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I paid the money for the student union and now I'm a student again for one more year. The fee's gone up I think, it was 108€ and I think it was about 90 some years ago. Still can't complain too much as it's the only money I have to pay for a full year at a university. I don't know how American's do it... Well, yes I do, they either get into a lot of dept or their parents pay for them or both. I have student loans now too, I think it's about 3000€ right now and even that freaks me out quite a bit.

I still think it would be cool to work abroad for a few years after I finally manage to graduate (in a few years hopefully) and I've been thinking about Canada lately. I think it would be an interesting place to live in, but that the culture shock wouldn't be a big deal. I went to look at a webpage meant for foreigners thinking about moving to Canada and it seems there are jobs for social workers over there. :) Not that it's a big surprise I think there's a need for them all over.

Anyway... I've now read two of the Dragon Age books and they are sooooo interesting! I love how much new info they give into the world and also how much of it is then used in the games. :D It seems like the new game will take place soon after Asunder. I can't wait to play it!!! Still one year to go though. *pout*

While [livejournal.com profile] arilyn9 was visiting I got the third season of Fringe and then watched it in the past few days. I keep thinking about how Olivia is treated in the show as a female character, because now I can't not, especially with the new Star Trek movie being so bad when it comes to female characters. I do think that Olivia is super awesome! She is definitely one of my favourite female characters, but they have done some questionable shit to her and her body over the course of the show. I keep thinking though that would I even care if it had happened to a male character and I think the answer is no. So does that make it better or worse? Also the red haired Olivia is confusing to me, she seems to be all over the place when it comes to her actions and motives. I don't know... Also, I've heard that the fourth season is a mess and I wish I hadn't read that somewhere, because now I'm worried about what they are going to do to this show I like so much. ;___;

I also bought both seasons of Rome, because I only had season 2 for years and now there is no way to just get season one anywhere!! The blu-ray was only 24€ so it's not that bad with 12€ per season... It's been years and years since I watched season one and I'm kind of nervous about watching it again, in case it's not as good as I remember it being. It's not going to ruin it for me, I know that, so I should just watch it. 
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I still need to read one book today. "The Gender of History; Men, Women, and Historical Practice" I'm sure it will be a riveting read... If I can manage to finish it today, I'll only have about 50 pages of "Gender and the Politics of History" left. All in all I have to read about 700 pages to get 10 credits... I really hope I'll pass these exams.

I was reading this book about women's history in Finland and there was this photo:

My first thought was that 'aw hipster granny has an iPhone' then I went all wtf and checked the date and found out that the photo had been taken in 1948. Then I laughed and went on a tangent about time travelling grannys. (I was pretty tired at that point)

And while I'm talking about books and history... I read from this book called 'Homosexality: a History' last night and the writer was talking about the Romans and how they had no problem with guys having sex with each other as long as you didn't like it up the arse. And then I learned something new about Caesar, which I will copy here because I found it kind of hilarious.

"Caesar, who had a well-known affair with Nicomedes, the King of Bithynia, was called 'the queen' in public assembly by Octavius, for he had been seen as a cup-bearer at a banquet given by Nicomedes with other exoleti (passive homosexuals). Caesar was mocked in public. It is said that he wore his toga in such a way that it swished languidly upon the ground. But he also had a reputation for seducing women, among them at least two Queens: Cleopatra and Eunoe, wife of King Bogudes of Mauritania. He also seduced the wives of Pompey, Crassius and Servius Sulpicius. Not for nothing was Caesar named omnium virorum, omnium mulierum virum (wife to all men and husband to all women)"

From now on if Caesar comes up, I'll always have this mental image of him walking sassily with his swishy toga... xD and then, you know, stabbing you in the stomach if you laughed at him.

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My dog is an adorable moron. I'm still here at mom's and I had to bring the rats (of course) but they are hidden away at this alcove thing I have in my room, because Luna is way too interested in my rodent friends and would most likely terrify them to death if they saw her... but anyway, she can still hear them rustling in their cage and it's kind of driving her bonkers. She just keeps watch in front of the doors most of the time (if she's not distracted away) poor animals. ^_^;

Then for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to read this insanely epic length Glee fic where Quinn and Finn swap bodies and Quinn falls for Rachel because she needs to pretend to be her boyfriend and Finn is just adorable as a girl and and... It's a wip and already almost 300,000 words. I'm clearly insane, because I don't even like Glee.

Mom is going shopping tomorrow for sales and promised to buy me new socks. My life, so exciting. (although I do really need new socks quite badly)
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Wow, the new episode of Supernatural (7x03) was really boring, although, omg Kaylee from Firefly! How could you kill her, Dean?

Yesterday I noticed that you can change the resolution of your screen to make it sharper etc and now everything is tiny (text, icons) but graphics on my games are so much better. /0\ My ineptitude with computers knows no bounds.

Also, I really miss having photoshop... Why can't I have a few hundred euros to thow away and get a legal copy? 'Cause trying to dl one off the internet has proven to be a very dangerous and virus filled mission. *le sigh* (for some reason LJ spell check doesn't think 'proven' is a word... weid)

I'm also thinking about changing my layout and moodtheme. You did good Pride and Prejudice but I think it's time for a change. *nod nod*
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I'm reading an interesting book called 'The Will to Change - men, masculinity, and love' where the author talks about partiarchy and how that has shaped men and how they are allowed to feel or express their feeling. (or to put it in other words; how they aren't allowed to do any of that) I think I will write more about this once I finish reading it but she quoted another book and I really wanted to write it down.

