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Aaaargh! I'm so allergic to my rats it's not even funny. I just cleaned their cage and gave them a little wash (they looked a but dirty) and now my throat inches like mad, I'm couching and my hands and arms itch where the rats claws scratched me a bit. *this is why I can't have nice things) I read that after you bathe your rats they spend a lot of time grooming themselves back into order but one of mine is just eating... I guess he has his priorities in order.

I didn't write anything yesterday so now I need to write 3400 words today if I want to keep up with nano... Uuuuh, doesn't seem likely, but we'll see.

My stupid usb cable isn't connecting my camera to the computer so I guess I won't put the photo I took of my rats or the photo I just took because it's snowing outside. *grumble*
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photospam time [livejournal.com profile] arilyn9 took most of these, because my old camera sucked...

rat photos )
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My dog is an adorable moron. I'm still here at mom's and I had to bring the rats (of course) but they are hidden away at this alcove thing I have in my room, because Luna is way too interested in my rodent friends and would most likely terrify them to death if they saw her... but anyway, she can still hear them rustling in their cage and it's kind of driving her bonkers. She just keeps watch in front of the doors most of the time (if she's not distracted away) poor animals. ^_^;

Then for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to read this insanely epic length Glee fic where Quinn and Finn swap bodies and Quinn falls for Rachel because she needs to pretend to be her boyfriend and Finn is just adorable as a girl and and... It's a wip and already almost 300,000 words. I'm clearly insane, because I don't even like Glee.

Mom is going shopping tomorrow for sales and promised to buy me new socks. My life, so exciting. (although I do really need new socks quite badly)
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So good things:
- NaNoWriMo is awesome for me, because I actually have to write!

- I have 6207 words for my [livejournal.com profile] mpregbb fic and the minimum is 10,000. I think mine will end up being around 20,000 (I hope it wont run longer) and then I have 3955 words written for my [livejournal.com profile] bandomstuffsit story. I'm hoping it'll be around 10k when it's done.
- I have been researching nuclear war related facts for a story I'm writing and man... That stuff is depressing. But, I hope the story will be interesting. =)
more about that )
- And because I don't have enough writing projects on my plate, I'm thinking about signing up for [livejournal.com profile] avengers_bang because that story would only be due in March, so it should totally be doable. If I can get a blotbunny...  I'm kind of dying to write about Loki, just because I think he's adorable, but then again Steve/Tony is my Avengers otp, soooo~ You see my dilemma? And I might have to write an AU because I'm really shaky on their canon stuff. This reminds me, [livejournal.com profile] messy_kisses you promised to link me to that Steve/Tony timeline thingy?

Unrelated to all this, let me end this post with a photo of my rats. I think they look very cute here. =)

And now I think I will reward myself by playing The Sims. \0/
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I finally found the cord for my camera and was able to move the photos from there to my computer, so lo and behold my rat bastards. ^_^
rat pictures )

So ZQ came out (not that he was in a closet... I don't think he was anyway) but it's official or something now. So yay for that, I guess? \0/
a few photos )

And to end this... The sunset yesterday was kind of pretty
kind of obvious what is under this... )
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So my rats just realised that there is this small hatch thing the roof of their cage which I use to give them food etc. and now they are climbing all over the cage trying to find more escape routes. Adorable to watch. ^_^

fandom things )
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So... I got a new flatmate today. She seems nice so far, so fingers crossed.

I think one of my rats is way more curious and brave than the other one, but this is hard to prove as they look exactly the same and I can't tell them apart. ^_^; Seriously though, I think they are like identical twins or something...

Next weekend is a con weekend, yay! \0/ It's awesome to see friends again after a long while, see cosplayers and buy anime stuff that I don't need and couldn't really afford to spend any money on.

Oh! And I got all the seasons of West Wing from a sale! So awesome, I'm going to have epic marathons watching seasons 4-7 this week.
And that reminds me how I watched The Godfather this weekend for the first time and by golly, was is misogynistic! I mean, yes I get that the time period had different standards and the whole mod culture etc, but argh, it still made me mad. So I think I wont watch the other two for a while. better for my bloodpressure. 

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It's been ages since I last updated this thing, so let's see what I should write down...
- Well I've had this annoying cold for about a week, which sucks.
-I got two rats this Wednesday and named them Loki and Anansi. They are still super shy, but I'm hoping they will warm up to me eventually. I can't even post any photos because I've managed to misplace my camera... (I'm hoping it's at my mom's place)

two low quality shots of a rat )

Then yesterday I started watching Teen Wolf, this super silly teen show about werewolves that I think actually aired on MTV... It's as ridiculous as you might imagine, but also, super slashy, and I'll take almost anything with werewolves in it. I'm pretty happy that they are going to make a second season for it.

Let's start with a picspam someone made helpfully and what sucked me in... here you go

And a few fanvids, to show you the pretty in action. ^_^

The vids behind this )


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