins Creed games from an online sale, I hope they will come this week.)

My dog just fell of the bed. :D She was sleeping on the edge and then tried to turn her side and fell of and almost knocked a lamp over. Poor baby, she looked so bewildered afterwards.
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I'm super excited about this already and it's going to take over an year for it to come out. (also how hot is Varric in this??? Also doesn't Morrigan have her mother's voice in this? Or am I imagining it...)

Oh and it seems like Neil Gaiman has a new book coming out this summer, who knew. =)
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Started week three of my summer job. Working is hard... who knew. ^_^; Especially because it's kind of physical and I have to stand for most of the time, so of course I'm super tired once I get home. (comparing this to the rest of the year, when I go to lectures a couple times a week and sit on my computer for the rest of the time)

Iain M. Banks died. What is it with my favourite authors kicking the bucket lately. =(

But happily the Bruins are in the Stanley Cup Finals. Yay!! :D (if I was rich I would get a Krejci shirt. He's all kinds of awesome)
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Oh and I got a pokemon game for my nintendo DS. It's kind of addictive, although I'm hoarding too many pokemons and not leveling them up enough because of that.

Me and mom went to clean up my apartment last weekend and went shopping. I got some stuff but the most important thing I got was a hammock! I've always wanted one and now it's there on my balcony. :D

And I think I'll order this shirt, it's on sale and I like it.
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I made a new character on the old republic. They added a new race you can play. I think she turned out pretty badass. :D

They were called something silly, like cathiss Cathar (I checked it) or something, because they look a bit feline. I'm annoyed that no matter how cool and different you can make their faces the bodies are all the same, no matter what race you play. It's really disappointing.

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I don't know who I want to cheer on in hockey anymore. I'm super disappointed that the Ducks got eliminated, as I was counting on them. And now I have to cheer Detroit on, because I can't cheer for the Hawks. *pout* At least I can still happily root for the Bruins. Stupid Rangers getting through. *grr* Then I'm on Ottawa's side, just because they are the underdogs, even though I was rooting for the Penguins in the first round (but Jokinen isn't even playing, so what's the point) And I guess I want LA to win just because of fandom reasons...
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Huh, the trip to England is only a little over a week away! Time is going by so fast. (this is not a good thing) I'm also kind of annoyed with myself for not feeling that excited about the One Direction concert. I wish I was more fandom loyal for longer periods of time, but maybe the concert will rekindle it for me.

I got one of those small suitcases with wheels yesterday, so now I don't have to lug a backpack with me. We'll see how that works out. It's bright light blue, so at least it should be easy to spot on the luggage carousel among all those black cases people have. :D

The Wild have been doing poorly as of late. Three game losing streak... It doesn't look good right now. I just hope they can get into the play-offs still, because if they don't I think the fanbase in Minnesota is going to revolt.  They got a new player on the trade deadline (Jason Pominville and he seems nice enough. There is going to be a short Becoming Wild clip of him tomorrow, I'm curious to see what it's about.) I just wish they would have gotten a defense-man instead, because right now everyone kind of sucks (even Suter and Brodin haven't been at their best)
And the next three games are against Lumbus, the Hawks and the Blues... and they are all doing really well right now. =(

I've been playing so much Dragon Age II, I always forget how much fun it is until I play it again. And then it's all: "One more quest!" for hours and hours.
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I've been playing a lot of Star Wars the old republic this week and it's a lot of fun. \0/ The game is really pretty and it reminds me of WoW in good ways, while being better. I mean it has actual plot and stuff and I'm already a big fan of Star Wars, so the universe is super interesting to me.

(also randomly before I ramble more about the game. There is going to be a new X-Men movie where the old trilogy Xavier and Magneto meet the First Class versions of themselves. I can't wait! [I kind of wish it would go like a fanfic where the old versions teach the young versions the value of friendship and love so that they create a new timeline where Magneto won't become the bad guy and Charles and Eric live happily ever after...] But either way I think it will be awesome to watch.)

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New things

Oct. 29th, 2012 01:55 pm
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So the One Direction single came out and it's really nice (at least I think so now, after one listen) and you can definitely tell it was made by Ed Sheeran. ^_^ But duuude, I can't recognize their voices at all! Except Louis and maybe Niall? And I'm not even sure about Niall... I suck.

Then there is this awesome Josh Whedon presidential commercial. Hilarious stuff

And I take it back about what I said about people dying in ASOIAF... A lot more people died when I got further into A Storm of Swords.

I spent a lot of time yesterday playing Star Wars: The Old Republic and it's a lot of fun.


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