Attention to the meaning of the central male slang term for sexual intercourse- "fuck" -is instructive. To fuck a woman is to have sex with her. To fuck someone in another context... means to hurt or cheat a person. And when hurled as a simple insult ("fuck you") the intent is denigration and the remark is often a prelude to violence or the threat of violence. Sex in patriarchy is fucking. That we live in a world in which people continue to use the same word for sex and violence, and then resist the notion that sex is routinely violent and claim to be outraged when sex becomes overtly violent, is a testament to the power of patriarchy.
-Robert Jensen

And now that I'm sort of talking about sex I might as well mention something else that has been bothering me. I was thinking about the Harry Potter books and how they are meant to be read by kids. Not necessarily very young kids but kids none the less. In the HP books a lot of people die in pretty horrible ways, people get injured because someone wanted to hurt them physically, people are tortured. Violence is not presented as something entirely bad though, in some cases it is the right thing to do (as in when fighting evil) Nobody curses in HP books and nobody has sex in them either ("on screen") Why is it okay to have murder and torture in a kids book but not sex or even cursing?
- Kids might imitate the way the characters speak and start cursing. Eh? But they don't start torturing and killing people when they read about it.
- Kids might start having sex. Um... Like they wont do that in any case. Shouldn't there be examples in books for teenagers to see what a loving relationship is like sex included. I think it would give them a much better example than watching porn online, or hearing sex clinically explained in sex ed.

Why is sex such a taboo in books and on TV/movies? Why don't we even blink when we see a character get killed on screen but if there is a sex scene it can cause an outrage, (especially if children might see). How does that work? Even showing a character naked is a big deal. Sex is supposed to be a natural part of being human, it's even considered a good thing in general and yet we aren't allowed to see it. I get that it's supposed to be personal and private but at the same time I want to ask 'why is it so private?' Isn't torturing and murdering people sort of personal and private too? What makes it okay to see one but not the other?

(Then again, sex scenes make me personally uncomfortable if I see one in a movie etc. However, I have watched porn, where seeing people have sex is the whole point and that didn't bother me. Have I just been socialized to see sex in the media as a bad thing? Also this aversion I have only extends to seeing heterosexual couples having sex. I watched the L word and the sex scenes didn't bother me and neither have the ones I've seen in gay movies or shows like Queer as Folk. This makes me think it's just something personal in my own case. And this whole paragraph isn't really making any sense so I'll just stop now...)

I generally think there is too much sex on tv/movies and I don't like how they usually depict women. So does that make me a hypocrite? Especially when I don't feel that way about violence in the same context. I don't like horror movies or scenes where someone is tortured (particularly if they do something to the persons hands or teeth) but in shows like CSI or other crime shows I pretty much like watching people get killed/murdered. And how messed up is that when you actually write it down... Some of my favourite characters in movies and TV are murderers/torturers or they have at least assaulted someone. If they were real I'd never want to get closer than a hundred meters of them. Double standars much...

Waah~ I can't express myself the way I want to! *flails* But if any of this made any kind of sense to you or if you wanna tell me how you feel about the topic(s) I'd love to hear it! \0/

P.s. Livejournal spell check doesn't think patriarchy is a word. Are we being oppressed? Or am I writing the word wrong? There are always more questions than there are answers. *nod nod*


Also completely off topic but I had a nose bleed today... So weird. O_o
And! I'm going to see Sherlock Holmes tomorrow! woot!
edit: lol someone posted a secret on [info]fandomsecrets  that was about the same thing as my last post, (the whole objectifying men thing. =D)
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I see this a LOT on [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets and now I'm curious... People either post secrets about how they would "hit that" about a character or a real person, or they bitch about how their friends/friends list lusts after a character or a person (in a sort of serious, YES I would have sex with this person, kind of way) and the bitching is usually about how they lust after a person the poster doesn't like. That's not really the point. The point is: Do people seriously want to have sex with celebrities(actors, musicians etc) and/or fictional characters (if the character was real)?

So the question is: If the object of your fangirling walked up to you and said something along the lines of: "Let's fuck" would you?

To me it seems very strange... I'm the first one to admit that I find a lot of people incredibly attractive, talented, charming and just hot, but it doesn't mean I'd want to have sex with them. (Waah~ I feel like a prude just saying it.) I think one reason why I feel like this is that it feels really insensitive and rude towards the person/celebrity in question. I mean how would you feel if there were dozens/hundreds/thousands of strangers saying they would want to have sex with you and commenting on your body etc. (okay some people surely would love that...) It's just that it makes the person into a sexual object and not a person. Like it doesn't matter how they feel about it. I mean you can say 'I'd hit that' or 'I'd have sex with him/her' but what if they don't want to? It especially bothers me when we are talking about a real person and not a character on TV/movies.

I mean I'm all for equality but I don't think women should adopt this kind of predatory attitude towards men or other women. I mean it's already frowned upon if a man says something like that about a woman. At least in 'polite company' or if it's not frowned upon it should be imo.


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