Oct. 21st, 2015

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Hi, there fellow Yuletider. I'm super happy that someone matched with me and I hope writing a story will be easy and fun for you. :) I tried to come up with some general things I like and then a few more specific prompts and hopefully some of it makes sense... ^_^; (some parts of this are just copy-pasted from last year's letter...)

Here goes:

  1. I would prefer the story to be slash, but pre-slash or friendship fic is fine too

  2. All ratings are fine, I love some smut in fics, but I will happily read a G rated story. If you want to write a story with a rating above PG-13 anything is fine if you avoid writing about heavy/unusual kink. (painplay, non-con, anything to do with shit/piss etc)

  3. I tried to pick only two characters per fandom, in the hopes of making matching easier, but I will love a story that has appearances from other canon characters. (not a must obviously)

  4. If none of my ideas work for you, don't worry about writing something completely different. I like that kind of surprises and I don't want writing a story for me to feel like a horrible chore.

  5. Things/tropes that I don't like: abuse, animal harm, wing-fic, always-a-girl trope, mundane AU's, telepathy, unhappy endings --> major character death (but angst is fine, within reason)

  6. Tropes I especially like: soulbonds, trope inversion in general but especially in A/B/O, friends-to-lovers, pining, mpreg, world building, arranged marriage/fake dating, kidfic, historical AUs, fantasy or scifi settings (obviously you don't have to write all OR any of these)


I would be more than happy to get a story focusing on Laurence’s relationship with Tharkay. I would prefer slash but gen would be okay too. Because the books are mostly from Laurence’s pov it would be awesome if the story you wrote wasn’t.

I’m a big fan of ‘what if’ stories so for example what if Tharkay had somehow gone with them to South America. Or what if Tharkay had stayed in Australia and gotten one of the dragons from the eggs? Basically I'd love a story that is a canon au.

I also love small character moments. I would love to read something about what Tharkay has been up to while Laurence was in the Americas. Anything about Tharkay and his relationship with Laurence and or Temeraire would be awesome. (I really want Tharkay to have his own dragon! I'm sure a dragon in South America would have
adopted him!)

Breakfast With Scot

I love this movie and I've watched it at least four times... :D It's one of my feel good movies, so I would hate to read a super angsty story about it. Although, if you want to write a story about the time Eric was hurt and had to quit hockey and how Sam took care of him... I would love to read that. So I guess angst is fine if there is a happy ending. :)

Basically I would like a story about Eric and Sam, what they are like together. The movie was super concentrated on Scot and them dealing with the situation, so Eric/Sam relationship didn't really have much room. So I would love a story about them before Scot came into their life and how they worked together back then (there is room for angst here too obviously, with how closeted Eric was even during the movie and I won't mind if you want to deal with that)

But I would also like a story that is set post movie. Like we see little snippets about their life during the credits and those are adorable. Like how Scot went back to figure skating etc. So writing about their family life is great too, if you want to write a slice of life snippet or something fluffy.


I don't think I could ever get tired of this dynamic that the characters have. I'll happily read anything you came up with, but something set during the second season would be lovely (maybe during their time in Egypt?) I also wouldn't mind some fix it for the ending (I'm a big softie)

I wouldn't mind an AU either, like what if they were in some kind of Gen Kill situation (modern military) or something with a scifi setting?

Lucius is my favourite character even with his HUGE character flaws, so I it would be cool to have a story set from Pullo's pov and what he thinks about Lucius
. (I really don't like how he treated his wife, so I'd like to pretend all that stuff didn't happen, or at least please don't have that as the focus of your fic. It's fine to have him regret what he did etc, realize what a dick he was in hindsight, but yeah...)

The Eagle

This fandom is made for role reversal fics, so I would love to read something set during their time beyond the wall.

I don't want a modern AU for this fandom, I think the whole thing would lose its shine for me... Also I'd rather not read about the time before they left (the whole nursemaid thing does nothing for me and I don't really enjoy Esca in his slave role) Feel free to write something canon divergent past movie canon. I haven't read the books. Esca is fascinating to me so if you don't want to write shippy fic I would be more than happy to have a character study type of fic or anything from his pov.

(I seem to be super bad at this letter writing this year, I apologise... Basically if you write anything set during the canon era I'll be happy)


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