Jul. 2nd, 2014 12:45 am
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The Wild signed Vanek to a three year deal and I'm super okay with it. It seems like Fletcher has a steady head on his shoulders and didn't do anything stupid (so far) and I can be happy with that.

I went to see [livejournal.com profile] messy_kisses last weekend and that was a lot of fun. We went to the middle-ages marker thing and that was fun, even though I didn't buy anything. And her cat hardly even hissed at me. :D I'm kind of super bummed that I was in the same city as Mikko Koivu and could have seen him in his bachelor party glory but missed the whole thing completely. (we even walked through the market place! Who knows what time he was there though)

I bought this 'pop cake maker' while I was there, because omg it's basically perfect for making takoyaki! Whee~

My mom sent me a text today reminding me that we're going to Sweden this Sunday... I had completely forgotten, oops! So hopefully that's fun. At least the weather forecast is saying the weather will finally get a bit warmer. (it's been like 12-15 degrees all month basically, which is ridiculous)
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I made notes while watching this, so might as well post about it too.

spoilers obviously )
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I finally got some money and my bank account balance isn't 20€ anymore, so that's awesome. I might actually join the gym now, that would be nice. (maybe, it's a unisex gym and I've only gone to a gym for women before and I'm not sure how the whole dude thing is going to go, but I'll try it)

Having some money is such a relief, I mean I got some from my mom, so it's not like I've been starving or anything, but it's nice to have some money of my own and not leech of of her all the time. Yay!

The Rangers won a game so now it's 3-1. I still think the Kings are going to win and I kind of want them to, just bc screw the East. (even though I think it's stupid for the Kings to win again... No cups for teams who have won in the past 5-7 years! You got yours already, now let others play!)

I don't know why but I've been thinking about how I want a cat lately... So that's odd.

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I have to go socialize with people I don't know later today. I haaaaaate doing that, I'm so bad at chit chat with strangers. Bc for some reason you can't just start talking about fandom with everyone???

People irl are the worst and 95% of the time sooo boring.

(except my actual friends of course, but I met most of them online!!!)

People my age are so adults, they are married and have families and care about boring real life stuff. Urgh... Adulting sucks.

Oh, but I got JJ into whatsapp, so now we can actually talk, so that's great. Also she got me Diablo III as a late b-day gift and we played that last night. It was a lot of fun, that game seems so simple (so far) just click two buttons to smash everything. :D

I have completely messed up my sleep rhythm though and it sucks. I can't get anything done! And I need to do thesis things. >_> I'm gonna do better I promiseeeeeeeee!

Haven't written any fic either, so that is annoying and I should play more swtor bc I activated the paid account and I don't want it to go to waste!

So much failing going on right now. Summers are the worst, I never get anything done, just whine and whine. n_n

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and it was fun! I definitely didn't get bored while watching it and I enjoyed the story. But then I left the cinema and I was like... Um... Idk, it just seems like all the X-men movies have the same story. Some government body/company/politician etc wants to turn humans against mutants and then there is almost a war and then somehow they fix it, so nothing actually changes.

But anyway, it was pretty shippy, which I liked (I know Erik's actor is a scumbag, (and maybe the director too) but I'm allowed to like the character in the movie, bc I would have if the actor was different!) so now I'll wait for the fic. :D I kind of got bored of the fic after the first one, it got a bit repetitive, but hopefully this will give writers new ideas.

Otherwise I'm in a Star Wars place. :D I downloaded the animated Clone Wars show and I've been playing SWtOR again and I really want to watch the original trilogy again. I should finish re-reading the EU (extended universe) books that I have too.

Oh and it's been really hot here this week, it's super weird and I don't like it! It's not even June yet, this is not how spring should work!
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The Wild deserved to win that game, plain and simple. That was such a terrible way for their season to end and I can't deal with this in a rational manner.


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The Wild won both home games, whee! and the second game on on my birthday too!


Happeh happeh!

Also fuck the haters who thought the Hawks would sweep.

and the world championships start today for Finland. I hope they can beat Latvia, because they were pretty good in the Olympics. Also there's Eurovision tonight. So much stuff on my birthday! :D
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Hockey fandom voice post meme

General hockey stuff:
1. How did you get sucked into hockey and/or the hockey fandom? (do you want to blame someone in particular? How long ago did it happen?)
2. Which team is your favourite and why?
3. Do you have other teams you cheer for?
4. How would you grade your team's season so far?
5. What do you hope your team will do during the off season/next season?
6. Who is your favourite player? (What is it about this person you like so much? Has your favourite changed during the time you've been involved in the fandom?)
7. Have seen games live? If so, how was it? If not, would you like to?
8. Stanley Cup prediction time!

