Feb. 10th, 2014 11:39 pm
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I don't remember if I already wrote about this, but whatever. I passed that seminar course I had. Finally! Now I'm literally two book exams away from having all my courses done for my history degree... and then the freaking thesis. Argh. But still, progress.

Finland has lost both of its hockey games so far, but they did pretty well against USA and Canada! Only way is up from here. :D

The NHL players got to Sotchi today and suddenly there's a lot to reblog on tumblr. I've never followed a tournament like this before, it's pretty neat. Oh and Selänne is the captain and he'll likely start the tournament in a line with Granlund and Barkov. That should be interesting, to say the least. Timonen and Komarov got the A's. I think it's safe to say that the Finnish team is the dark horse this time around... Let's see if they can keep the medal streak going with these guys. ^_^;

I'm sort of looking into doing my last work practice/internship abroad, but it seems so complicated. Especially because I would have to find a place to live for three months and pay for that myself. ;__; But it would be so cool... *sad whine*
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I went to Tampere this past weekend for the UN student meeting thing about sustainable development. It was pretty cool. Also hung out with [livejournal.com profile] arilyn9 and [livejournal.com profile] sherg I'm kind of super jealous you get to live in one of my favourite cities. *pout*

Yesh, managed to finish one assignment for school. Two to go. Sadly the one I finished was the easiest... bummer. Still I have two days for the small thesis one and then two more days before the essay is due. Totally doable, hopefully *fingers crossed*

This wouldn't be such a problem if I didn't have the strongest urge to start a new fic. I want to write about how Phil and Amanda Kessel swap bodies and how that makes them evaluate their lives. Mostly I just want Amanda to get to play in the NHL and for Phil to pine after Tyler and wonder if it wouldn't be easier to just stay swapped so they could be together. And demand they send Stella to wherever Amanda is training for the Olympics and accidentally start rumors about Amanda and Tyler dating, which would not amuse Amanda, who would end up seeming like the over protective big brother. And for both of them to have body dysmorphia issues because they are cis people.

About real hockey... the Wild have been playing pretty well lately, yay! They have won the last 7 out of 8 games. They have a four game road trip that starts tonight though, so I'm a bit worried. They haven't been great on the road this season. Still let's enjoy the fact that they are second in the Central division right now, only two points behind the Hawks. (and let's ignore how the Avs and Blues have played two games less)

Also there are 8 teams in the West who have as many or more points than the first team in the East. Wow, just wow.

I got new books while I was visiting arilyn9. I just love that one used book store there... This time I got 7 new (to me) books. I'm super excited about my expanding collection of the Culture novels. I don't think I'm missing many anymore. Then, when I got back home I found the books I ordered from bookdepository had finally arrived. Those are the Patrick O'Brian books. The covers are so pretty!
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Last night when I was going to bed I made the mistake of taking a book with me. To be fair, I didn't think it would be so good that I would have to read the whole thing through, but I did. Luckily it was a short book, so I was able to finally fall asleep around four (seriously 176 pages!!! That is so short! And it had pretty big print too). Even more lucky I didn't have lectures today. Anyway I got one of those Anita Blake Vampire Hunter books on sale from the bookstore yesterday and that's the one I read. I was really surprised how much I liked it, but then again I really liked the early Southern Vampire Mysteries (True Blood) books too. Also it worked really well on its own, even though it was like the 19th book, but it wasn't like I couldn't follow what was going on.

There was a lot of het sex/sexuality in it too and it took me a while to get used to that after reading so much slash for the past 7 years. I mean usually in the 'real' books I read there isn't any sex 'on screen', especially because I read a lot of fantasy. I had no idea what the books were actually about before I read it, but I was also impressed with the polyamorous relationship Anita had with all her men, brownie points for that. I also got the impression that she's at least a bit bisexual? (she didn't flirt or sleep with a woman though, so I'm not sure) and some of her boyfriends might be too? Anyway, I'm going to read some more of these.

I even found some of them for free e-books, but my Kobo is frozen and I can't reset it or fix it, so that makes me sad. Especially because it's not like the thing was that cheap and I only had it for about a year. :(

Oh and first French class went well. The teacher was super nice. I'm actually looking forward to going to the lesions and maybe I will even learn a bit of French. :) I wish our language teachers had been this nice when I was in middle school/high school, I might have actually learned some swedish/german back then.

