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Dear Yuletide Author

Hi, there fellow Yuletider. I'm super happy that someone matched with me and I hope writing a story will be easy and fun for you. :) I tried to come up with some general things I like and then a few more specific prompts and hopefully some of it makes sense... ^_^; (some parts of this are just copy-pasted from last year's letter...)

Here goes:

I would prefer the story to be slash, but pre-slash or friendship fic is fine too

All ratings are fine, I love some smut in fics, but I will happily read a G rated story. If you want to write a story with a rating above PG-13 anything is fine if you avoid writing about heavy/unusual kink. (non-con, anything to do with shit/piss etc)

I tried to pick only two characters per fandom, in the hopes of making matching easier, but I will love a story that has appearances from other canon characters. (not a must obviously)

If none of my ideas work for you, don't worry about writing something completely different. I like that kind of surprises and I don't want writing a story for me to feel like a horrible chore.

Things/tropes that I don't like: abuse, animal harm, wing-fic, always-a-girl trope, mundane AU's, telepathy, unhappy endings --> major character death (but angst is fine, within reason)

Tropes I especially like: soulbonds, trope inversion in general but especially in A/B/O, friends-to-lovers, pining, mpreg, world building, arranged marriage/fake dating, kidfic, historical AUs, fantasy or scifi settings (obviously you don't have to write all OR any of these)


Characters requested: Laurence, Tharkay

I would love a story focusing on Laurence’s relationship with Tharkay. I would prefer slash but gen would be okay too. Because the books are mostly from Laurence’s pov it would be awesome if the story you wrote was from Tharkay's.

I’m a big fan of ‘what if’ stories so for example what if Tharkay had somehow gone with them to South America. Or what if Tharkay had stayed in Australia and gotten one of the dragons from the eggs? Basically I'd love a story that is a canon au. (I really want Tharkay to have his own dragon! I'm sure a dragon in South America would have adopted him!)

I also love small character moments. I would love to read something about what Tharkay has been up to while Laurence was in the Americas. Anything about Tharkay and his relationship with Laurence and or Temeraire would be awesome. Especially considering how the series ended!!! That was such an open invitation to write all sorts of stories about their lives together. If you want to write a post series fic I’m open to anything. Have curtain fic about them fixing up Tharkay’s estate, or shenanigans with Temeraire’s political career, straight up smut, a slow realization on the part of Laurence about how he feels about Tharkay, Tharkay taking the matters into his own hands and seducing Laurence, maybe Tharkay get’s a suitor (lady or gentleman) and Laurence realizes he really dislikes the idea of Tharkay marrying (someone who isn’t him), them going to Europe for some type of Dragon conference where some dragon with great taste picks Tharkay to be their companion (yes I’m super fond of the idea of Tharkay having a dragon, sorry… you really don’t have to include it in the fic you choose to write) Maybe they would adopt some war orphans, so Temeraire can at least keep up with Churki and how many humans she has.

The list of ideas got quite long, but like I said feel free to come up with something entirely of your own if none of these speak to you. :D

Mighty Ducks

Characters requested: Adam Banks, Charlie Conway

Personally I was sad how they kept making Adam's role smaller and smaller as the movies went on, so a story focusing on him would be awesome, or a story where I get to see Charlie appreciate Adam for how awesome he is. :D So if you don't want to do slash, a story set during canon would be perfect, where they are just friends. I know it's kind of silly but Adam was my favourite character, so as long as you don't bash him, I will love what you write.

I would love future fic for this fandom. I want to know what happened to them after they graduated high school? What would they be like as adults? Did Adam become a NHL player? What if he came back to play for Minnesota and met with Charlie again. Is Charlie a coach on some level (high school maybe)? Does he run that hockey shop?

Of course I would love a slash story about the boys, like maybe they bump into each other and then go on an awkward first date? Or what if they are already together and Adam becomes the first NHL player to come out?

You could also write a story set in high school of course. The whole dorm thing etc. :D I don't know if you know this, but high school hockey is a big deal in Minnesota so the really good players are kind of local celebrities already and the college players definitely are well known and followed. So a story set in college would be fun too (Do they play for the Gophers?)

Aubrey-Maturin series

Characters requested: Audrey and Maturin

I came into this fandom through the movie and I've only read the first two books, so I can't say I'm the most ardent fan, but I really love the characters and their relationship. (again I'd prefer slash but gen is fine too) There was the moment in Post Captain where they were sneaking into Spain and Jack was hurt and then they finally got to Stephen's villa(?) and I was like: Yay! And then the narrative totally skipped over the time they spent there! So a fic set in that time, or some other point in canon that's skipped over would be nice. I don't mind spoilers if you want to set the fic during one of the later books, so feel free to pick a moment you thought was intriguing.

I really love historical settings in fiction and to have them be in a coffeeshop!AU would kinda ruin it for me (but like steampunk setting or space AU, or Stephen is a vampire/shapeshifter, or Jack is a dragon captain ala Temeraire etc would be more than fine with me.)

Black Sails

Characters requested: Charles Vane, Flint

All I want is fix it fic so that Charles Vane doesn’t die. *awkward laugh* What I mean to say is that Vane is my favourite character and I would love to read some happy(ish) fic about him. *puppy eyes*

The fic can be set during the show timeline or before. Canon divergent or canon compliant (except the Vane dying part)

I really love his history and relationship with Jack and Anne and would love to read more about it (shippy or friends) or what on earth was that with Blackbeard, it did not seem very father/son relationshippy at all to me… (I know I didn't ask for these charachers, but just in case you want to add other people into the fic)

I don’t really want to read about him and Eleanor as the main focus, that whole relationship seems so fucked up on both sides.

A fic about Flint. I want it to deal with the fact that he is indeed BISEXUAL! (or which ever label you want, but def not straight) The show seems to conveniently forget this about 95% of the time, which is rather aggravating. Would love a fic about his time with Thomas Hamilton and what their relationship was like, or something set during the present timeline dealing with same sex attraction in some way.

I do ship Vane and Flint together and I think there were moments in canon that had promise. Especially that moment on the beach where Charles chose Flint over Blackbeard. Or if we go back to my first request about Charles not dying, you could write a fic where Flint did go with the others to rescue Jack, so he can save Charles from being captured (def wouldn't mind that)

I know my requests for this fandom are all over the place, sorry... This show is new to me, so I haven't had years to hone down my Yuletide wants yet. :D Basically I'm fine if you write a character study piece on either character or a shippy fic about the two of them. Same general wants apply as with all the fandoms: Modern/mundane AU's are a DNW but other type of AU's are more than welcome. My mind went to a Temeraire AU right away, I won't lie. But like space pirates, or airship pirates would be loved too.

If you want to write some porn into the story I would prefer that you don't write Charles as a sub, bottoming is fine but I don't see him as subby at all.


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