Fandom stuff:
1. Do you have an otp in this fandom? If you do, tell us a bit about why the pairing is your favourite?
2. Do you have a pairing that you don't like?
3. What are your favourite story tropes in hockey fandom? Least favourite?
4. Is there a hockey fic you wish someone would write?
5. Are you working on a story right now? Do you want to tell us a little about it?
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So the Wild won their series against the Avs in seven games, whee~ And then got the Hawks on the second round... (not so much whee~)

But here's Nino's game winning goal

Nino was awesome in this series and so was Mikke and Haula. Yay babies!

I had Luna visiting me here for almost two weeks and that was fun too. What else? I still have one more essay to write tomorrow and then I'm done with classes this semester. Unless I have time to do one exam later this month.

When I took Luna back to mom's I found my graduation hat and took a photo, even though I missed May Day by a day

Oh and I posted a Gallys fic today, so I did do something? I might also build the new bookcase I got from Ikea, it will be nice to have more storage space for all my books and DVDs.
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Whoo! First wildcard locked down! Party hard!


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So a girl I know from university texted me today and asked me if I wanted to go see Noah with her and then go eat. I said yes, because sometimes it's nice to see people irl...

The movie was so so weird, like I'm pretty sure if you're actually a Christian or Jewish this would anger you or at least feel really disrespectful. It was almost like an anime version of the bible, the way that Christianity is sometimes played with in anime. There were even mecha like angels in it. O_o (I mean they were stone giants or something but still)

I hadn't even seen the trailer for the movie, so I had no idea Emma Watson was in this. :D She is very pretty.

The plot made no sense, like where did those Cain people come from? Who did they breed with? Same for Noah's family... Also it ended with a similar story as Twilight where a teenager knows they're going to marry a baby (when it grows up) also it's their cousin. >_> Weeeell at least he has two chicks to choose from, right? :DD (ew ew ew ew) Also the bad guys spend a lot of time making weapons etc, when it would have been much more sensible to start building boats... >_>

And let's not even touch the part where everyone was white, or how it tried to combine creationism and evolution, or how patriarchal it was. Dudes, if you disagreed with Noah so much, you could have just killed him while he was asleep (he won't be killing any babies then). Also that boy who went to the dark side because he couldn't get laid. D: Ew And it had a weirdly strong environmental message and was all pro vegetarianism, which I don't think are a big draw for the sort of people who see movies like these.

And really who was this movie for? Like I said, I'd think it would feel really insulting to actual religious people and then nonreligious people or people of other religions wouldn't go see a movie like this, would they?

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One where a few years from now Ovie gives up on the Caps ever winning the cup and the management agrees they need a rebuild, so it makes sense to trade Ovie while he's still valuable. They trade him somewhere in the west, so they don't have to play against him that much. I kind of want it to be the Kings, who would always keep getting eliminated in the conference final because they just can't score. I don't know what this fic would be about, because it's not like I ship him with anyone on the Kings. I just want it.


Then I also want more mpreg, but it's kind of hard to work into hockey, because the pregnant one would have to miss a season and that's not fair. So some kind of Harlequin au, where Phil is a recluse somewhere in the wilderness of Wisconsin or whatever, because of something tragic happened (like career ending injury maybe? So he's still rich and shit like that) and then there's this horrible snowstorm and Tyler, who's pregnant barely manages to get his car to Phil's house (he's obviously lost) and has to ask for shelter. They they're stuck in Phil's house for a weekend or something and Phil tries not to get attached to Bozie, but of course he does. They talk about stuff and Tyler was on his way to the nearest town to where Phil lives to start over after his ex dumped him and didn't want anything to do with the baby. So when the roads finally get cleared Bozie drives off but makes Phil promise he'll come visit Bozie at his job (let's say his relatives own a restaurant and promised him a job there)

So Phil finds himself going to town almost every day and eating lunch at this restaurant, even though the food isn't really to his taste, just so he can exchange a few words with Bozie. And Bozie is super tired all the time and worried about money and generally miserable, but he still makes time to joke around a bit with Phil and it's the best part of his day too. And then idk, Phil proposes and promises to take care of Bozie and the baby and Bozie is kind of taken aback, so Phil backpedals and is all, 'it'll be a marriage of convenience, you don't have to worry about it. Just pretend to be happy with me when my relatives are around, they keep nagging to me etc' even though he's already half in love with Bozie and he knows this is a terrible idea. And Bozie whose really broke and doesn't even have health insurance and knows he can't keep working much longer with the babybelly and his apartment is a dump and he doesn't want to bring a baby in there. So he's desperate and Phil is really nice and Bozie thinks he'd be super into him if he could think about things like that (and he still has issues about the ex) so he agrees.