Tomorrow I'm going to [livejournal.com profile] arilyn9's place and to tracon. Whee~
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Waah~ Yuletide nominations are almost here! :D My first year of nominating something and second year of writing something for it. I'm really glad I did it last year, it was a lot more fun than I would have thought it was.

I think I'm going to nominate hockey movies: Goon, Breakfast With Scot and the Mighty Ducks. :D

They changed the nominations and now two people have to nominate the same thing for it to make it into the fest. I think that will weed out a lot of fandoms and leave the more popular rare fandoms. Some people seem upset about it and I can see why. Especially because there is no way of knowing when a fandom has already passed the two people threshold, so people are going to keep nominating some things, just to make sure they get through and basically waste their nominations... I think it will be interesting to see what kind of fandoms there are going to be this year.

I have a class tomorrow!!! First day of the fall semester. Of course it's about the laws that govern social work. I'm sure it will be super riveting first thing in the morning (from 9.00 to 13.00)

Oh and I watched the recap show from the Euro hockey tour and Finland beat Sweden 5-0. Muah ha ha! :D I wonder how many guys will make the Olympic team from the SM-liiga and KHL, because I think we have really good players in them and they would already be used to the big ice etc. I bet a lot of the D-men will come from the European leagues as we don't have many guys playing in the NHL anyway and the ones that are there aren't that great. And like Komarov and Korpikoski must be pretty high on the list for forwards? Idk, I guess we'll find out later. :D I wonder when they will reveal the jerseys? I hope someone will post about it on tumblr or I might miss it. (I tried to google it, but my google-fu is even worse in Finnish than it is in English...) I hope they won't look like the jersey's the team wore in this tournament, because they looked awful. Unless all teams have made a bet on who can have the worst looking uniforms in these Olympics. I guess that's a possibility. I don't think anyone is going to beat the USA team though. Theirs look so awful.

Oh and Minnesota revealed their new white jerseys today and they look good. :D (the green looks pretty black in some of these, so I wonder what they will look like on TV, but still, I like how they look. If I was rich I would get one.)
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Woo~ Teemu Selänne is still going to play. :D (the video is adorable) I also read this article about Saku Koivu and he also hinted that this season might be his last. It's going to be really weird when they have both retired, I mean they are legends around here. (I wonder if either will make the Olympic team?)

Managed to sign up for all my classes, go me! Actually doing grown up stuff for once. And I went for a walk and then shopped around for a new bed, but those things are super expensive. Have to see if there's a way to get my old bed here instead. (I'm sick and tired of sleeping on this narrow bed I have right now. There is room for a proper bed in this flat and I want to sprawl damn it!)

I really need to get back to writing my fic again. I think it's so true what they say about making writing just another routine that you do every day. I really need to aspire to that, instead of just waffling around and avoiding finishing things.
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Waah, I don't want to see all these wedding photos about Brendon Urie and Sarah. Generally I don't like to know too much about canon relationships when it's about real people. Just makes it simpler to ship things. Also just generally I don't get the whole thing about weddings, or why you would want to post those photos online in the first place. >_<

But the Bruins won! Yay!

Why are hockey jerseys so expensive? And the same goes for t-shirts. How can people afford to have multiple jerseys, how? I bet if you add what shipping would cost I could buy a PS3 (when it's on sale) and I would rather have that than a shirt. Especially because I'm never going to get to see a game live anyway... *pout* But seriously 25 dollars for a t-shirt!!!

also this song would make for a great hockey fanvid imo. (I really like the song in general too and that video is adorable)

I'm at my flat and I have an exam tomorrow... I've almost read all the materials for it, but I dunno, the topic is pretty out of my comfort zone, so we'll see how it goes. (I really need the 8 credits though, so I hope I can pass it.)
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We really needed that one. I mean people were saying we need to fire the coach, or trade key players etc. Like seriously, people were in panic mode... Somehow some people seemed to think the Wild were going to turn into the Penguins or the Hawks this season.
Let's see what they are going to do about the lineup after this though. The rookies were great. :D

Also I managed to write an essay that is due tomorrow while I watched the earlier games. Now I just need to get up like an hour early this morning and edit the whole thing, because I'm not so sure of how much sense it actually makes. I was more worried about getting the required page count down tbh. (I just keep cheering for the underdogs though, it's getting annoying and stops me from actually being happy about wins... It's rather annoying. [but Buffalo and LA were trying so hard! How can you not root for them?] So what to do to get on the Hawks/Penguins bandwagon? Hmm)

Oh and last day of work practice tomorrow. It was actually pretty fun and the Russian winter holiday thing this Saturday was a success, people actually participated and I wasn't too much of an introvert. :D One of the organizers treated us volunteers to pizza afterwards, so that was nice too.

