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Hi! I've noticed people making these now that people might be coming back to journal fandom (for the time being) and I thought it would be a good idea to make one too.

I'm a Finnish woman, early 30's, I got my Master's degree in December 2018. I have a full time job I'm not particularly excited about and always wondering if I'm in the right line of work.

I have a cat (Maine Coon) called Taika and a Dog (Lagotto Romagnolo) called Leia cut for photo )

I'm single and maybe demisexual or somewhere on the Ace spectrum, I'm bisexual (and yes that includes more than two genders)

My life situation is a bit weird in that I keep moving all the freaking time! I don't think I've lived anywhere for more than a year since 2016 and since then I've moved four times and I'm about to move again this month. I keep changing jobs and all of them have been in different cities, which makes moving a real pain. We'll see how long I'll stay in this next apartment...

I read mainly fantasy with some scifi and historical mixed in. I like the idea of reading published romance, but I find I'm very picky these days so I haven't found many romance books I've genuinely enjoyed or finished. (this is pretty funny because when I was like 11-15 I used to read a shit ton of Harlequin romances and the like).

I've been in fandom since I was 19, so 13 years now, I've written some fic, but mostly I have been a lurker. I used to roleplay quite a bit in my early 20's when I had time for such things *sigh*

When fandom moved to tumblr I kind of became an even more passive fandom participant, as I found tumblr bizarre for having conversations or for making fandom friends, I did write quite a bit of Hockey rps at the time, but I didn't really get to know any other fans, except a few people on twitter, whom I still follow there.

My forever fandoms are Stargate Atlantis and Star Trek (tos and the new movies). I'm really glad I got to see a few of the massive fandoms that used to exist before it all got super fractured.

cut for gaming )

Hmm what else? I started an urban fantasy novel in last year's nano and won, with maybe about 25% of the story still unwritten. I should get back to writing that, because I think it would be very cool to actually write and finish an actual book manuscript, even if it never goes anywhere. I have other ideas for original (fantasy) fiction, but I haven't really managed to write anything this year (except my thesis which was 42k so I'm pretty proud of that!)

I knit (socks mostly) and sow (cosplay stuff) sometimes, but I'm not very good at it and I keep starting and getting distracted by a new project and abandoning the old one, which is bad for ever finishing anything.

This got long and brambly, which is like peak me, or whatever the kids say these days... :P Anyway, hi and welcome! feel free to subscibe to my my journal, I hardly ever post anything locked and when I do it's just personal whining. I will most likely follow back if it looks like we have similar interests.

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This worked out really well. :D (especially the first seven are like my favourite things ever. I'd only move amnesia fic higher, because I'm a sucker for those and the list didn't have mistaken identity on it, which I love a lot too)

1 Fake Dating/Fake Marriage Accidentally Turns Into Feelings
2 Royals/Political Marriage Turns Into Feelings
3 Friends to Lovers
3 Loyalty Kink
5 Pride and Prejudice AU
5 Found Families
7 'Groundhog Day'/Karmic Time Loop

7 A/B/O
9 Hogwarts AU
9 Daemons
11 Seemingly Unrequited Pining
12 Amnesia Fic
13 Adopting/Raising a Baby
14 Body Swapping
rest under this )

The Magicians was super fun this week, I really like where this season is going. I do feel tempted to flip through the last book to see what the dead with the monster was in the book, I've totally forgotten. (not that the show has been very loyal to the book canon, but I think it would give me clues as to what to expect)

Star Trek Discovery was okay. I still don't like how they seem to be making the whole season about Spock, even though he's not even been in an episode yet. I've read criticism about how they also seem to be shifting attention away from Michael too much and making it more and more about the white characters, which is unfortunate but true. It would have been more okay if Georgiou had remained the captain, instead of them killing her off, or if they had made Saru the captain. At least then the Pike character wouldn't seem to be taking over as much... idk I guess we'll see how it goes. Also the engineer lady is back, yay!

