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I don't think it worked out perfectly at all, but from certain angles I think you can tell what I was trying to do. :D

Now the dilemma is, should he romance someone??? I mean I sort of can't even think about it, because Anders and Hawke are my literal forever otp

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Finished inquisition for the first time!!!!!!!!!!!

Have to say it lacked emotional punch, like unless the next game has the same characters, it doesn’t really make sense why there was no closure…

Also first time a Dragon Age game didn’t make me cry. I kind of miss that. First play through of DA:II was so emotionally wrecking

I guess maybe this would have been more emotional if I had romanced Solas? And now that surprise is gone (also got spoiled on tumblr so there was that too)

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I've made a few more since the last post. Still haven't finished my first play through and I should, I'm sure people will get more and more careless about spoilers soon. >_> But anyway moar inquisitors!

No spoilers

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Moar photos! This time a tiny bit spoilerish about the romance options

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So I decided to waste a LOT of money and get the box set thing. And I got it on the 20th and then just played and played and now finally I have time to post some photos

First of all I was really surprised how big the thing is! I have no idea where I'm going to keep it... >_>

I don't think there are any spoilers in this, I mean I'm not very far into the game (as far as I know) so it would be hard to spoil things. ^_^;

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I got my Dragon Age comics today! Yay!

Varric continues to be awesome and Isabela too for the most part. I didn't really enjoy what they made her back story out to be, all that alluded rape and prostitution and abuse and slavery?!!?! Argh! Also I didn't really like what they did with Alistair. Also also, there was a note on one page that said Varric was supposed to be Zevran in an early draft but they thought Varric was a better fit. I'm super angry about this! Zevran is so awesome and he would have made much more sense for the Crows plot.

And I will never understand people who like the Qunari, I mean wtf??? Also how are they going to explain the option of playing a Qunari Inquisitor in the new game? I think I will have to play as one just to see. But not the first time! Aaaaah I want the new game so badly, there was this long gamplay trailer last week and it was so awesome and I can't wait!


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