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Oct. 29th, 2012 01:55 pm
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So the One Direction single came out and it's really nice (at least I think so now, after one listen) and you can definitely tell it was made by Ed Sheeran. ^_^ But duuude, I can't recognize their voices at all! Except Louis and maybe Niall? And I'm not even sure about Niall... I suck.

Then there is this awesome Josh Whedon presidential commercial. Hilarious stuff

And I take it back about what I said about people dying in ASOIAF... A lot more people died when I got further into A Storm of Swords.

I spent a lot of time yesterday playing Star Wars: The Old Republic and it's a lot of fun.
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Augh! School is hard yo~ xD Also I might be going slightly insane while trying to study. I suck at studying...
BUT I have 21 credits for this year so I only need like 20+ more. Sounds impossible to do in 1+ month but it's totally doable. For example I can get 8 credits from this Friday's exams (if I pass...) And the 8 more credits from my seminar if I pass and manage to actually write the damn paper in time... In school related happy news; I was really positively surprised when I found out today that I had gotten the best grade from my exam in my women's studies 'heterosexual normativity' (or sumthing liek that in english, I suck in translating)

However in much more exiting news: I got that inheritance this Tuesday and it was more than I expected to get, so I'm totally going to the States this summer! \0/ I was looking at flights and it seems to be cheapest if I first go to Stockholm and fly from there to New York and then to St. Louis. *bounce bounce* I'm super excited already. =D

cute pig macro )

And this just because of its adorableness.

Okay back to studying now... =P
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Sooo~ I don't actually have anything to post about but I found a few cute macro's at [ profile] ontd_startrek  and wanted to post them. Do you have cute animal macros you'd like to share? *puppy eyes*
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Also, Pinto lives, which is awesome! \0/
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But first I need to tell you about my dream where I met Barack Obama... O_O He was in Finland for some very odd reason just walking about by himself. My mom didn't recognize him and I was embarrassed. We talked about something but I don't remember what anymore. My brain=random.

Also, I have 10 credits now! I only need 30 more and I'll be okay. \0/ Maybe I can do this after all. (A big maybe...)

So the point of this post was that I talked about seeing some funny/off stuff in Japan (mostly weird english) and said I would post photos. Well I never got to it until now.
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First of all: Thank you [ profile] dearkiki  for the virtual gift! I have never gotten one before so it's extra special kind of awesome! \0/

Me and [ profile] sherg  went to the movies yesterday to see Wolfman. In hindsight the name should have hinted at the quality of the film... I don't remember when I have seen a worse movie. >_< Yeah so I'm still waiting for a good werewolf movie, it's a very sad state of affairs when I think the Twilight weres are the best ones that I have seen. I hope they do them better in True Blood (if the show ever gets that far)

There was an epic party post at [ profile] ontd_startrek and out off all the awesome things posted I love these two the most.
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Whether you live in a cave, tree, hole, box, or just a typical room, there's a lot you can learn about a person by looking at where they live!

snagged from [ profile] fonulyn  and [ profile] sherg 

Yay I can post photos! )

Tag! I'm not going to tag anyone but I'd love to see what your room looks like! \0/


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