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Soooo, is there anyone, who would be willing to beta read a Diana (wonder woman)/Kassandra (Assassin's Creed Odyssey) fic for me? It's almost 10k (as a warning)

That was a fun thing to write though. I had a long train trip (almost 6 hours) and spent most of it writing this. It's been ages since I started and finished a fic on the same day /on one sitting, or actually sat down to write for an extended period and I had missed that feeling of a story just appearing out of your mind <3

I've been worried about this, as I didn't get any fiction writing done last year. I didn't post any fic and I got almost no original writing done either, but maybe 2019 is going to be a good year for writing *fingers crossed*

I also started the new K.J Charles book; Any old Diamonds and it's as charming as their other books have been! The only thing I'd quibble about is the way they write sex and the dynamics, it seems pretty yaoi sometimes, how there's always such an obvious top and an obvious bottom and they never seem to switch. (I mean I haven't read all of their books, so maybe I've just had bad luck so far)

But if this is an actual trend I wonder if it has something to do with romance tropes and people reading/writing het before? Like the books are also primarily from the pov of the 'bottom' character, which is a trend I've also noticed in fic and I wonder if this has something to do with women writing sex, as it seems a majority of women enjoy being the bottom (to some extent?) idk that is kind of besides my original point, but what I meant to say is I want more sexual relationships where there's switching! Also the bottom doesn't have to be the smaller/more effeminate character. It's 2019, we can do better!
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Aaah, I don't know if I should have watched this or not. It doesn't really spoil the season, but the glimpses we get from this!!! (I'm just so happy to have this show back. It's sometimes objectively horrible, but at other times it's objectively brilliant and almost always entertaining)

Then randomly, have a video of an Irish man playing a city builder. :D This is pretty much how I do at these games. (I love them, but I'm bad at them, especially later in the game if you need to trade, or wage war etc)

I did the dishes today and unpacked the last of my stuff I hadn't done since the move. Now I just need to vacuum and this apartment looks pretty decent. (I've asked a co-worker to come feed my cat on Tuesday as I'm away from home, so that was sufficient motivation for me to actually do all this tidying up and cleaning)

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Did not like that episode much

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OMG I didn't know the new season had started already!!! I'm so excited to have this show back. <3

Poor Quentin asking the evil thing if he could have Eliot back and evil thing in Eliot being like "I'm gonna murder everyone!"

edit: forgot to say that this gif was made by alicequinn on tumblr

Also, all the characters were fun and had stuff to do. Can't wait to see what happens with Margo's story line especially


Jan. 27th, 2019 06:06 pm
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It seems I could have been trying out the Anthem demo all weekend, but only noticed now... Well maybe I can still try it out at least a bit.

It does not look like a game I'm going to pay for, shooters have never been games I like, not to mention that you need to play with other people in this one... whew, not a combo I'm going to enjoy.  I could barely play the Mass Effect games on the easiest setting, so I'm not holding any high hopes for my shooting ability in this one

Also the reason I play Bioware games is the story and the characters and there's been nothing out there to indicate either of these things play a big role in the game.

From what I've seen it sounds closer to Warframe or Destiny than anything else

Edit. Downloaded it, but got the never ending launch screen bug or whatever, so I actually never got into the proper game... haha, great start Bioware, I'm sure things are fine... (I saw on twitter that a lot of people have been having trouble with the game not launching the missions, so I'm not alone with that) also the animation of the npc's looked like Andromeda to me, which is not promising (but my PC is not powerful enough to show it on high resolutions, so maybe it looks better for others) It also makes me wonder why that is an accaptable reason? I mean yeah my PC also can't run Odyssey on ultra graphics, but it the people still look pretty good, so what's up with that Bioware?
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I don't have the energy to actually take screencaps of the episode and write a bunch about it, but I really liked the episode. This recap of the episode is pretty great: Tor review of New Eden (spoiler warning)

What I liked most was the difference compared to the first season when almost all episodes were just about Burnham, this new season has a more traditional Trek feel (not that I'm an expert) and more characters have stuff to do and get to interact with each other. Also the lighter tone of the season continues (I'm so glad the Klingon war thing is over now)

Things I'm more iffy about:
- The religious stuff introduced in this episode...
- The Spock stuff (still questioning why they had to introduce his character in this show and also the things revealed in this episode about where he's right now)

Then unrelated, I went back to Assassin's Creed Odyssey yesterday and I'm now at level 30, so I'm trucking along nicely. Somehow I have lost the ability to take screencaps of my playthrough tough, which sucks!!! Let me screencap every cut scene where Kassandra looks awesome you cowards! *shakes fist*

