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I have started to write my thesis! Yay! I have a bit over seven pages done now (three day streak) and I'm hoping to keep going. If I can do 2 pages a day, I should have the thing done in two months! That would be so amazing. *__*

It's been super for the the past two weeks and I'm pretty much done with summer now, please stop? On top of that I've had Luna here with me for over a week now and she doesn't really do that well with the heat either. We have this one spot along the lakeside where we stop on our walk (if nobody else is there) and I'll sit on a rock and she will wade a bit. She almost goes deep enough to get her stomach wet, but not quite.

What else? The withdrawals from the lack of hockey got to me finally and I got Viaplay again and I've been re-watching the playoffs. :D Can't wait for the new season to start, I hope it will go well and Vanek will work out.

Oh and when I went to mom's we visited Suvi and her kid is a lot bigger now, a bit over a year old. Then on the way home mom told me about how much more advanced I was at that age. :D I was a genius when I was a baby, too bad it didn't last...

I bought a puzzle and now all the pieces are all over the kitchen table, and I'm remembering why I never really liked doing puzzles... ^_^;

Then I need to apply for the benefits again and the process is super annoying and they want me to send in more stuff and argh! Just give me money for this year so I can maybe graduate and then get a job! I promise I'm not trying to scam money of the government. >_>

I've talked a lot with JJ this summer, so that's been nice. It was weird how we kind of lost touch there for a couple of years(!)
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