Back to hockey for a sec... I just need to post this finally to get it off my tabs. Mikko can be a real jerk when he wants to. xDDD


Aug. 22nd, 2012 08:16 pm
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I never should have gone to ONTD to look up the entry about Zayn and that video... Day ruiner that one.

But anyway. One more day of work left! \0/ Then I can go back to doing nothing and maybe even writing some fic before school starts up again. :D (I may have signed up to another mpreg big bang... maybe this time I will be able to finish my story. I'd hate to just leave it after spending so much time writing it already. And the fic is only due in February so I'll have plenty of time)

I need to get some school stuff sorted out this week. Grr, why am I so lazy? But yeah once I get back from work I have no interest in doing anything even remotely useful. I blame that.

I was thinking that I should do NaNo this year, except I'd write my thesis instead of fic or original fiction. I think it might actually force me to work on it. But I should start working on it before November, obviously. >_>

Now I'll just go back to reading Samurai Deeper Kyo. I think that should cheer me up a bit. 
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I'm always lazy but these past few weeks... I haven't done anything >_> I went to the gym yesterday and that's about it. The Olympics aren't helping either because now I just sit in front of the TV and watch weird sports. Like today I spend a good amount of time watching women bike around London. Also Archery is badass!

Then I watched the women's gymnastics just now and it reminded me about Make it or Break it and I googled it only to find that it got cancelled! Whyyyy~ I was really looking forwards to watching the third season and now I only get 8 episodes. ;__;

To make matters even worse I was thinking about how I want to watch a movie and thought 'I'll just watch the Temeraire movie!' before I realised there is no Temeraire movie. *pout*

I'm so ready to move though, I'm getting sick and tired of the super slow internet my mom has. It's so sucky it won't even let me on msn and you can forget about dl anything. I still think it's a miracle it lets me scroll tumblr.

I did manage to sort through my thesis materials though. Like by the archive number, so now I have them in separate files, more or less. Now I just need to start reading through them... Which might take a while, as I took 3150 photos and about a third of them look like this
example )

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What is this new thing where people don't use capital letters in their fic? Why would you do that? Whyyyyyyyyy~

Oh and I bought myself Mass Effect 3 today. \0/ Now I can finish ME2 in peace and not worry if it ends in a cliffhanger or something. (I don't think games ever do? But better safe than sorry. Also finally in the third one I can romance Kaidan!!! Our love is for the ages.)

Also this week keeps up with the trend of me getting good news: I've got a place to live this autumn! The student housing company was super quick. I only e-mailed them this morning and they already sent me an offer. It's miles away from the city center and the university but the rent is cheap and I'll only have to live there for about an year anyway. *shrug* I'm getting really tired of having flatmates though... I'm too old for that shit.

Oh and I'm already planning another exchange year abroad. Don't tell my mom, I have a feeling she'd murder me. (like she has this idea I should actually graduate as soon as possible and get a job? How novel. ^_^;) I want to go to England this time. I need to save up some money (and by that I mean I finally need to take advantage of the student loan system) so I can talk mom into thinking this is a good idea and she won't have to pay for it. (at least this time I could actually study my major while doing the exchange so it wouldn't be a waste, like last time. And it's not like the flights would cost anything compared to what the flights were to Japan. It would be like a thousand euro's cheaper already!)
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I'm starting a new degree this fall. I got accapted to the social work program. Now I'm just wondering about how I will manage to finish my masters thesis and get that degree done at the same time... :/ Well hopefully I can manage somehow.

At least once I get this new degree done I will actually be qualified to do an actual job. And there are never enough social workers so...