And they get married and Bozie has the baby and everything is pretty nice and then all of Phil's relatives descend into town because Amanda finds out about the baby! And then they have to pretend to be in love and a real couple (share a bedroom, hold hands, cuddle on the couch while they watch tv and Phil's mom coos over the baby) and they stay and stay and won't leave and Phil keeps forgetting it's all a show and he really loves Bozie and everyone who knows him sees that. And Bozie falls in love too, even though he swore he would never trust someone like that again and he feels terrible about taking advantage of Phil, especially with his family there and they're all so nice and he feels bad about lying to them. Especially because they keep thanking him for making Phil feel better (he'd have been locked away for almost a year or something) so finally the relatives leave and Bozie kind of brings up why Phil is living there and Phil explains the injury thing. And then Bozie is like, are you sure there's nothing they can do? And Phil is like yeah I went to a million doctors and finally they were like maybe there's this dude in Germany, but I was like fuck that I've had my hopes dashed too many times!

But Bozie is like, 'you should try it!' and makes Phil go to Germany. And they tell Phil, yes there can in fact fix him! Yay! Phil can go back to hockey! And Phil has the surgery and comes back to Bozie and the baby, all happy and excited about PT and getting back in shape. And Bozie tries to be supportive and take care of all of them (he tries to make himself useful so he doesn't feel so bad about taking all of Phil's money) And they start sleeping together at some point here.

Then finally Phil is almost back to his old self and he's talking with his old team again and how he'll come to training camp and they'll see how it goes. And Bozie is like, 'so we should get a divorce' and Phil is like 'nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!' but all on the inside, on the outside he of course agrees, because he doesn't want to force Bozie to stay with him. And Bozie is like 'this will be better for you, you don't want to come out and how would it seem with my baby, people would assume she/he was yours and that's not fair etc'

And Phil thinks he'd love for people to think the baby was his and Bozie's, but it's true that there's still a stigma for same sex relationships and the scrutiny would be really intense just because it's Toronto and he'd really like to just try to get back to hockey without distractions. But that he'd do it if Bozie wanted him to!

So they agree to get divorced, but Phil makes Bozie promise he'll stay living in the house, because it's not like Phil can live there and play in Canada, and Bozie agrees and promises to pay rent (he's going back to the restaurant job and taking night classes in business) they argue about it.

But before they have time to get divorced someone in town who follows hockey sees them out as a family and takes photos and sells them to some Toronto paper! And some reporter finds the marriage certificate! And the whole thing comes out! And suddenly it's this huge deal about a big name star trying to make a comeback after horrific injury! Plus he's gay and has a baby with a dude! So obviously everyone is running with the story and Phil hates everything (even though he's a little bit happy because now Bozie can't just divorce him, it would look super bad!)

So instead they have to go to Toronto a bit early and Phil has to do some press with like You Can Play and the Leafs PR people and so on and so on. Then training camp starts finally and Phil is on the try-out thing (idk what it's called) and he's great! Everyone can see how good he still is, even with the rust. And Toronto kind of has to sign him, it would make them look bad if they didn't and also some other team would gladly sign him instead and they want Phil back!

So now Bozie is living in Toronto and taking business classes and trying to fit in with the hockey wives and feeling like a huge fraud! And Phil is never there of course and when he is, he's all hyped up on having hockey back! He's so happy, and he seems so happy to see Bozie and the baby, so Bozie tries not to bring Phil down. He's been so sad without hockey, and besides Bozie should be happy with how easy his life is suddenly. But he also feels a bit trapped, because it's not like he can take a job as a waiter anywhere in Toronto, people would find out and think it was super weird, so he has no money of his own AGAIN and he's dependent on Phil and he keeps thinking what will happen if Phil get's bored with playing house? And the baby obviously thinks Phil is his/her dad and calls him that and Bozie really loves Phil too, but he has trust issues! And Phil never says anything about feelings and only touches him when they're out in public (they stopped having sex when the thing went public and they'd been arguing and they just never started again!)