Oh and some real life stuff:
- It's been really cold for the past week. Thanks winter you're doing great, but could you not so much?
- We had two lecture days at work (I really don't know what to call this stuff, it's not work training, and it's not a course we are taking either, but it's education about issues we deal with at work...) last week too and we learned a lot about trauma, over generational trauma, dissociation and all sorts of things from this family therapist. (good stuff)

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So I watched it yesterday and thought I'd do a post about it too. I took some screencaps and will add some thoughts about what I liked and didn't like about the episode. There will obviously be spoilers. (It's kind of cool to have this on Netflix. For once it helps not to live in the US when it comes to popular culture)

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Jan. 15th, 2019 09:39 pm
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Who is the Jake Gyllenhall character? Looks like Green Lantern, but isn't that DC? Also when is this happening in the timeline? After Infinity war 2? When does that one come out again... (the MCU is getting too big for me to hold it in my brain)
I googled it and that may be a spoiler for some )

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It’s time for chapter 2! There won’t be any spoilers for the book in this one, as the chapter is very short and mostly setup

Link to previous chapter

1 News Comes to Edonomee


2. The Radiance of Cairado

Characters we meet: I don’t think we meet anyone new who will be a recurring character so I’m not going to write them down. It’s just the airship crew and now that I think about it I don’t think they get names.

Summary: Maia, the messenger (who still doesn’t have a name) and Setheris board the airship The Radiance of Cairado and begin their journey to the court. Maia is ogled by the other passengers, who somehow know who and what he is despite the airship accident only having happened the previous day… (maybe they have twitter/news that works very quickly?) Maia is kind to the crew, making a good first impression, ponders about what it means that he’s now the Emperor and how Setheris can’t hurt him anymore.

We find out Maia’s mom died when he was eight and he only met his father once at the funeral where he called Maia a ‘whelp’ and Maia’s mother was his fourth wife.

Commentary: Nothing much happens in this chapter, but I found myself wishing this book had a map of the world, how does it have all the other staples of a fantasy book with a chapter index and a glossary but no map? It’s kind of hard for me to visualize the size of the empire and it would just be cool to see what the world looked like.

We find out that Setheris has been physically abusive towards Maia and that Maia has permanent scars on his arm from when he was 15 and fell against a burning iron grate in front of the fireplace after Setheris hit him.
It seems that Setheris did not hit Maia as often or not as hard(?) after that. “He had been a good deal more circumspect with his fists”

Maia has a great moment here where he figures out that Setheris won’t be able to hurt him anymore, “it occurred to Maia that if Setheris ever struck him again, it would mean a death sentence. The idea was dizzying”

After the realization Maia feels able to rebel against Setheris (maybe for the first time) by not inviting him to the cockpit to view the sunrise.

Maia also very insightfully thinks to himself after they leave Setheris behind angry and humiliated that: “ Maia reminded himself that glee was unbefitting an emperor [...] I must not acquire a taste for this pleasure. It was heady, but he knew it was also poison”

So he’s already able to make the choice that just because he now has the ability and power to take revenge on Setheris for what he had to endure in his care as a child that he’s not going to become like Setheris. It’s a really powerful statement I think and something a lot of people are unable to do. A lot of people who have been hurt are prone to then take that out on anyone else they are able to, unless they just turn that inward and instead hurt themselves.

I think that’s the most important moment in this chapter, as we learn something really fundamental about Maia and what kind of person he is.
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The trip was pretty nice, apart from the fact that I was sick with a cold the whole time. I'm getting better now, so at least there's that...
It had just snowed the first morning I was there so everything was very pretty. The training course I was there for was nice, the people were all familiar with each other and we had a really nice relaxed atmosphere. I also got to see a friend who lives in Helsinki and we got Philippines food at a restaurant, which I had never tasted before and which was pretty tasty.

I also got to finally see the spiderman animation and I liked it. I've seen and heard people say it's the best superhero movie ever and I would not go that far, but it was really cool and made me want to read Miles Morales Spiderman comics
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Fandom meme

Jan. 7th, 2019 09:16 pm
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Going to Helsinki tomorrow! Whee travel, also I get to stay in a hotel and my employer will pay the bill. :D

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Jan. 6th, 2019 10:10 pm
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So I just marathoned all three seasons in like four days... and wow that was a ride! (I love a good time travel romp) I wonder if that was the last season, it seemed like it.