Mostly I'm just relieved that I won't have to keep living with my mom. I mean she's great but I'm definitely too old for that. Three months is my limit. :)

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But what can you do? I just spent ages washing the dishes. (I think every single dish I own was dirty...) and now I need to get packing my stuff. Mom is coming over to help soon and tomorrow is moving day.

I also just managed to beat the deadline for my university thing, so yay for that. Now I have another year to write my thesis and finally graduate. (I'm seriously thinking about applying for a PhD after this is done, because let's be honest, it's not like I'm going to get a job with my degree anyway...)

Also I finally got my desucon tickets. Whew. [livejournal.com profile] arilyn9 are you really going to print out that card game from tumblr and bring it? Because that would be awesome =D


May. 28th, 2012 11:32 pm
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Why would anyone feel the need to shorten Liam's name into Li???? His name's already only four letters long! /0\ Seriously though is this even canon, like has anyone from the band called him that? (I think seeing the nickname in a story might be one of the indicators that you are reading bad!fic)

I have my big exam tomorrow!!! Waaaaaah~ And after that I'm going home to mom and seeing my dog and my rats, yay! =D
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It's actually pretty nice here right now, the sun is shining and everything.
The research down at the Archive has been going pretty well too, so can't really complain (well I might once I actually start reading through all the material and find out if anything I photographed is actually usefull to my topic)

I also think I'll actually have time to look through all the materials I might need! That is pretty good, because I was worried that I wouldn't have enough time. I might actually have too much time on my hands, I have no idea what I should do on Sunday when the Archives are closed. >_> I was thinking that it would be a good chance to go see the Avengers again, but that only takes care of a couple hours.

Oh and a funny thing happened today. This old man asked me for directions and I of course didn't know anything helpful... but the funny bit was that he asked me if I was Canadian and when I said I was from Finland he said "Selanne! The hockey player. He's from Finland, right?" which is all kinds of awesome, because you really don't expect old British dudes to know much about hockey. (which made me think about how I'm missing the games and that made me a bit sad, but hopefully I'll get to see a few games once I get back.)

I'm going to try and find a HMV today and see if Sherlock season two bluray has gotten cheap enough that I want to buy it. I'm also thinking that I should buy Downton Abbey dvd's if they don't cost as much here as they do back home.

The hostel where I'm staying in located right next to the train tracks, which was sort of annoying the first night but since then I've gotten used to the noise...

(This was my third visit to London and this was the first time I actually had Fish & Chips! It was pretty good actually, but I thought the mushed peas were a bit odd. And I also got a huge cup of tea here at the Archives. I bet it had close to 4dl of tea... Gotta love it)
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So, I kind of, sort of forgot that I have an exam tomorrow and now I need to read two books today... >_> Also I am in possession of a professors book, and I'm trying to read it super carefully (which is hard because I always crack the spine of my own books)

There is this couple who live downstairs and they argue a lot. Like, the woman will scream really loudly and you can hear her pretty clearly... It's pretty distressing because I don't know if she's just the loud and upset kind of arguer, or if she's like actually abused or something?! Usually you can't hear the guy at all but just now I heard him say 'calm down' so I'm hoping that there is no actual abuse going on... Urgh.

Also I got some of my questionnares back from the school, but I haven't had time to look through them yet (the exam etc) I really hope there will be something usefull in the answers and I can get this stupid reseach paper done.

Not to mention that there's only two weeks to my trip to London and I feel seriously unprepared. /0\ I really hope using the Archives will go smoothly and I can find material that is relevant to my topic, 'cause going all the way to London and coming back empty handed would suck beyond reason.

With all this 'studying' I need to be doing it seems very unlikely that I will have a story ready for [livejournal.com profile] bandombigbang, which is sad, because I have a million stories started and it would have been nice to finish one of them... Well maybe I can do wave two. *fingers crossed*

But The avengers opens next week!!!!!! \0/ I can't wait. (I saw the trailer for it when me and [livejournal.com profile] arilyn9 went to see Iron Sky and it looked amazing! So much more epic on the big screen) and while I'm talking about movies, my mom wanted to go see Titanic and we went. 3D continues to suck and Titanic still made me cry...
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Dragon Age: Origins is way too addictive... >_> I'm pretty glad I'm going to mom's house for the weekend, so hopefully I can get something productive done while there.