And then there's this one week when Phil is away on a roadtrip and and baby is teething and not sleeping at all and screaming 24/7 and Bozie is functioning on coffee and desperation, so when Phil comes back and takes the screaming baby from him and starts cooing at it all 'hi baby, why are you sad? Come on, let's find you something cool to gnaw on, okay? Give your dad a break'

So Bozie just loses it ans start crying out of sheer feels, all the feels suddenly and he hasn't slept and he's wanted to cry for a while now and Phil comes back with the baby finally quiet and chewing on a chew toy straight from the freezer and he's wide-eyed and worried and Bozie just says it. That he loved Phil and he's scared and he wants them to be real, a real family. And he's sorry for making Phil stay with them and sorry for all the media attention and for all the shit fans and players yell at him in hostile rinks and sorry for a screaming baby waiting at home, when he's tired from a roadtrip.'

And of course Phil doesn't see it like that at all! And he's all 'I love you too! And I love the baby! And it's all worth it and I'd never divorce you unless you really wanted to!'

And they finally figure things out! And live happily ever after! And Bozie get's his degree and maybe another baby! And Phil wins a cup somehow (even though he plays for the Leafs)

And did I mention how this is a Harlequin AU? Because there's not story more Harlequin than this would be. I want it so bad!!!

edit: some new ideas to this
- So I've already added the older kid in this
- Phil should have Dupuis's injury instead, like miss a whole season, but be okay to come back next year. So if he got injured in Ocotober (november) and Bozie comes by in December
- Maybe Phil should suggest they move in together first, like he could babysit the kid while Bozie is working? And when that works out so well then he'll propose when he sees how tired and run down Bozie is getting (he already has all the feels obviously)
- And then there's the family christmas when the relatives find out!
- And maybe the last lockout made it possible for carriers to play in the league and get drafted, but it's still a big deal! (maybe McDavid came out and said he's a carrier and they had to change the rules just for him!!!)
- So anyway after they get caught and Phil goes back to Toronto to play, maybe the YCP people approach Bozie about working for them. He did get to the college level after all etc is a known carrier now that he's with Phil etc. (so he can have a job!)
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I feel very alone in one part of fandom. I can't stand Veronica/Logan as a ship. I think she can do a million times better and their on/off relationship was my least favourite part of Veronica Mars. So now people are super excited about the show again because of the movie and posting things, which is great! I just hate having to see Logan/Veronica stuff. They're like my 'nope pairing'. So I don't even know if I want to see the freaking movie, because looking from the trailer it's all about Logan ruining Veronica's career and personal life, by making her put it all in jeopardy as she tries to help him. Nononononononono-NO!

Why do people like this pairing? It makes no sense to me at all. Urgh. >_>
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I take it back, I don't want to watch Wild hockey... and they have to play against the Blues tomorrow. All our defense men had a terrible game and all Dallas goals could have been prevented if the D-men had had their shit together. (also because Dallas has this asshole called Seguin.) Grrrrr


What happened since Monday???? Everyone forgot how to play hockey at the same time. :(
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I am despairing over NHL Revealed. The torrents for the 3 new episodes just don't exist. I went so far as to try and BUY them legally, but they won't give them to me! Both iTunes and Amazon have them region locked so that only people in the US can buy them. Whyyyyyyyyyyy? ;____; I want to see the Olympic episodes so bad.

The Wild haven't been playing in ages and I miss my hockey team. I really wanna see how Moulson will work out and just... hockey! I can't seem to watch a whole game of other teams playing, it just doesn't grab my attention the same way. But Määttä had two goals in the last game and he's such a bb still. Also those photos from the Leafs charity thing(?) where Bozie/Phil were doing couple poses was great for me, and also that Phil may or may not have been wearing Tyler's shirt. Where is the epic 50,000 word Phil/Tyler fic? Every pairing has one but not them. I neeeeeed it in my life.

Went to visit Gramma in the beginning of the week. She's such a good person and she's so active still. I mean she goes to the gym 5 times a week! Just wow
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The new Thief game looks really cool, but once again I wonder about why the main character has to be a dude. Why can't you also play as a lady thief? Is this just going to be another Dishonored? (Still I kind of want it!)

I feel like I haven't managed to do anything useful this week and I'm just tired all the time. Annoying...