The drawback from spending my weekend like that is, that I didn't do anything else. That's not great, but whatever, maybe it's sometimes okay to literally do nothing for the weekend than just watch tv. (I watched season 2 and 3 this weekend).

It kind of reminded me of Fringe and I really should watch the rest of that show. I think I'm somewhere in season four.

I really don't want to go to work tomorrow, urgh, but I do have two days off because of a course I'm taking for my job, so I get to go to Helsinki for two days, which is nice. I wanted to go see a movie in the IMAX theatre they have in Helsinki, but the only movie I could go see is the Transformers movie and I've only watched the first two(?) I think and both were very stupid. (the franchise is so stupid that not even astolat writing fic for those robots has made me read her stories)
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I'm not officially doing this, but I just decided I needed to rec some of my favourite Stargate Altantis fics

Day 2

Rec at least three fanworks that you didn’t create.

1. First one is by astolat so I'm sure everyone who has read fic in this fandom has read it, but it has some of my favourite things in it, especially Rodney being in charge of Atlantis and John finding this very hot :D and you know, like plot stuff happens
Words: 45137
Transcendental by astolat

The next one is by Speranza who is also a bnf in the SGA fandom. The story is about Rodney having to keep saving John's life to make sure John grows up and goes to Atlantis, it's complicated and amazing and I love it <3

words: 34555
rating: explicit
Sheppard's Law by Speranza


This fic is by Rheanna and it deals with Rodney losing his mind (literally, it's kind of like Alzheimers and kind of like he just keeps losing cognitive functions) because of Anchient tech accident. They wrote it before the episode Shrine aired, which is amazing on it's own right too. This always makes me cry (in a good way) and the author fixes it so there's a happy ending. Very very very good!

words: 22436
rating: explicit
Theory of Everything by Rheanna


And then a bdsm au, because... well just because (also SGA fandom has some great quality kink fic, holy hell) This is not so much about porn, but more about what the society would be like if instead of genders you had subs and doms. (the fic this is inspired by is not great, so I wouldn't go looking for that)

words: this link is not for ao3 but it's maybe 11k
rating: explicit
Take Clothes of as Directed by Helen
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Welcome to the first chapter of the Goblin Emperor read-along! (I'm very excited about this!)

I’ve been wanting to do one of these for ages and I think my first instinct was to do it about the Wheel of Time, or Harry Potter. (I’m glad I didn’t start there, as those are such long and popular series that so many people have already said everything I would want to say, but a lot more eloquently .) I talked about doing this in a previous post and two people said they would be interested in doing a read-along of the Goblin Emperor so I picked it as my first book to cover.

Disclaimer: I have never studied literature, except for one course I did in University when I was doing my minor in English and we read a few English literature classics like the Great Gatsby and the Scarlet Letter… sooooo that’s my experience with lit crit :D I’ve read and really enjoyed other people’s read-alongs though so I kind of know what’s supposed to go into these. I guess we’ll see how this goes.

A few words about the Goblin Emperor: I read it in January 2015 according to my Goodreads page, so it’s been a while. As I mention in the audio, I can’t really remember a lot of the finer points about the plot, as far as I can recall it has a lot of court intrigues and plots and a lot of difficult to read character names that I kept getting confused about. These posts will have some spoilers for the book, but if there are major spoilers I will mention that at the beginning of the post on that chapter.

About the read-along: I would love for people to comment and read along with me, as book discussions are super interesting! I participated on the gywo book club this year when we were reading the Murderbot novella and I found it super interesting how differently people can view the same material. I am going to try to make both the audio version (where I read the chapter aloud and comment on stuff) as well as the written version. The written version will have a short summary of what happens in the chapter and then some commentary from me.

I am going to try to read this with the view of learning something about the craft of writing a book (as it’s a dream of mine) but like I mentioned I have no qualifications for academic analysis or anything fancy like that, so it might end up being just commentary about how much I adore Maia and how I want to protect him. :D

About the schedule:
I'm going to try to make a few of these in advance so that I have a buffer (I'm in chapter three right now) and I'm thinking I will post a few chapters per week. I've had a lot of fun making these so far, so hopefully I can keep this up all the way through in an orderly fashion.