And then I found out you actually need to get permission to conduct surveys in schools... Now I'm waiting for that. Luckily the new deadline for the finished paper is on the 22nd of May. ^_^;

Then I was thinking that I need to go see the HP sets in London while I'm there. I mean, how awesome would that be???

[livejournal.com profile] arilyn9 was here for Easter and it was a lot of fun and geekery. Sorry though for not having a B-day pressie for you. >_< I suck at remembering peoples birthdays.
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I just booked my trip to London! I'm going in the beginning of May and staying for a week. I really hope that's enough time, so I can do a thorough job at the National Archives. (maybe I need to explain that a bit more? I need to do my thesis for my master's degree and my sources are held in the archives there.)

The plane tickets + accommodation were close to 200€ but I think that's really reasonable. (the hostel was 18€ per night) I had planned to go in June but dude all the hostels were already booked solid (and the places that still had vacancies were super expensive) Things are really moving along, it's awesome... and to think that a month ago I had no idea what my thesis was even going to be about. xD I'm actually feeling pretty optimistic about this whole thing and eager to get started. (so no wonder I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop and something to go horribly wrong)


Mar. 23rd, 2012 10:51 am
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I think I passed the exams. *fingers crossed* both of them had open essays questions so I didn't have to remember any theorists or historians by name (thank fuck, because my name memory is sooooo bad)

Now I just need to pack my stuff and go visit mom for the weekend. =) And that would be nice, if it didn't mean that I will totally miss the new Supernatural episode (our internet is so slow at home there is no point in trying to download it) and also Hunger Games would have opened in cinemas today... Well I'll just have to go see it next week.

So the agenda for this weekend is to finish writing up my survey form, for my social policy seminar thesis and then hopefully go the the high schools next week and conduct the survey. That would mean I'd still have about two weeks to analyse and write up the reseach paper.

Damn, I feel like I'm actually accomplishing things. \0/ It seems more and more likely that I will be able to wrap up all my studies this spring and then hopefully I can do my thesis during the summer and then graduate in the Autumn. Fucking finally!!!! But then again I've been thinking that it would be awesome to go to graduate school, I mean how cool would it be to have a doctorate... =P
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I still need to read one book today. "The Gender of History; Men, Women, and Historical Practice" I'm sure it will be a riveting read... If I can manage to finish it today, I'll only have about 50 pages of "Gender and the Politics of History" left. All in all I have to read about 700 pages to get 10 credits... I really hope I'll pass these exams.

I was reading this book about women's history in Finland and there was this photo:

My first thought was that 'aw hipster granny has an iPhone' then I went all wtf and checked the date and found out that the photo had been taken in 1948. Then I laughed and went on a tangent about time travelling grannys. (I was pretty tired at that point)

And while I'm talking about books and history... I read from this book called 'Homosexality: a History' last night and the writer was talking about the Romans and how they had no problem with guys having sex with each other as long as you didn't like it up the arse. And then I learned something new about Caesar, which I will copy here because I found it kind of hilarious.

"Caesar, who had a well-known affair with Nicomedes, the King of Bithynia, was called 'the queen' in public assembly by Octavius, for he had been seen as a cup-bearer at a banquet given by Nicomedes with other exoleti (passive homosexuals). Caesar was mocked in public. It is said that he wore his toga in such a way that it swished languidly upon the ground. But he also had a reputation for seducing women, among them at least two Queens: Cleopatra and Eunoe, wife of King Bogudes of Mauritania. He also seduced the wives of Pompey, Crassius and Servius Sulpicius. Not for nothing was Caesar named omnium virorum, omnium mulierum virum (wife to all men and husband to all women)"

From now on if Caesar comes up, I'll always have this mental image of him walking sassily with his swishy toga... xD and then, you know, stabbing you in the stomach if you laughed at him.

allergy things )


Mar. 19th, 2012 03:00 pm
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Daryl survived season 2 finale! \0/

(now seriously where is the fic for this pairing?)

But urgh, I have a test on Friday and I need to read four books for it. Even though Gender history is interesting it doesn't mean I wouldn't rather just mess about in the internet rather than study. Also I just got my Temeraire books in the mail today. The world is full of temptations... so I'll just go study in the library for a few hours. >_>


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