Wild hockey is back tomorrow, wheee~ I'm super worried about their goal tending situation though, because I really doubt Kuemper's ability to keep up those incredible numbers (regression...) Also is the Wild get kicked out on the first round (if they make it there) the Ducks really need to win the cup, like I need this to happen. I will also grudgingly cheer the Blues on as long as someone other than the Hawks goes to the final. Seriously fuck the Hawks, they've had their fun, now let others win the freaking cup. (I'm not at all biased or anything)

Teen Wolf, we had a good thing going this season, why do you always do this to me?

I ate four oranges today. I don't think I've eaten since last winter. Weird how that goes sometimes.

I've also been feeling super nostalgic about 90' romcoms. I got Sleepless in Seattle and Notting Hill the other day. Someone should organize a new Harlequin or romcom challenge for the hockey fandom... is that too much to ask? (what I really mean is, people should write more pretend boyfriends/arranged marriage and kidfic for me to read)

Oh and while I was buying all those movies I also got season one of Community. I guess it's time to start collecting that (legally)
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And why is it so easy to keep starting new and shiny things?

So I may or may not be writing a fic about Semin and how hard it's been for him as an omega in the NHL. This is surprisingly hard, because I'm basing a lot of his early stuff on his Wiki page, because I can't find info... Like seriously I couldn't even find a photo of what he looked like in the draft. O_o (I'm 2000 words into it and just covered the draft... like I want this to end with Semin/E.Staal so you see my problem? How do people write short fic, I don't understand.)

I was also kind of surprised how the Caps draft history even went
2002: Semin (is 29)
2004: Ovechkin (28)
2006: Backstrom (is 26)

I just have too many headcanons to go with my a/b/o universe and I want to write all of them... which is terrible. But it's so much easier than working on my Kessel/Bozak fic, which would require even more research and I can't find enough info about Amanda Kessel and now I kind of feel like I missed my window for that fic. But hopefully I'll get back to that eventually, because I like the idea of the Kessels swapping bodies for a while.
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Bronze medal for the men's team. Whee~ :D I'm still grinning like a loon here.

This just keeps happening. Everyone counts us out and says our hockey is boring and we have no talent or what ever. But who keeps getting medals in almost every Olympics in the past 20 years or so. But seriously fuck the hockey media,

Anyway, kind of got sidetracked from this post for a few hours. (was on the phone with [livejournal.com profile] arilyn9) so I forgot what else I wanted to say. :D

I still want Selänne to win a cup this year, but that was a great last national team appearance for him (and Timonen and maybe some others as well)

Now I pretty much wish Sweden will win tomorrow, just to see the delicious excuses the hockey media will come up with. I'm also sure it would triple the amount of people who suddenly have no interest in NHL players playing in the Olympics. (also because I like Erik Karlsson way too much and I want him to get all the goals and win... but let's not talk about that)

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Hockey is going terribly for Finland. The women's team lost to freaking Sweden, which is always worse than losing to someone else. And then they announced that Barkov messed up his knee so badly he won't be able to play anymore. ;____; We have lost three first line players so far... Things look great, I'm sure everything will go perfectly against Canada tomorrow.


Also listening to hockey podcasts during the Olympics is a sure way into rage territory. They just seem so perfectly confident that it'll be Canada vs USA in the final. Fuck off! Like Marek vs Wyshynski were laughing about Crosby vs Barkov (first line centers at the time) and seriously: fuck off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ahem, yeah, it's not like I get too into hockey or anything.

USA-Russia was pretty interesting. Oshie vs Bobrovsky in the end. Seeing USA win makes me sad.



Feb. 10th, 2014 11:39 pm
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I don't remember if I already wrote about this, but whatever. I passed that seminar course I had. Finally! Now I'm literally two book exams away from having all my courses done for my history degree... and then the freaking thesis. Argh. But still, progress.

Finland has lost both of its hockey games so far, but they did pretty well against USA and Canada! Only way is up from here. :D

The NHL players got to Sotchi today and suddenly there's a lot to reblog on tumblr. I've never followed a tournament like this before, it's pretty neat. Oh and Selänne is the captain and he'll likely start the tournament in a line with Granlund and Barkov. That should be interesting, to say the least. Timonen and Komarov got the A's. I think it's safe to say that the Finnish team is the dark horse this time around... Let's see if they can keep the medal streak going with these guys. ^_^;

I'm sort of looking into doing my last work practice/internship abroad, but it seems so complicated. Especially because I would have to find a place to live for three months and pay for that myself. ;__; But it would be so cool... *sad whine*


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