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I was reading yuletide prompts, as you do, when I stumbled upon someone who had made Outlander prompts and then I was transported to being like 14 maybe when I went through a lot of the series, until I was finally like, dude this is too much drama for two people to have and when it got confusing and there was even more time travel? I think I read until they went to America(?) and then finally abandoned it because I got tired waiting for the next book and found better things to read... But anyway, it gave me nostalgia for the series and also reminded me of the weird (and super problematic) m/m pairings and potential the books had. Now I'm kind of tempted to watch the show just for those reasons??? Also I see Lord John has appeared in the show too. *aaah*

What else happened this week: I saw the new Star Trek trailer and I'm still very confused about why Spock has a beard, but hopefully this will somehow inspire people to write new Spock/Kirk fic. I wonder what the age difference is in this version. I mean in tos Spock is older than Jim, but in the new movies they seem to be pretty much the same age? or at least it's written that way in fic more often than not. idk, I just want new Kirk/Spock stuff to read.

I also really want to go see the new Spider Man cartoon, but I'm not sure the schedule will work out. It came out at a really weird time of the year, or is that just me? I guess Star Wars always comes out around Christmas too...

real life stuff:

Anyway, tomorrow is the last day before Christmas holiday!!! 5 freaking days off work in a row. Bliss! But then it's straight to moving next Thursday, which sucks.

At least I got my permanent contract at work today... I'm still kind of salty though as my boss didn't even congratulate me when I told her I had officially graduated and had my diploma and all the shit she had been insisting I get before they will give me the permanent contract. Thanks a lot, it's not like that would have been basic manners, I guess that's too much to expect at this point.

My cat has been staying with my mom for the past month and I miss her! It will be so nice to see her again on Saturday

Then more generally about work, I don't know how worried I should be about this, but I've noticed I'm getting super calloused about human suffering, especially with kids. I mean I think you need to have that sort of attitude to some degree or you just get burned out, but like I really wonder what sort of story I would have to hear now to make me shocked? At this point I'm like, yep, humans are terrible and parents fuck up their kids in myriad ways and pretty often they really have no idea how harmful their behavior even is.

What I am still surprised with is how easily kids/teenagers seem to give up, like they can be like 9 and saying their life is ruined, or they can never become anything, or they are young teens like 13-15 and have just decided that yep, because my parent(s) were pieces of shit that must mean I have to follow in their footsteps. I guess that's at least comforting, I think it's time to change professions when I am willing to just accept that too and not feel angry and frustrated.
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Still not over the flu completely, but I did survive the day at work and I'm getting better now, so at least I won't be sick on Holiday, which would have sucked, especially because I was sick during midsummer holiday, which was my only other paid days off work this year. :P Hopefully I can actually have an actual vacation this spring. I really want to go to England again, or if not that then like Rome or Athens. I can't believe I've still never seen those places when you consider what a huge history nerd I am.

I got my audible coin today and am faced with the problem I have every month of figuring out what I want. I've noticed that I need to get more upbeat and funny books on audio, as more serious/dramatic books seem like a slog when I'm listening to them. But the problem is that upbeat and funny books tend to be pretty short and then I feel like I'm not getting enough bang for my buck. (the eternal dilemma)

Signed up to this bingo thing at [community profile] genprompt_bingo , let's see if it shakes me out of my fic writing funk. I think I need to put like a wordcount restriction for myself, maybe like 2k. I did a challenge once where you had to do less than 1k and that was too short for me... I'm too wordy.

Housewife / Househusband Taxes I / We have made a mistake Care's an Enemy to Life The Mind's Eye
Neurovariation The Ancients of the World Bread and Circuses Thank God it's Friday... Again: Time Loops Abduction and kidnapping
Crossover: Books and literary Mirror, mirror: Doppelgangers, clones and evil doubles Wild CardI Have a Rendezvous with Death Pack
Siblings Someone is Captured Faced with Overwhelming Odds Ghosts and Hauntings Mind Games
Best Friends Slice of Life Film Noir Fusion with another fandom Telepathy

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This was taken from pillowfort where people are doing all sorts of questionnaires to introduce themselves to others. I thought I could very well do one on DW. All the questions are about worldbuilding. I have a couple of fantasy stories I’m working on and I think this will be a fun exercise for me, as I haven’t hammered all the details out yet, and this will make me think about new stuff, or flesh out things I was only faintly aware of.

This also got pretty long (1,2k) so feel free to ignore this. :D But if you have a project of your own and you could answer these questions about your story, go for it!



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